Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Week 11

I LOVE GETTING YOUR EMAILS!! Thank you so much!!! I find myself literally laughing out loud in the middle of the library!! I have the best support system around!!!  Warning, this email could be a random one!  A lot happened but they are all such random events so here it goes (:

First off, we taught the part member family the first discussion! When they said they had read 3rd Nephi as a family the night before I could not stop smiling!!! PROGRESSING INVESTIGATORS! <3 This family is solid!!  They really enjoyed our lesson and the wife said if she continued to learn more and find it to be true she would be baptized and their son said it sounds good to him!  My favorite part about teaching them is how the father literally repeats every word we say as it starts coming back into his memory from when he learned it! It is so funny because he is so into it and it’s so cute!! I love teaching families! We have another appointment with them on Tuesday night!

An experience this week made me so grateful to be a part of this awesome work!  A Returning Member told us, while visiting with her that in the same WEEK missionaries had visited her, her daughter in Pennsylvania and her son in Maryland! All in the same week!  She was like “hmm obviously the missionaries are being sent to my family for a reason!!”  It’s just cool to remember that 65,000 other missionaries are doing the same thing I am doing and we are all in it together!! I love it!

We had Zone-Training this week which the zone leaders instruct! I usually hate them because it is all role plays and I hate role plays but this one was actually pretty fun!!  My zone this transfer is much cooler than last transfer!!  One of the elders was in love with Carlee Payne Holmoe and freaked out when he found out I was her sister in law!  We learned more about talking to EVERYONE!  We've really implemented it this week and have had some great conversations!!  I love talking to strangers haha!! 

Funny story, we were visiting a lady who happens to live right next to a cemetery.  Well, it was pretty stormy and the electricity went out when we were at her house.  She then went on for 2 HOURS...yes, 2 HOURS about real ghosts!  She thinks ghosts live in her house and she told us the craziest stories I'VE EVER HEARD! I was trying soooo hard not to laugh! It was hilarious!! Apparently a lot of people in the South believe in ghosts and evil spirits and it’s pretty crazy if you ask me!!

We had some good food this week! Sister Curtis, a lady from Sweden, made us SWEDISH PANCAKES, which taste EXACTLY like Moms crepes!!! I WAS IN 7th HEAVEN!!!!  Then the next night the Geroux family fed us buttermilk pancakes with BUTTERMILK syrup which tasted EXACTLY like Magelbys syrup!!  I was like, it’s just like home! yippee!!  We also went to a great pizza place for lunch with Ben Melander.  He told us his converstion story and it’s the cutest thing ever! I can’t remember if I've told you it or not but one day when I have more time I will!  He’s awesome!  I've made some great friends out here that I know I will be friends with forever!!!  I love how my last name is Holmoe because they can find me on Facebook so easily!! I will have so many friend requests when I get home!

Next Monday Sis Morse is going to take us to a park and take pictures of us that she will email to you! Hope it’s not too late of a date but it should be fine! Also Sep 5th is Zone Conference and Sister Smith texted me and said she has the package from my family that she will bring! I’m assuming it’s the 72 hour kit!! 

So one family this week had the UGLIEST ANIMAL I have ever seen in my life!  It is called like a sphinx cat and it looks basically like Dobby from Harry Potter!  Weirdest creature known to man!!

This week we have been visiting a member who is in the Health Center.  Anyways, her "roommate" is now our new investigator! I'm pumped about it! She says she is so excited to come to our church when she gets out!  The elders gave her a blessing one day and she loved it! Nice lady!

MY NEW CAMERA IS PERFECT! It is so high tech!  Everyone is like DANG, Sister Holmoe has a nice camera! So thank you!  At first I didn't realize I didn't have a chip inside so I have some pictures on the camera’s small memory.  But then I put my old memory chip into this camera and it worked perfect! I don't need to buy a new one; I can just use my old camera’s memory chip! 

CONGRATS TO BEN PATCH FOR GETTING HIS MISSION CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah words cannot describe how happy I am for him!!!! He will be AMAZING in Ohio! Love that kid with all my heart!!

HUGE SHOUT OUT TO KAITLYN JILL CHAMBERLAIN!!!  She sent me the greatest mail!!  She mailed me tons of pictures from Ecuador and told me ALL about her trip!  I LOVED hearing about it! She also sent me Victoria Secret Lip Gloss and a hand print from one of the orphans whose birthday was on mine!  She also made ME CRY!!!! She made a sign at Serina’s Wedding that said "We Love You Lauren!" She had everyone hold it and sent me all the pictures! I felt the love so much.  Sheesh, I have the greatest best friend ever!  So with the combinations of the pictures Mom sent me and Kaitlyn sent me I was in 7th heaven looking at all of them! (:  It was so nice seeing my friends and family!  I love getting pictures clearly!

