Monday, August 5, 2013

Week 8

I guess I will start by letting you know....I'm staying in LYNN HAVEN!! I’m really excited about that because I wanted to stay another transfer but my companion is leaving :( so sad!!! I love her! I’m kind of nervous about my new companion but obviously it was meant to happen so I'll make the best out of it!!

I'll start out with Kevin's baptism because it was just INDESCRIBABLE!!! I don’t know how I got so blessed to be a part of such an awesome thing.  I'll never forget it.  The spirit was so strong and he seriously had a whole new countenance about him! I will send some pictures so you can see him!  I love him and the Morse family so at least I don't have to say bye quite yet!!! It was funny after the baptism we shot hoops in the cultural hall. I was seriously making every shot from everywhere and Kevin and the elders were freaking out! 90 FINALLY paid off!! They couldn't believe I didn't play in high school!

The night before Kevin’s baptism we had a birthday party for Ben (the 24 year old who took us to the beach)! It was at the Morse’s house and we had steaks and mashed potatoes and cake! It was so fun because we played games outside and sang happy birthday and it just felt like home! (Well as close to home as you can get)! I'll send a picture of the crew from that as well!!

Yesterday at church was probably the greatest day out here!!! FIRST OFF, Jenny AHHH I LOVE HER!!!! Holy cow I’m so happy she came. I gave her a big hug and it just felt like family!!! Tell her thank you sooooooo much, like words couldn't even describe how happy I was to see her and her family!!! She talked to me before she left about how she knows me and Shannon are so close and she started CRYING which made me CRY and it was so cool although it made me miss Shan a lot. I really am so grateful because I feel like I have the best siblings in the world.  No siblings are as close to each other as ours are.  In fact, this week I had the chance to bear testimony of eternal families to a 19 year old before she left to college.  I have a picture of our family in my scriptures and I pulled it out so she could see. As I expressed to her my love for my family and how we were going to be together forever I started crying a little and then she started crying and the spirit was way strong.  This was all in a yogurt shop.  It’s amazing how the spirit can be so strong in silly places like that!  So I just wanted to say I LOVE you guys and I feel like the most powerful times on my mission are when I can bear testimony of my eternal family! 

Also at church, a Dad got up and bore his testimony before his son heads out to BYU and I remember when Mom and Dad did that for me!  I got teary eyed because I know how much an impact parents testimonies can have on kids!

Another family I would like to show gratitude to is my BYU family! That letter from all of them will be one of my most cherished things out here.  It made me so happy to read the support from some of my favorite people!  Tell them thank you SOOOO much because they have no idea how much it meant to me!!

S/O to Serina for looking SOOOO beautiful in her engagement photo!! WOW! Her hair, her eyes, her smile! I LOVED IT! It’s on my fridge and it makes the apartment so much homier (:  Good luck to her as she goes through the temple this week!! (:

Funny story of the week, me and Sister Stanfield got STUCK IN A DITCH/SWAMP in our Malibu! It was hilarious!  We tried to make a "U" turn so I wouldn’t have to get out and back her up but instead we got stuck in the wetlands.  It was such an adventure!  We had to have Bishop come tow us out because it was too deep for even like 5 men to push out!! Classic LUCY move (:

Another funny story…an old man was watching an old bowl game with Florida and ole miss with TIM TEBOW. I was like oh man this is an oldie huh?  He was like no it’s going on right now.  I’m like oh really? He’s like yep its getting intense!! He thought it was live!!! I was dying inside!!! He was super super old! But hearing the marching band and whistles and announcers made me get the chills!!! I LOVE FOOTBALL SEASON!!!

Oh I forgot to mention how Outback Steak house was!  DELISH! The family we went with ordered us appetizers, main course, and dessert! Needless to say I was STUFFED!! SO worth it though (:

I was able to be in the room of two priesthood blessings this week.  They were two sweet, sweet experiences and I truly know that Priesthood blessings can heal the sick and afflicted and wound a broken heart! 

Two returning members came to sacrament yesterday which was AWESOME!!!! I never thought I would be so happy to see their faces! 

E, we were visiting a returning member and she told us that an Elder Carrol baptized her! It may be your friend Elder Carrol's uncle, who knows!! Small world though!!

This week I tried CHEESE GRITS which were amazing and fried catfish which was pretty dang good.

I am so sad to hear about Angelique’s little girl.  Please tell her that her and her family are in my prayers.  No one should ever have to go through something like that and my heart goes out to them :(

S/O to Aunt Rhonda because a lady called me and asked about my bag and where I got the patterns and everything.  She loved it so much!!

S/O to ELLA RAE MADSEN!!! She sent me the cutest letter in the world and it was such a surprise and made my day!!!! If you are reading this Ella, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and I’m writing you back today!! (: 

Dad, I buy blueberries and strawberries and all sorts of fruit here and eat it! You would be so proud how healthy I eat on my own!!

So we have basically a pet tree frog.  We named him William (: He sticks on our door every night when we come in and it is so funny!

We made "Better than YOU KNOW WHAT cake" this week for Kevin’s baptism (: It wasn't quite as good as when Mom makes it but it was still good!!

HAVE YOU GUYS EVER HEARD OF A WOOD SPIDER!? They are sooooo huge and nasty!!! Turns out I have a new calling in life and it is the bug killer.  I kill like a million gross bugs a day! Who would have thought??

If you ever see those lacy peds from Nordstrom with the comfy heel BUY THEM! They are my favorite peds I wear!!  Oh Nordstrom....even thinking about going to Nordstrom is like heavenly!! There is NOTHING like that here!!

Well I better close for now but in summary this was a GREAT WEEK!! Ooops I forgot to tell you about our investigator....we are holding onto her by a thread.  She is starting to change and ignore the spirit but we WILL NOT GIVE UP! Keep her in your prayers that she will continue to meet with us!! Thank you so much for the prayers, fasting, support, and love.  I can’t describe how much it means to me in an email but know it means the world.  I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!  Thank you for emailing me pictures mom and dad (: They make my day!!!! Wish me luck with this new transfer!  LOVE Y'ALL!!!!! <3/ Sister Holmoe!!!

 This is my friend Jenny (from KY) and Lauren
 Lauren's Apartment
 Stuck in the swamp

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