Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 20

Apparently Lynn Haven is the place for me!!! Here goes another transfer in this great city! I'm actually really excited to stay another transfer and finish Sister Sam’s training! All the 4 Lynn Haven missionaries are staying so no change for us!!  In fact I think most people in our entire zone are staying!  Bring on another 6 weeks!  At the completion of the next transfer I will have been in Lynn Haven for 6 months! (1/3 of my mish!)  Unreal!! 

This week was great!  We had a Trunk or Treat/Chili Cook Off Ward Activity on Saturday night!  It was A BLAST!! There were also like 11 non-members there!  Most of them were from out of town visiting their families but one of our Investigator Families came and had such a good time! This family is awesome so hopefully good things to come with them!! There were tons of Returning Members there as well.

We had a sweet Returning Member experience this week! Ever since I've been in Lynn Haven I've tried to meet this one lady.  Every time we stop by she IS home but NEVER comes out of her bedroom!  It was starting to drive us craazzzyy!  Anyways due to a cancelled appointment from an investigator we decided to stop by this lady’s house yet another time.  Little did we know SHE WOULD BE OUTSIDE!  We totally caught her (:  At first you could tell she was just like "Oh shoot" but after a series of events she ended up taking us on a drive in her SWEET CONVERTIBLE!  Top down, perfect day, it was so fun!  I felt like I was in Kaitlyn’s 4-door jeep again cruising down State Street!  We bonded in the car and then she took us inside and played the electric guitar for us!  Disco ball and everything...It was a party!  We weren’t even planning on sharing a spiritual thought because we didn't want to freak her out but she ended up asking us to.  She then opened up and told us how she would love her children NO MATTER etc and then she started to slowly recognize that is how Heavenly Father feels about her! UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!  She started crying, which was such a great moment (:  She said she wants to come back, it will just be a process...but I know that Heavenly Father led us to her at that exact moment she was outside!  Maybe I won't be so bummed when appointments get cancelled after all! haha! 

Other cool things happened this week like finding a woman who was baptized when she was 13 but hasn’t been to church SINCE???  SAY WHAT??  Sister missionaries to the rescue!!  We also tracted into a lady who turns out is the owner of the apartments where the elders lived and we talked to her for a lonnggg time!

GUESS WHAT?  The lady investigator we stopped seeing called us this week.  Yes, indeed this is true.  SHE CALLED US and said..."Don’t ask any questions, but I need to know what time church starts on Sunday and directions on how to get there."  She then called us over and said, "I'm ready now."  MIRACULOUS.  She did not come to church but at least it is still flowing through her mind!  We may not be meeting with her but she still knows we have the truth!

Yesterday was the Primary Program!  CUTEST THING EVVVVERRR!!! <3 Why does everyone get so emotional in the Primary Program!?!?  Blows my mind!  Of course I did too but still!  It was also fun because I have like a personal connection with all the kids so it was so fun to watch (:  Sweet little Jordyn is autistic and she was having a fit up there and could barely say her line but it made the program that much more special.  Her line was that she was a child of God and it was just sweet to hear her say that and watch her mom cry in the stands overwhelmed by the spirit and the love of Heavenly Father!

Mom, that book by Elaine S Dalton is really coming in handy!  Every time we give members lessons and they have girls we always use a quote from it!! They love it!!  Last night we ate at the Marrs home and they have 4 girls!  Taylor Swift LOVERS!!  They were so jealous I went to her concert before I came out here!!

It seems that everyone is cooking all these seasonal treats and every house we go to throughout the day offers us some sort of dessert! IT’S KILLER!! We also had an interesting dish this week....Vegetarian Meatloaf.  Surprisingly it was pretty good! (:  We also went to Zaxby’s this week (kind of  like Chick Fil A)  It was DELISH! Mom, you would LOVVVE their "Nibblers".  They are small chicken sandwiches but SOO GOOD!  Zaxby’s is also known for their amazing shakes and yes they were amazing!  Zaxby’s was a hilarious situation though because we just happened to go RIGHT DURING THE HIGH SCHOOLS LUNCH! Oh boy oh boy! It was so funny because we ran into one of our Laurels and allll her friends!  The girls were just staring us DOWN giving us glares left and right and the boys were smiling at us.  They were like “hey we saved you a seat over here!” Anyways Sister Sam and I were just laughing so so hard, you definitely had to be there!! We felt like we were like 100 times older than those kids when really only like 2 years...flash back to high school!!