Another s/o to Elisa Dominguez for tweeting about me even though I'm not there!! LOVE YOU GIRL! <3 made my day!!  Keep me on the social media scene ;)

Speaking of pictures, Erik, your haircut is so nice!!!! STRAIGHT UP STUD!! Danny, your pony was looking ever fresh as well in the grad pictures!!!! Can't wait for the dreads soon!!

It was rainy this weekend again but not too bad so we got out more than last weekend! I actually enjoy riding in the rain as long as it is not a down pour! It’s quite enjoyable!!  Oh, I tried on my jeans Mom and they do still fit, luckily!! The thigh area is definitely fitted which they never used to be!  SO YOU CAN SAY BYE TO MY JEGGINGS CAREER!! :(  :(  haha!! It’s just so hard because I was way more active pre-mission life than I am now so that’s where it’s killing me!!  I eat just about the same! I am on a grilled Swiss cheese sandwich craze though! They are so good ha!

You know what I realized.  Missionary work is like visiting teaching all the time!  I am definitely going to be a good visiting teacher when I get back!!

Spiritual thought of the day: 1st Peter 2:9 "But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a PECULIAR people, that ye should show forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light."  I LOVE this scripture because we, as latter-day saints, are PECULIAR, but it is not a bad thing, in fact it is a GREAT thing!  I've noticed this even more so on my mission that people notice us because of our peculiarity.  We have a light that shines for all to see and everyone on this earth is part of the CHOSEN generation!  Especially as missionaries people look at us like we are CRAZY people as we back each other out and pray in restaurants but we are standing out and sharing the gospel as we do.  It’s a good thing that people notice us because that’s what we want!  Anyways, that’s my thought for the week!!

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, "RISE AND SHOUT THE COUGARS ARE OUT!!!!!" I AM SOOOO BEYOND EXCITED FOR SATURDAY!!! (even though I won’t be watching)  Kevin Joiner will text me the final score on Saturday!  I'm stoked to hear about it!!  Hopefully Taysom will stay strong and healthy and fight hard with the rest of the cougs!!!  Bronco and the rest of the BYU family will be in my prayers!!!  Love my team!!!  GO COUGS!!!!!

AGAIN, thank you for the LOVE, the support, the uplifting words of encouragement!!  I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!  I love this gospel! I love being a missionary! And....I love football season!! GO COUGS! <3 Sister Holmoe!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Week 10

Hello Fam and everyone else!!!

Once again, so much to say so little time! (: Here it goes!  This weekend has been crazy weather.  It has rained and rained and rained!  Lots of serious flooding so therefore we were stuck in the apartment pretty much all weekend!! The people here are worried if a hurricane does come in this area there will be NO WHERE left for the water to go because we have gotten so much this past month, an unusual amount!!  The rain here is so funny, like I just laugh every time because it is NUTS!!! I don't know if I have ever expressed to you how pretty Lynn Haven really is!  It is like a town you would read about in Nicholas Sparks books!! (so it’s perfect for me!)  It has trees that have grown so big they cover the streets like a tunnel, lily pads everywhere, the bay, and the sunsets! AH, I love how pretty it is!  Riding bikes at sunset is my favorite time because I can just enjoy where I am and what I am doing! 

So we have been working on TALKING WITH EVERYONE!  This week we had a very cool experience!!  We were walking to get the mail in the pouring rain and we saw a lady bringing in her groceries into her apartment.  She had left her trunk open with more bags inside and I felt prompted to wait for her to return and help her.  Out comes her husband.  Long story short, we ended up talking to him under our umbrellas for AN HOUR!! We answered questions, testified, and just talked about what we believe as Latter-day Saints.  He had a really open heart and was very interested!!! I WAS LIKE YESSSS I needed this. He got our number and Book of Mormon and said he obviously needs to talk to his wife to see how she feels about it but either way, we planted a seed and it was great!!!

The Part-Member Family, had to cancel because the wife got the flu! But we are on for this Tuesday and I'm excited! 

