Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 17


Such a great week this week!!!! Glad to hear that the Cougs won!!! Sounds like we played very good!  Wasn't General Conference just the greatest thing ever!?  Man, I don’t think I have ever been more focused so intently to General Conference before this session!  The life of a missionary I guess!  We watched it at the church but there were only like 5 people there so it was perfectly, quiet, empty and dark!  It was nice to be able to just listen so carefully, take good notes, and enjoy myself!  The talks were all amazing but I loved Elder Uchtdorf’s!  I mean, I have so many different favorite quotes and lines I could fill my whole email with those!  It was also funny to be able to listen to Gifford Neilson.  Holla!  He was a character man and he gave a good rep for missionaries so I enjoyed his talk as well (:  They were really all so good!!!  I'll send some of my favorite quotes as the time goes on! 

This week was full of some crazy adventures!! One day Sister Sam and I went up to Southport, a city farther away in our area, and its total country/hickville!  Let’s just say it was an experience!!  Sister Sam stepped in an ant hill and I ran over a squirrel!! We were dying!!  But we potentially found some people to teach so we'll be going back up there this week!

I tried octopus this week.  It was a little squishy for my liking but not too bad!!  We went out to some great lunch places thanks to awesome members who treat us!  "Newks" and "Panera Bread" were probably my favorite!! It was like the freshest food I've had in a while!! It felt like my long lost addiction, ZUPAS!!!  Great soup, salads, and Panini’s!! 

HURRICANE KAREN!!!! Man it was kind of intense for a while!!  We had to pack our bags and be ready to be evacuated at any time but luckily it turned into just a small Tropical Storm and Panama City did not get hit like bad at all!!  But it was pretty adventurous and fun when we had to hurry and pack, do all these procedures, go to Walmart, and be on call!! 

There are so many daily awesome stories that happen but one in particular stands out to me.  Our Bishop called us and told us about one of his employees who had lost her 16 year old daughter in a car crash one year ago from this week.  She was having a really hard day so Sister Sam and I drove to her work, introduced ourselves, gave her a Forever Families DVD, a BOM with our testimonies in it, and bore testimony of eternal families.  She was crying and the spirit was definitely touching her heart.  I just love being a missionary and being able to do things like that ALL THE TIME!!

Sad news for the week is that we will probably be dropping the lady investigator we have had for a while…we prayed about it and just knew it was the right thing to do.  It was starting to not be a safe environment and she is not psychologically all the way there anymore so we dropped her because there was no progression.  I love her with all my heart and she is of course always in my prayers but we will no longer be teaching her lessons! 

Hey E, there is a girl in my ward named Jen Hall and she served in the FTM when you did!  She recognized my name and asked about you. She said you would have no idea who she was but it was fun she knew you!! 

Mom, to answer your question about the temples in our area:  Most the members go to Orlando which is about 4-6 hours away depending on who you ask. But we really are right in the middle of Orlando, Atlanta, Birmingham, and New Orleans!  They range anywhere from 5-7 hours but most go to Orlando!  They all really want a temple closer because it is hard to get to the temple for most of them.  Sad to see, but they need more temple recommend holders and tithe payers!!!  I cannot wait for the ONE day when they announce a temple in the FTM!  Tears of joy!!! 

I talked to Brother Chatman this week and he is the brother of Jeff!! He told me all about how Jeff got to BYU and found the church and then introduced the church to them!  Way cool story.  Brother Chatman also said his son may try out for the BYU baseball team next year or so.  He is playing in Pensacola right now but it’s a future goal I think!  Athletic family! 

We taught a part member family the first lesson last night!  We are teaching their 8 year old son mainly. HOWEVER the husband who is not a member listens in so you never know what could happen there!!  We will now go over every Sunday and teach and eat!  Nice family!  Huge Auburn fans!

A member of our ward made us a huge "Greenie" breakfast on Saturday morning before Conference!  It was to welcome the two greenies in our area (Sister Sam and Elder Truman)!  It was interesting eating all green breakfast foods but they had those flaky rolls which I love and haven't had since Utah and I WAS IN 7TH HEAVEN!!!  I could not however eat one bite of a 5th one and leave it on the cookie sheet like I used to remember?? (:

Mom, thank you sooooo much for the package!!!! I LOVE THE SHIRT! I've already worn it (: Also, the skirts are perfect and so comfy!  I think I've worn the gray one 3 times already!  They are definitely more SNUG than they used to be but luckily they still fit!!  The bike card was the cutest thing EVER! It’s hanging on my wall now (:  I have charcoal gray tights and black striped somewhat tights...not sure what other ones I would need?  It’s still hot here so it’s hard to tell!! Maybe cream??? I really have no idea!!

Dad, I LOVVVE when I get a letter from BYU! I always know it is going to be something good!!!  Tell Dan Plater I say hello (: I loved that little message he wrote me! Also, the T.SWIFT joke was hilarious!!!  I heard she has a new song out????????  That’s cool that the missionaries get to ride the tracks!! Pretty pic!! 

Seeing Utah on General Conference yesterday made me miss it!!! I love the SL temple and the mountains and fall trees and crisp weather!! I miss my home state!!!  Florida is sweeeet but there is nothing like Utah in my opinion (:

Thank y’all so so much for all the emails, love, letters, and everything!!  It makes me so happy to hear from you! (: <3 Enjoy this week and know I love you!!! Felt so close to you knowing we were all watching conference together!!!!  HURRAH FOR ISRAEL! LOVE, SISTER HOLMOE!!!

Exchanges with Sister Stanfield
 Greenie Breakfast
 Panera Bread
 Ice Cream between Conference Sessions
 Tropical Storm Karen Hitting Panama City

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