Ben Patch sends me his long emails to his fam! THAT BOY IS DOING GREAT!!! I will forward you his first one in Ohio just so you can enjoy it like I did!! So proud of that boy!! 

This week was YW in Excellence for the YW!  We went in after and looked at everything!  It made me miss Young Women’s and all those fun things!  Especially Mom being in there with me!  Best of times!!

Mom, that card you sent me was the CUTEST/NICEST card ever!!!! It made my day! I love you!!  Also the package with the 100 grand was grand (: I loved it!!

Did I tell you...IT’S COLD HERE!?! Well like the mornings and nights are really cold! The days are perrrrfect right now!!  We don’t run as much in the mornings because its real cold which kind of makes me sad! I love running in the mornings!  And the scale was nicer to me when I ran every day! But I'm tellin’ ya, this weather is just DIVINE!!! Biking is so much easier when it is like this!!! I'm loving it!!! 

Sister Sam and I have the greatest Bible studies.  I'm somewhat reading the old testament right now and we both just have so many questions and we are learning a lot and it’s pretty fun!  We both know the same stuff, and are confused with the same stuff, so we work together to figure everything out and I'm loving it! 

OKAY so the BEST TALK IN THE ENTIRE WORLD is "Missionary Work and The Atonement" by Jeffrey R. Holland! READ IT READ IT READ IT!  It’s my favorite talk I've read so far since being on my mission and I think everyone would LOVE IT!  Especially the it’s just so powerful and so good!!! Please read when you get the chance!!
We have a lot to look forward to this week!  On Saturday we are working from 11-9 at the Panama City Beach Triathlon!!  It is apparently a HUGE deal and we get free T-shirts so I'm stoked! (: We also are teaching Relief Society on Sunday! Woot woot!!

To answer some of your Q's......I was the ONLY one to get a flu shot so they better not get me sick :(  I got it at Walgreens!  Last week I sat by the returning member and her niece who is now unfortunately back in Puerto Rico for a few weeks :( :(  We told her to find the Puerto Rico missionaries though!!  Maybe she will find Murphy! The Thompsons left yesterday :( :( I'm going to miss them!!!  They were in the Lynn Haven/Callaway area all 18 months but did a little work in other places in our Stake!  They are now headed back to Oregon!  They were so awesome but the new senior couple moves in this week so it will be fun to meet them!

I'm so happy BYU WON!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!  Christmas in CALI!!!  Sounds like it was a great game!  Also good to hear SOCCER won against Portland!!  They would swamp the field out...tisk tisk.  Dude did you know FSU is #2 in the nation!?!? Okay yeah you probably did but HOW SWEET IS THAT!?!?! My team baby!  2 weeks till they play the gators....people are starting to get real nervous!! dun dun dun!!  Mom, I'm glad your medicine is helping!! Such a small world about being President Smith’s neighbor!!  Thanks for all your emails and love and letters!!! Y’ALL ARE THE BEST!!! Cheers to 6 more weeks here! LOVE Y’ALL to the moon and back! Have an awesome week!!!! <3/ Sister Holmoe!!!
 Our District plus the Zone Leaders

 Our girl ward missionary Sister Mercier! She takes us out every Wednesday morning to make visits! She has two sons on missions right now!
 Utah State for KAIT!! <3
 Convertible Ride

One day post mish I will swim at my apartment's pool!  (There is a rule against swimming when you are on your mission)
 Our ward's Trunk or Treat

Returning Members who wanted a pic with us
 Farewell to the Thompsons!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 19

HELLO FAMILY!!!!  This week was just AWESOME because we had soooo many small miracles occur!!!  I'm not even sure where to begin but I'll share a few!! 

One day we went to visit a returning member and her car was gone AGAIN, but we decided to knock anyways and low and behold her nonmember niece who was in town answered the door!  She is 21 and Puerto Rican and invited us right in!  We talked with her for about an hour about anything and everything and then we invited her to church and SHE CAME!!! She brought her aunt with her too so it was AWESOME!  Unfortunately she leaves Saturday to go back to Brooklyn but we are HOPING to be able to teach a lesson this week to her and send her to the Brooklyn missionaries!!  That would be IDEAL!!! She is awwwwesome and enjoyed sacrament!! 