The Knutsons (senior couple in charge of apartments) came to ours this past week and it was like CHRISTMAS!!! We got new shower curtains, rugs, cooking utensils, and so much more!  The apartment is so much happier and brighter now, I love it!! 

About one of our other investigators… she is being very suspicious right now with a bunch of lawyer problems and stuff but we did stop by this past week and talked with her for about an hour trying to bring her back to feeling that spirit.  She ended up crying and just hugging us.  It’s really all in her hands at this moment but I’m not giving up on her because I know she is one of those people I am supposed to save!!! Love her love her love her.

This week I finished D&C!! And also "Our Heritage"!  (lots of studying time)  It has been fun to study our Church history and I LOVE learning about it.  It was fun to read stories of LUCY Mack Smith!! (Joseph’s mom)  She was a lady of such great faith and I kept thinking about Shannon’s future Lucy (: I’m starting in the New Testament now which I'm pumped for!!

Shannon, thank you so much for the package and letter! I NEEDED IT!  Also, Mom your package was perfect!!! The peds are exactly what I wanted. The stamps and camera cord will be great, so thank you!!! Some Victoria Secret lip gloss would be nice! It’s not an emergency so just next time you send some stuff!! 

It was hard to miss Serina’s wedding and also I've missed you guys a lot but luckily God works in mysterious ways and on Wednesday night I was asked to teach the Beehives about why I chose to serve a mission and all my reasons for being here and how hard it was to leave but how rewarding it is.  I clearly needed to testify of those things because it boosted me back up!!! I really do love being out here.  A wise friend once told me, "Whenever you are having a bad day, just think one day you will marry someone ridiculously good looking in the temple!" haha!  I often think of that (:

Another quote I came across in my studies was one by Thomas S. Monson.  It said, "A mission is a family affair.  Though the expanse of continents or oceans may separate, hearts are as one."  I truly know that your prayers for me are what keep my spirits lifted and able to do this work.  Although we are not together I feel so close to y’all. It’s hard to describe. My love for you has only grown stronger since we've been separated!!

This weekend we had a member missionary workshop.  It was put on by the elders but we helped.  It was a poor turnout due to the floods but it was still good for the people who did come!!!

The doll room sounds AWESOME mom!!! I can't wait to see it one day! I cannot believe Jenna is still on SYTYCD! Good for her.  I hope she keeps going.  That’s way cool!!!! Also, if you could be on the lookout for a new cute journal! I LOVE MINE!!!! But it will probably not last my entire mission.  In a few months I may need a new one so look for a cute one!!!


This week there has apparently been a "Chocolate Lasagna" craze going around the ward. We were fed it for dessert three times!  We eat so much here; it’s starting to not even be funny!! We had the BEST meal yesterday though since I've been out here!  It tasted like Mom’s cooking!! Every time the Simonds sign up on our calendar I just get so excited because it’s a good home cooked healthy but delicious meal!! 

Funny story MOM, everyone on the High Council yesterday was commenting on how PERFECT my handwriting was haha!!  They were freaking out!  I was like man you need to tell my Mom this because she doesn’t like my handwriting!! (:

In Relief Society they were asking about fun family traditions.  I shared how we go on Sunday walks!  Everyone loved that idea!! I MISS MY FAMILY WALKS :(

So this week one of my friends out here, in the ward, texted us and said, Sister Holmoe can you call me asap?? I call her and she starts crying talking to be about the breakup she is going through and all her boy problems. I FELT SO HONORED she felt comfortable to call and talk to me.  I gave her some pretty good advice and good scriptures too (:  My past boy crazy life is paying off even on my mission!  (:

So both my comps have told me I'm like a work out mania!  I definitely use my 30 min in the morning wisely. Let’s just say that!!

This new transfer is going good!! At times it’s hard and we are really struggling with finding people to teach but I've also grown closer to my Heavenly Father in these harder, longer days.  Your prayers, letters, support and love get me through the hard times when I think I won't last! I LOVE being a missionary I really do.  Often times it feels like just yesterday when I was deciding whether to go or not and here I am!! (: I am so grateful to be out here on this adventure!!! I LOVE YALL SO MUCH!!!! Congrats to all the wedding girls this past week!!!! and S/O to Kaitba just because she’s my home girl and I LOVE AND MISS HER LIKE CRAZY!!! <3/ Sister Holmoe!!!

