Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 7

Hello All!!!
     Where to begin, where to begin....actually I KNOW! CONGRATS TO ALLI SCHOFIELD!!! I think I shed a tear when I read that because it is so awesome.  I’M SO HAPPY AND EXCITED FOR HER! Can I get an email on her so I can email her? That would be awesome but tell her I am soooooo happy for her!!! And what a crazy cool place to go!!! The real question does LIZ FEEL ABOUT THIS!?!? Oh Liz!!
     So funny story, I could really go for that costa salad that I didn’t eat the day I entered the MTC. I CRAVE COSTA DAILY! But on a positive note, I had Mexican food TWICE THIS WEEK! They don’t cook Mexican food in the south very often so it was great to have some enchiladas! 
    Also this week was like Christmas because of all the packages I got (: They were so great! Thank you so much! The first one...The fettuccine was perfect because they don’t carry it at our Walmart!?! So when I saw the boxes I was jumping for joy! Ask my companion because she knew how badly I wanted some!! Also that headband was so cute, in fact I wore it that very night I opened the package!  The cake pops were still good, of course I ate them! I loved the Miss America signature Dad!! It’s hanging on my wall by my bed!! The fuzzy socks are to die for and the jewelry was perfect!! Also the watermelon mints were great!! And the body wash and mascara....sheesh I’m spoiled (: (: THANK YOU!! The second package was SOOOO GOOD! I have been wanting conference talks so it was perfect!!!! And you know Elaine S. Dalton is like my hero so her book is great!! I have read it all because I just couldn't put it down (:  I will probably reread it a lot!! The skirt is perfect, in fact better than my last black one because the washing instructions are better!  So if you ever want to send that new skirt, feel free (:  Question, how soon in advance do you need that Christmas picture?  I want to make sure I take a good one! DAD, you saw Mr. Lockwood!! I LOVED HIM! He’s the one who thought Benny boo boo and I used to like each other…classic!  Mom probably remembers him!!  Hey I watched Only a Stone Cutter this week too!! It really is such a rad story. 
      Shannon, I had some cookies this week that tasted EXACTLY like yours! Then she told us she put pudding in them and I was like AH sister does it that way too!! So Karina is getting reassigned for a little while she waits for her VISA and I’M LIKE PRAYING ITS TO TALLY!!! Could you imagine how fun that would be!!! Dad, I haven't gone to Popeye’s yet but it is on every corner here so I’m sure I will if I stay another transfer! A family is taking us to Outback tonight and I’M PUMPED!! We had fried pork chops last week with the Morses instead of steak because they are saving the steak for after Kevin’s baptism this week!! But she did make us mashed potatoes and they were GOOD! So yes Kevin’s baptism is this week instead but I’m stoked!!! I’m giving the closing prayer and also chose the hymns! I had to choose the "I like to look for rainbows" one because that was played at my baptism! It’s my favorite primary song! Saturday will be so great.  He is so ready and I feel like he is a brother to me now so it will be a day to remember!
     This week I have experienced what it feels like to be outside for literally 15 seconds and it looks like you just got out of the shower! I just laugh when it happens because it’s hilarious that rain can come down that powerfully!! NOTHING like Utah rain that’s for sure!! Erik, who were some Theodore families you liked or remember???
     We also had fondue this week at a ladies house and it made me think of Melting Pot...........................................we have to go again when I return.
     Something that always seems to happen to me here is people say they feel like they know me from somewhere!  I tell them it’s the pre-mortal existence  ;) but they still just feel like they know me! It’s funny because it happens so much!!
    We met with our investigator this week and she is doing well however she is struggling to forgive herself of her past.  She has been through some CRAZY stuff but there is a great quote that says, "No habit, no addiction, no rebellion, no transgression, no offense exempted from the promise of complete forgiveness."  I just love that and I know it’s true. She met with Bishop Young this week and they connected really well so we are making progress!! She is great and always says she sees halos above me and Sister Stanfield! I feel really comfortable teaching her and I always look forward to it!
    I finished the BOM!! Love love love it in every way.  I am now onto D&C which I am excited about!!  

    Fun fact, I have perfected my dancing splits out here. RAD HUH!?! I have never had flat splits in all my years of dancing and suddenly from stretching 10 min a day I have them....Lexi and Courtney would be so proud (: Another fun fact, my muscly biking thighs are about the size of Charles Abouo now so that’s cool.....not.
    If Aunt Rhonda could make those Nike stretch pants that would be awesome! It will be nice to have a stretchier pair I think!!
     Mom, the south is full of Vera Bradley and the Hallmark channel! EVERYONE has Vera and everyone watches the Hallmark channel! It’s so funny to me! You would fit right in!  Thank you for saving all my emails, it means a lot!! So I have learned a lot of things while being on my mission but one is I often laugh about how snappy and unteachable I used to be.  I really am sorry for that but if anything I have grown to appreciate the little things and constantly strive to be happy because negative people, especially out here, are very irritating!!!
     I’m close to the youth out here because we teach mutual once a month on missionary work and such.  Also just from dinner appointments! I really do love them so much and I think that Shine Book would be awesome to do!  I’m sending a picture of a girl named Amanda.  She is 19 and she came with us the other night! We are going to make it a weekly thing! I LOVE HER so much and we'll definitely be friends after the mish!! She is great!
      I popped out my music this week and can I just say Jenny Phillips is the bomb.  She is practically my Katy Perry out here! I love her songs on my ipod!!
     Sister Stanfield and I are planning a women’s night.  It’s slumber party themed where everyone can wear their pajamas!  There will be different classes like hair and makeup, cooking, self-image, stuff like that!! We even have gotten RETURNING MEMBERS to teach the classes!!! IT’S GREAT (: We had a planning meeting with the teachers and our RS president was shocked to see some women we got to come! It is August 6th and should be a fun night!
    Transfers are AUGUST 7th! AHHH. Next Monday we find out in an email where we are going!  I LOVE IT HERE! But I know that I will go where I am needed!!! I’m excited to see more parts of the mission as well though!!
     Yesterday at church I just felt so grateful for the Lynn Haven Ward. As I've connected and bonded with a lot of families I just feel somewhat at home!  A kid named Josh Gainer is going to BYU in a few weeks to live in Helaman Halls! I've prepared him well and told him how fun it will be!! He is also going to try out for the GOLF TEAM! So dad, if you ever hear of a Josh Gainer, talk to him!!! He’s a nice kid who comes from a great family!!!
    I just want to say thank you for all the support from friends and family.  I truly believe I have the best support system around and the mission is so much easier with that love.  SO THANK YOU!!! A quote from that "Shine" book said, "If you want to make a difference in this world, you have to be different from the world."  I LOVE THAT. It’s so true.  LOVE YOU so much and hope you all have fabulous weeks!! ps WHEN DOES BYU FOOTBALL START!?! GO COUGS!!!! ahhhhh can I get a schedule mailed to me so I can know what’s going on! WHOO! Rise and shout! The cougs will be in my prayers that’s for sure!!! Also this week could be exciting because familes are cooking us some true southern food like hushpuppies, grits, okra, and catfish.......a tad nervous for this food but bring it on baby!! love y’all! love, your little southern sister holmoe (:
ps once again sorry for the random email and facts but just know I’m happy, I miss you, and I love you (: BYE BYE!!

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