Another miracle was we were planning on visiting a potential investigator but we accidently went to the wrong address.  A lady answered who had just lost her husband a month ago from that day!!!  Needless to say, she needed us!!! We taught part of the Plan of Salvation and she started crying!  It was really sad but cool at the same time.  She told us to please come back in two weeks, so we will see how that goes! She said Utah is her favorite place to travel! 

Another miracle was we randomly saw Beth’s step mom riding her bike around a neighborhood we were in!!!  We stopped and talked with her and are planning to do service for her in two weeks! Any communication with that fam is AWESOME!!  What are the odds of randomly seeing her!?!

Another one was finding a returning member who has wanted to come back to church but has had no ride!!  Her records were just found in our ward so we immediately went over, talked with her, set up a ride and she came to sacrament!! Let’s just say, Sacrament was BOOMING!! 

We also gained a new investigator this week! She has been taught all the lessons by the Senior Couple who is leaving this week :( :(  They passed her off to us and we will continue meeting with her, reading the BOM with her and preparing her for baptism!

We also are teaching an older lady who was taking the lessons very well at first but now is getting more hesitant!! She thinks she’s too old to change and be baptized AGAIN, but I think the more she reads the BOM the more she will desire to be baptized!! 

As you can see we are really starting to get more people to teach!!! Thank you for everyone’s prayers in our behalf!!! CLEARLY, they are helping a lot!!!

We had a service project this week and it was LEGIT! It was in the pouring rain in basically a jungle of a backyard! Little did Sister Sam and I know it was a Priesthood Service Project haha! We showed up to help and we ending up being a big help and it was a bonding experience with our Priesthood leaders!!!  There were snakes, turtles, and other creatures everywhere and lots of "Carolina Creeper" or poison ivy!! I was nervous I was going to get it but luckily no sign of it yet!!!  We wheel barrowed all the weeds, trees, bushes, and such and we both have huge blisters from that!  It was surprisingly really fun though! Clearly, I’m turning into quite the yard worker ;)  I wore my jeans though and EMBARRASSING MOMENT, they are tight!!!

We also did some service in the Public Library this week which was fun for a change!!  The librarians were just loving us!  I had to paint a HUGE sign like what we had to do for Cheer Homecoming! I felt like a cheerleader again!!  I needed Mom there to make it look better though! 

Japanese with the Morse’s was OFF THE CHARTS!  It’s a place called Fins and it was wayyyy good.  Shrimp Tempura of course (:  We also had a fun RS pot luck this week.  I also tried Oysters and Seaweed Jambalaya for my first time!  Both were surprisingly not too bad!! I would eat them again!!

Funny story!  At Bishop’s house for dinner one night they had a few pieces left of Key Lime Pie and Chocolate Pie. I realllllly wanted Chocolate Pie but I knew the little girls wanted it so I said KEY LIME??? HAHA.....if that’s not a sign of a little change in me, I don’t know what is!!!  The sacrifices of a missionary...

I made the Lone Peak Missionary Newsletter this month!! I was in a pic with Sister Sam and also my friend Alex Sisk from Springville was in it too with his LP companion!! It was fun to see!! 

Scary story, there was a crime scene at our apartment complex this week!! We were talking to the guy they arrested earlier that day!!!! So funny but now he is in jail so life is safe again in Waterstone! 

Guess what happened in our ward!?  A returning member was sitting in a seat and a member told them it was THEIR SEAT...(sound familiar) So now, the members are trying to sit in new places each week to mix things up!  I was like whoa, this happened in my ward at home!

Speaking of home, I put on an undershirt I have not worn since I've been out and it smelled like HOME! Finally I know the good smell of the Holmoe Household!!! AMAZING!  Also I had to break out the toilet paper from my 72 hour kit since I ran out and it was the softest toilet paper I have used in 4 months!!

Bro Chatman was made YM president this week! He will be awesome! I love his daugther Jatavia! She is legit!   At church yesterday, cute Amanda bought me a stuffed Panda bear to always remember her!?! How nice was that!?!?! Made my day!!!! Love that girl! <3

I did get a Flu Shot this past week! Let’s just say, it was no BYU trainer giving it to me!!! :( It hurt but I survived and am glad it’s done!! Hopefully you can get one soon mom!!

Oh the YW also had a spa night for mutual this week and after our scripture study class we went over there! They gave us hand and back massages and I was in heaven (:

The beach last week was A BLAST!!! It was the perfect weather and we saw dolphins!! MANY pictures to come!!  I made a wish at the end of the dock and threw a penny in!  I want to one day go back to that pier with someone I love!!! HOW CHEESY BUT HOW CUTE!?!? (: haha!