Waiting for the rain to stop...stranded on our bikes
My sweet tie dye shirt I bought back when I went to the beach
 Supporting Little Marion in FL <3
 My new shower curtain and rug
A typical spider I kill daily!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Week 9

So this email could come in chunks because we are at a different library and we could be booted out at any minute since we are only guests!  Also it is in 20 min increments so I will have to email in sections! It’s frustrating but oh well!! HOW'S LIFE? Hope all is well!!! Thanks for all the emails! I've only read mom and dad’s so far but I will continue to read them in my next time sections!!

I will start off how my week went before the transfers!  SOOO GREAT.  Our ladies night was AWESOME!  We had a great turn out and every single returning member we asked to teach was there and prepared!! It was so fun to wear pajamas and we got facials and it was a blast!  The members really reached out to the returning members and man I was just so happy that our idea turned out to be awesome!

I must jump to Sunday in Sacrament meeting because it was just too awesome! We had 3 returning members who hadn't been in 10 years or so COME! I could not stop smiling the entire time because Sister Stanfield and I played a role in all 3 of them!!  It was just simply amazing and words really can't describe it.  Hopefully they will continue to come as we continue our visits with them!!

So as transfers came this week it was pretty rough at first.  Heavenly Father clearly will be testing my patience my entire mission I'm assuming!! My companion is very nice and kind! The first morning was rough though; I was like HOW CAN I DO THIS?  Cause I'm basically in charge since I know the area, the people, everything!  I'm also the driver so it’s just very different from last transfer! Anyways I was feeling a little overwhelmed but as I prayed for help and comfort I truly did receive it and I’M DOING GREAT (: I love driving!!! Not only do I no longer have to back out, but it’s just fun and I missed it! So that’s great!  All my friends who read this probably are scared for my comps life since they always say I’m a bad driver! Imagine me driving in FLORIDA! It’s such an adventure!

I love fried okra! I really do!  I had it 3 times this week and it was delicious each time!  I’m also turning into Dad when it comes to ordering at restaurants!  We went to a place called JR's Rib Shack and I basically ordered everything that the member who took us told us what was the best! I even passed up MASHED POTATOES to get the specials!! It was good stuff!! The banana pudding has got to be the best thing I've ever tasted in my entire life!!!! It was kind of like mom’s ├ęclairs but with a twist! AH I want more!! I've had lots of good food this week, too much of it in fact!

Sister Stanfield and I went to Chick Fil A and Dairy Queen to get mini blizzards before we were separated! It was so fun and felt like home! I love that girl!

It was hard saying bye to Elder Murdoch and Sister Stanfield.  We all cried in our last district meeting! We called ourselves the fearsome foursome and it was so hard to split up!! We all went over to the Morse’s the night before they left and it was pretty fun! Also that day we went to lunch with Bishop and his family! FUNNY STORY, I spilled a boiling hot pizza on Bishop’s leg It was hilarious!  Let’s just say, he’s never going to let me hear the end of it! It was a bonding moment that’s for sure!! Bishop and his family are so awesome. I took a pic with them!

Random thought, I could use a better pill holder.  This one never stays closed and all the pills always fall out!

I don’t know why but I always get the companions who are terrified of killing bugs so I always have to do it.  I killed a spider the size of my head the other night!!! Not even exaggerating!

I don’t know if I've ever told you about our mailman! HE IS LEGIT! The coolest black guy around and he is hilarious.  He is always dogging us on all the rules we have to follow and we try to explain we choose to follow the rules but he just laughs and thinks we are being controlled! Seeing him just makes my day! I'm going to buy him a Gatorade at the store today and give it to him because he always is sweating like a pig and craves Gatorade!

A returning member gave us "deer dogs" to keep at home.  I had a few for lunch and stuff.  It was a little gamey but pretty good!

So I've been praying to be able to teach a family and this week my prayer was answered!!!! There is a part member family in our ward who desires to be taught and we get to do it!!! The father is the only member.  They have a 15 year old son!  They LOVVVVE football. Huge gator fans. Tim Tebow lovers. Anyways I love this family and am so excited for our appointments with them this week!! ps I still need a BYU football schedule??

Sis Morse said she would take a pic of me on her nice camera and send it to you for the Christmas card!! I think next Monday we will try taking one! That way it will be a nicer picture!!