At a family home evening on Monday we played a game called "Don’t Eat Pete".  Shannon, you have got to play it when Miles gets a little older!! CUTEST THING! I'll explain it in my letter home this week!

Dad, I LOVVVVVED THE BYU PACKAGE!!!! BEST THING EVER!!!! Of course the posters are hanging up in my closet!! Sister Sam and I were loving them!  Looks like a good team this year!!  Pretty cool I'll only miss ONE basketball season!!  Love the Marriott Center for big games!!! I also LOVED the article on Jessica!! Her NM relatives live on the Beach but somehow if I meet them I'll give that to them for sure! I told the Chatman’s in our ward about it and they said they were going to look it up or they'll call me for it!  Sweet connections! I also loved that mission quote about the best 18 months for your life.....couldn't have said it better!!

SOUNDS like the cougs played AWWWWESOME!!!!! What amazing stats!!!!!! So happy they only need 1 more win!! Atta boys!!!!  I wish I could have witnessed that game!  Sounds like they are just rolling now!!  I think about BYU football allllllll day on Saturday (:  It doesn't help when every house we go in is watching some football game!! Love it though!

To answer some of your questions from the letter, it was the Callaway elders and sisters and the PCB elders at the Booth!! So yes, Sister Stanfield and her comp were there! Being in Lynn Haven for Christmas would be LEGIT! I feel like they are going to keep me one more transfer and then ship me off though.........I have already thought about how that would stink to leave two weeks before Christmas but oh well!!  Christmas presents!!? I get those on a mission!?!? I will start thinking of things I may want or need and let you know (: Thanks mom (:  I also will be sending home a CD of pics probably next week!! I haven't seen fireflies yet!?!?! I want to though!! 

Here is a quote from PMG I love, "I hope to see us dissolve the artificial boundary line we so often place between missionary work and temple and genealogical work, because it is the same great redemptive work." (Spencer W. Kimball) SO TRUE.....going to the temple, doing family history and serving a mission is allllll part of the sammmmme great work!  No differences!! We are ALL in this together! (: Love it!

Thanks for all the emails and pics! RISE AND SHOUT BABY!! Love y’all soooooooo sooo much and miss you more than you could ever imagine!! <3/ Sister Lauren Ashley!!!

Lauren having fun at the beach on her P-Day

Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 18

In Dad’s last email he told me to make this the best week on my mission so far and GUESS WHAT??  It was definitely up there!!!! SUCH a great week!!!  First off, GO COUGS!  Only two more wins till Christmas in SF!! woot woot!!  So happy to hear they played good and it sounds like the box was a party!! I loved all the pictures y’all sent me this week!  Kait looked like a straight up BABE at the wedding! I loved Kali’s dress!!! Can’t believe how old Lauren Kent is!!!  I miss Alesha and her family!!!
There were two major highlights this week! One of them was the dinner we had with Beth’s family!! What a great night!!!  It’s nights like those where you leave saying to yourself...."this is what missionary work is all about"!  At the dinner were Beth’s two twin sisters, step-mom, and less active daughter.  That is one of the coolest families I have ever met!!  They are sooooo so so nice and fun!  They asked so many questions which were PERFECT for me!! Some included....would you ever date a non-member, what do you do when a loved one strays away, and basically WHY are you on a mission??  The spirit was so strong as we talked about these things and especially why we are on missions.  It all just went perfect!  They thought Mormon missionaries were weird and ugly haha but they said as soon as they saw our cute shoes their whole impression changed!!  They are all very devout Catholics but we planted HUGE seeds!!  We got an email from one of the twins today and she expressed how grateful she was for that night, the spirit she felt, and the happiness she has felt since!  You never know what could happen with them?!  We have all their contact information and the step mom already signed up to feed us for Thanksgiving dinner!!  Don't know what’s in store for their future with the Gospel but good things are happening!

The next highlight would be PANAMA CITY FRIDAY FEST!!! I took lots of pictures; don’t worry!!!  It was a blast!!! There were 8 of us missionaries who set up a Family History Booth at the Downtown Panama City FRIDAY FEST!  It was one of the most fun nights since I've been out!  Sister Sam and I dressed up in matching outfits with all the Halloween d├ęcor mom sent us!!  It was a great marketing technique ;) Everyone loved our headband things and would come ask us which booth we bought them at, and then we'd give them Family History info instead (:  We passed out hundreds of pass along cards and got our name out there!  We DEFINITELY stood out in a crowd!! Lots of drunk people but lots of great people as well! LOVE MY PANAMA CITY!  It was also a miracle because as we were walking around we saw TONS of returning members we have NEVER been able to meet with! It was like miracle after miracle after miracle!  It was good to talk with them in normal everyday life and it was crazy how everyone we've wanted to meet with WAS THERE!  We were there from 5-10:30 (special permission)!  There was tons of great food but one truck in particular was a "Gourmet Grilled Cheese"...BEST THING EVER!  That truck needs to go do business on BYU campus!  It would be a hit!  The grilled cheese I got was all sorts of cheeses, with macaroni cheese, barbeque sauce, and bacon! SO SO good! The booth was fun and a unique way to chat with people, so I'd definitely do it again!!

WE SAW A FOX this week!!! It was right across from our apartment complex in all these trees!  A FOX....................crazy huh!?! 

Hey I was reading the October Ensign the article "Making Time for the Temple" and I read about Matt and Stacie Dalebout and then I noticed that Dave Packard from Arizona wrote the article!!!  Tell him it was a good one and now I feel somewhat cool for knowing a writer in the Ensign!

We met a man on the street this week and he was like, "Oh Yeah, I know who the Mormons are; I found and read the Book of Mormon one night in the Marriott Hotel."  Holla for the Marriott and their BOM's!!

On Saturday, a lady named Sister Palmer took us out to a Mexican Restaurant for lunch and then down by the bay!  She's lived here for 73 years so she knows all the best places.  Everyone knows her too! People do not leave Panama City area, I'm telling ya!  She showed us her high school and everything! 

Dad, loved the ads from the airplane magazines! FLORIDA REPRESENT!

Mom, I ran over the squirrel in the CAR not on my bike haha!  That would have been bad!!

Fun memory I was thinking of the other day...Mom, do you remember making that VINE for me in FAO Schwarz??  I was just thinking about it and NO other mom would have done that for their daughter haha.  I truly do have the best mom and that was the funnest thing!! 

For my 4 month birthday we celebrated at O'Charleys!!! It was free pie with any entree so we celebrated and ate away haha!  DELICIOUS restaurant and great chocolate pie! Can't believe 4 months have already passed by!!

We are trying really really hard to get new investigators and we have a lot of potentials now!!!  Hopefully this week we will be able to teach them and get things rolling!!  Thank you for everyone’s prayers in my behalf for my mission work!!  I really can feel the difference!!!!

I'm grateful for my strong mind!  I always thought it was a negative attribute of mine because I can psych myself into fainting and such haha but here on the mission it is a BLESSING!  I do not get discouraged and I think it is something I'll be helping my comps with all throughout my mish!! I know I already have and I'm so grateful!

I was so happy to hear that Mom and Dad are praying for missionary opportunities!! Keep praying for those!!!! EVERYONE! Have a great week and know I love you all!!!! <3, Sister LA GIRL!

 This picture is for dad...I thought you would like this unusual plant :)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 17


Such a great week this week!!!! Glad to hear that the Cougs won!!! Sounds like we played very good!  Wasn't General Conference just the greatest thing ever!?  Man, I don’t think I have ever been more focused so intently to General Conference before this session!  The life of a missionary I guess!  We watched it at the church but there were only like 5 people there so it was perfectly, quiet, empty and dark!  It was nice to be able to just listen so carefully, take good notes, and enjoy myself!  The talks were all amazing but I loved Elder Uchtdorf’s!  I mean, I have so many different favorite quotes and lines I could fill my whole email with those!  It was also funny to be able to listen to Gifford Neilson.  Holla!  He was a character man and he gave a good rep for missionaries so I enjoyed his talk as well (:  They were really all so good!!!  I'll send some of my favorite quotes as the time goes on! 

This week was full of some crazy adventures!! One day Sister Sam and I went up to Southport, a city farther away in our area, and its total country/hickville!  Let’s just say it was an experience!!  Sister Sam stepped in an ant hill and I ran over a squirrel!! We were dying!!  But we potentially found some people to teach so we'll be going back up there this week!

I tried octopus this week.  It was a little squishy for my liking but not too bad!!  We went out to some great lunch places thanks to awesome members who treat us!  "Newks" and "Panera Bread" were probably my favorite!! It was like the freshest food I've had in a while!! It felt like my long lost addiction, ZUPAS!!!  Great soup, salads, and Panini’s!! 