A lady in our ward owns subway and she always brings us the extra cookies from that day! It’s great (:

THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE!!! I lovvve the skirt. In fact I have already worn it twice! It’s the perfect fit.  The biker shorts are great! They are stretchier so it’s nice! I have the best tan line on my legs from my old biker shorts.  They are not bad to wear because personally I wear my shortest skirts on biking days and just let them fly up so basically it’s just like I'm wearing shorts! I have a HUGE tan line but these shorts fall at a different spot so it will fade soon! You should also see my shoe tan line...man it’s funny! But yeah tell Aunt Rhonda thanks for the shorts!! I love the Marion bracelet <3  That picture of her was so cute. She is in my prayers! Oh also mom, the hole in my shirt is not in the white blouse, it is in the orange flowered blouse from Mikarose.  I haven't gotten anyone to fix it yet but hopefully this week! JILL RUSSONs invitation was soooooo pretty!!! I didn't even recognize her! Ah I loved everything about it!!! Tell her congrats! Also, PLEASE GIVE SERINA A HUGE HUG FOR ME THIS WEEK!!!!!!!! I can't believe one of my sisters is getting married <3 Thank you for getting her that huge gift, it means a lot to me! I'm so sad I can't be there but I wrote her a very long note that she will open the morning of her wedding from me.  My heart will be there that’s for sure!  I'm also so happy for Ashlee Whitaker and Rachel Smith!! That's great!!! Sounds like your St. George trip was a blast!!!! Dad, that’s awesome about the temple work in the St. George temple!  Way way sweet. I would love to go to that temple someday.  Thank you for praying for me in there because I think they truly helped this week as the first few bumpy days turned around!!

On Saturday we went to The Morse’s baby boy’s 1st birthday party!! It reminded me just of Miles! It was batman themed and so cute and fun!!

Funny fact, I drink the milk from my cereal now! I don’t know why but I love it. Probably because it’s filled with sugar from my cereal and I've just never tried it before.  The special gifts missionaries get I’m telling ya! I had some soup last night filled with peas and beans and I liked it a lot!?! Like what, I hate peas?  Papa would be so proud!!

This week I got the opportunity to teach a deaf woman.  She is a returning member so we just shared a thought but she read my lips the entire time.  Let’s just say, I couldn't talk my normal speed ;) It was a pretty cool experience though!

Challenge of the week.  Read one of President Uchdorf’s talks "The Hope of Gods Light" or  "Your Wonderful Journey Home"! Both are just great and I highly recommend them! 

Thank you all for the love and support! There is no way possible I could be out here without the love from my family and friends.  It raises my energy level by like 100!!! So thank you!!! I’m grateful for each of you and hope y’all have a great week!!! I'm happy and each day of being a missionary truly does get greater! It’s an adventure with a million different emotion swings but it’s great at the same time (: Please give Serina a big hug for me. LOVE YALL!!! <3/ Sister Holmoe!!



Monday, August 5, 2013

Week 8

I guess I will start by letting you know....I'm staying in LYNN HAVEN!! I’m really excited about that because I wanted to stay another transfer but my companion is leaving :( so sad!!! I love her! I’m kind of nervous about my new companion but obviously it was meant to happen so I'll make the best out of it!!

I'll start out with Kevin's baptism because it was just INDESCRIBABLE!!! I don’t know how I got so blessed to be a part of such an awesome thing.  I'll never forget it.  The spirit was so strong and he seriously had a whole new countenance about him! I will send some pictures so you can see him!  I love him and the Morse family so at least I don't have to say bye quite yet!!! It was funny after the baptism we shot hoops in the cultural hall. I was seriously making every shot from everywhere and Kevin and the elders were freaking out! 90 FINALLY paid off!! They couldn't believe I didn't play in high school!

The night before Kevin’s baptism we had a birthday party for Ben (the 24 year old who took us to the beach)! It was at the Morse’s house and we had steaks and mashed potatoes and cake! It was so fun because we played games outside and sang happy birthday and it just felt like home! (Well as close to home as you can get)! I'll send a picture of the crew from that as well!!

Yesterday at church was probably the greatest day out here!!! FIRST OFF, Jenny AHHH I LOVE HER!!!! Holy cow I’m so happy she came. I gave her a big hug and it just felt like family!!! Tell her thank you sooooooo much, like words couldn't even describe how happy I was to see her and her family!!! She talked to me before she left about how she knows me and Shannon are so close and she started CRYING which made me CRY and it was so cool although it made me miss Shan a lot. I really am so grateful because I feel like I have the best siblings in the world.  No siblings are as close to each other as ours are.  In fact, this week I had the chance to bear testimony of eternal families to a 19 year old before she left to college.  I have a picture of our family in my scriptures and I pulled it out so she could see. As I expressed to her my love for my family and how we were going to be together forever I started crying a little and then she started crying and the spirit was way strong.  This was all in a yogurt shop.  It’s amazing how the spirit can be so strong in silly places like that!  So I just wanted to say I LOVE you guys and I feel like the most powerful times on my mission are when I can bear testimony of my eternal family! 

Also at church, a Dad got up and bore his testimony before his son heads out to BYU and I remember when Mom and Dad did that for me!  I got teary eyed because I know how much an impact parents testimonies can have on kids!

Another family I would like to show gratitude to is my BYU family! That letter from all of them will be one of my most cherished things out here.  It made me so happy to read the support from some of my favorite people!  Tell them thank you SOOOO much because they have no idea how much it meant to me!!

S/O to Serina for looking SOOOO beautiful in her engagement photo!! WOW! Her hair, her eyes, her smile! I LOVED IT! It’s on my fridge and it makes the apartment so much homier (:  Good luck to her as she goes through the temple this week!! (:

Funny story of the week, me and Sister Stanfield got STUCK IN A DITCH/SWAMP in our Malibu! It was hilarious!  We tried to make a "U" turn so I wouldn’t have to get out and back her up but instead we got stuck in the wetlands.  It was such an adventure!  We had to have Bishop come tow us out because it was too deep for even like 5 men to push out!! Classic LUCY move (:

Another funny story…an old man was watching an old bowl game with Florida and ole miss with TIM TEBOW. I was like oh man this is an oldie huh?  He was like no it’s going on right now.  I’m like oh really? He’s like yep its getting intense!! He thought it was live!!! I was dying inside!!! He was super super old! But hearing the marching band and whistles and announcers made me get the chills!!! I LOVE FOOTBALL SEASON!!!

Oh I forgot to mention how Outback Steak house was!  DELISH! The family we went with ordered us appetizers, main course, and dessert! Needless to say I was STUFFED!! SO worth it though (:

I was able to be in the room of two priesthood blessings this week.  They were two sweet, sweet experiences and I truly know that Priesthood blessings can heal the sick and afflicted and wound a broken heart! 

Two returning members came to sacrament yesterday which was AWESOME!!!! I never thought I would be so happy to see their faces! 

E, we were visiting a returning member and she told us that an Elder Carrol baptized her! It may be your friend Elder Carrol's uncle, who knows!! Small world though!!

This week I tried CHEESE GRITS which were amazing and fried catfish which was pretty dang good.

I am so sad to hear about Angelique’s little girl.  Please tell her that her and her family are in my prayers.  No one should ever have to go through something like that and my heart goes out to them :(

S/O to Aunt Rhonda because a lady called me and asked about my bag and where I got the patterns and everything.  She loved it so much!!

S/O to ELLA RAE MADSEN!!! She sent me the cutest letter in the world and it was such a surprise and made my day!!!! If you are reading this Ella, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and I’m writing you back today!! (: 

Dad, I buy blueberries and strawberries and all sorts of fruit here and eat it! You would be so proud how healthy I eat on my own!!

So we have basically a pet tree frog.  We named him William (: He sticks on our door every night when we come in and it is so funny!

We made "Better than YOU KNOW WHAT cake" this week for Kevin’s baptism (: It wasn't quite as good as when Mom makes it but it was still good!!

HAVE YOU GUYS EVER HEARD OF A WOOD SPIDER!? They are sooooo huge and nasty!!! Turns out I have a new calling in life and it is the bug killer.  I kill like a million gross bugs a day! Who would have thought??

If you ever see those lacy peds from Nordstrom with the comfy heel BUY THEM! They are my favorite peds I wear!!  Oh Nordstrom....even thinking about going to Nordstrom is like heavenly!! There is NOTHING like that here!!

Well I better close for now but in summary this was a GREAT WEEK!! Ooops I forgot to tell you about our investigator....we are holding onto her by a thread.  She is starting to change and ignore the spirit but we WILL NOT GIVE UP! Keep her in your prayers that she will continue to meet with us!! Thank you so much for the prayers, fasting, support, and love.  I can’t describe how much it means to me in an email but know it means the world.  I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!  Thank you for emailing me pictures mom and dad (: They make my day!!!! Wish me luck with this new transfer!  LOVE Y'ALL!!!!! <3/ Sister Holmoe!!!

 This is my friend Jenny (from KY) and Lauren
 Lauren's Apartment
 Stuck in the swamp