HURRICANE KAREN!!!! Man it was kind of intense for a while!!  We had to pack our bags and be ready to be evacuated at any time but luckily it turned into just a small Tropical Storm and Panama City did not get hit like bad at all!!  But it was pretty adventurous and fun when we had to hurry and pack, do all these procedures, go to Walmart, and be on call!! 

There are so many daily awesome stories that happen but one in particular stands out to me.  Our Bishop called us and told us about one of his employees who had lost her 16 year old daughter in a car crash one year ago from this week.  She was having a really hard day so Sister Sam and I drove to her work, introduced ourselves, gave her a Forever Families DVD, a BOM with our testimonies in it, and bore testimony of eternal families.  She was crying and the spirit was definitely touching her heart.  I just love being a missionary and being able to do things like that ALL THE TIME!!

Sad news for the week is that we will probably be dropping the lady investigator we have had for a while…we prayed about it and just knew it was the right thing to do.  It was starting to not be a safe environment and she is not psychologically all the way there anymore so we dropped her because there was no progression.  I love her with all my heart and she is of course always in my prayers but we will no longer be teaching her lessons! 

Hey E, there is a girl in my ward named Jen Hall and she served in the FTM when you did!  She recognized my name and asked about you. She said you would have no idea who she was but it was fun she knew you!! 

Mom, to answer your question about the temples in our area:  Most the members go to Orlando which is about 4-6 hours away depending on who you ask. But we really are right in the middle of Orlando, Atlanta, Birmingham, and New Orleans!  They range anywhere from 5-7 hours but most go to Orlando!  They all really want a temple closer because it is hard to get to the temple for most of them.  Sad to see, but they need more temple recommend holders and tithe payers!!!  I cannot wait for the ONE day when they announce a temple in the FTM!  Tears of joy!!! 

I talked to Brother Chatman this week and he is the brother of Jeff!! He told me all about how Jeff got to BYU and found the church and then introduced the church to them!  Way cool story.  Brother Chatman also said his son may try out for the BYU baseball team next year or so.  He is playing in Pensacola right now but it’s a future goal I think!  Athletic family! 

We taught a part member family the first lesson last night!  We are teaching their 8 year old son mainly. HOWEVER the husband who is not a member listens in so you never know what could happen there!!  We will now go over every Sunday and teach and eat!  Nice family!  Huge Auburn fans!

A member of our ward made us a huge "Greenie" breakfast on Saturday morning before Conference!  It was to welcome the two greenies in our area (Sister Sam and Elder Truman)!  It was interesting eating all green breakfast foods but they had those flaky rolls which I love and haven't had since Utah and I WAS IN 7TH HEAVEN!!!  I could not however eat one bite of a 5th one and leave it on the cookie sheet like I used to remember?? (:

Mom, thank you sooooo much for the package!!!! I LOVE THE SHIRT! I've already worn it (: Also, the skirts are perfect and so comfy!  I think I've worn the gray one 3 times already!  They are definitely more SNUG than they used to be but luckily they still fit!!  The bike card was the cutest thing EVER! It’s hanging on my wall now (:  I have charcoal gray tights and black striped somewhat tights...not sure what other ones I would need?  It’s still hot here so it’s hard to tell!! Maybe cream??? I really have no idea!!

Dad, I LOVVVE when I get a letter from BYU! I always know it is going to be something good!!!  Tell Dan Plater I say hello (: I loved that little message he wrote me! Also, the T.SWIFT joke was hilarious!!!  I heard she has a new song out????????  That’s cool that the missionaries get to ride the tracks!! Pretty pic!! 

Seeing Utah on General Conference yesterday made me miss it!!! I love the SL temple and the mountains and fall trees and crisp weather!! I miss my home state!!!  Florida is sweeeet but there is nothing like Utah in my opinion (:

Thank y’all so so much for all the emails, love, letters, and everything!!  It makes me so happy to hear from you! (: <3 Enjoy this week and know I love you!!! Felt so close to you knowing we were all watching conference together!!!!  HURRAH FOR ISRAEL! LOVE, SISTER HOLMOE!!!

Exchanges with Sister Stanfield
 Greenie Breakfast
 Panera Bread
 Ice Cream between Conference Sessions
 Tropical Storm Karen Hitting Panama City