Monday, August 12, 2013

Week 9

So this email could come in chunks because we are at a different library and we could be booted out at any minute since we are only guests!  Also it is in 20 min increments so I will have to email in sections! It’s frustrating but oh well!! HOW'S LIFE? Hope all is well!!! Thanks for all the emails! I've only read mom and dad’s so far but I will continue to read them in my next time sections!!

I will start off how my week went before the transfers!  SOOO GREAT.  Our ladies night was AWESOME!  We had a great turn out and every single returning member we asked to teach was there and prepared!! It was so fun to wear pajamas and we got facials and it was a blast!  The members really reached out to the returning members and man I was just so happy that our idea turned out to be awesome!

I must jump to Sunday in Sacrament meeting because it was just too awesome! We had 3 returning members who hadn't been in 10 years or so COME! I could not stop smiling the entire time because Sister Stanfield and I played a role in all 3 of them!!  It was just simply amazing and words really can't describe it.  Hopefully they will continue to come as we continue our visits with them!!

So as transfers came this week it was pretty rough at first.  Heavenly Father clearly will be testing my patience my entire mission I'm assuming!! My companion is very nice and kind! The first morning was rough though; I was like HOW CAN I DO THIS?  Cause I'm basically in charge since I know the area, the people, everything!  I'm also the driver so it’s just very different from last transfer! Anyways I was feeling a little overwhelmed but as I prayed for help and comfort I truly did receive it and I’M DOING GREAT (: I love driving!!! Not only do I no longer have to back out, but it’s just fun and I missed it! So that’s great!  All my friends who read this probably are scared for my comps life since they always say I’m a bad driver! Imagine me driving in FLORIDA! It’s such an adventure!

I love fried okra! I really do!  I had it 3 times this week and it was delicious each time!  I’m also turning into Dad when it comes to ordering at restaurants!  We went to a place called JR's Rib Shack and I basically ordered everything that the member who took us told us what was the best! I even passed up MASHED POTATOES to get the specials!! It was good stuff!! The banana pudding has got to be the best thing I've ever tasted in my entire life!!!! It was kind of like mom’s éclairs but with a twist! AH I want more!! I've had lots of good food this week, too much of it in fact!

Sister Stanfield and I went to Chick Fil A and Dairy Queen to get mini blizzards before we were separated! It was so fun and felt like home! I love that girl!

It was hard saying bye to Elder Murdoch and Sister Stanfield.  We all cried in our last district meeting! We called ourselves the fearsome foursome and it was so hard to split up!! We all went over to the Morse’s the night before they left and it was pretty fun! Also that day we went to lunch with Bishop and his family! FUNNY STORY, I spilled a boiling hot pizza on Bishop’s leg It was hilarious!  Let’s just say, he’s never going to let me hear the end of it! It was a bonding moment that’s for sure!! Bishop and his family are so awesome. I took a pic with them!

Random thought, I could use a better pill holder.  This one never stays closed and all the pills always fall out!

I don’t know why but I always get the companions who are terrified of killing bugs so I always have to do it.  I killed a spider the size of my head the other night!!! Not even exaggerating!

I don’t know if I've ever told you about our mailman! HE IS LEGIT! The coolest black guy around and he is hilarious.  He is always dogging us on all the rules we have to follow and we try to explain we choose to follow the rules but he just laughs and thinks we are being controlled! Seeing him just makes my day! I'm going to buy him a Gatorade at the store today and give it to him because he always is sweating like a pig and craves Gatorade!

A returning member gave us "deer dogs" to keep at home.  I had a few for lunch and stuff.  It was a little gamey but pretty good!

So I've been praying to be able to teach a family and this week my prayer was answered!!!! There is a part member family in our ward who desires to be taught and we get to do it!!! The father is the only member.  They have a 15 year old son!  They LOVVVVE football. Huge gator fans. Tim Tebow lovers. Anyways I love this family and am so excited for our appointments with them this week!! ps I still need a BYU football schedule??

Sis Morse said she would take a pic of me on her nice camera and send it to you for the Christmas card!! I think next Monday we will try taking one! That way it will be a nicer picture!!

A lady in our ward owns subway and she always brings us the extra cookies from that day! It’s great (:

THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE!!! I lovvve the skirt. In fact I have already worn it twice! It’s the perfect fit.  The biker shorts are great! They are stretchier so it’s nice! I have the best tan line on my legs from my old biker shorts.  They are not bad to wear because personally I wear my shortest skirts on biking days and just let them fly up so basically it’s just like I'm wearing shorts! I have a HUGE tan line but these shorts fall at a different spot so it will fade soon! You should also see my shoe tan it’s funny! But yeah tell Aunt Rhonda thanks for the shorts!! I love the Marion bracelet <3  That picture of her was so cute. She is in my prayers! Oh also mom, the hole in my shirt is not in the white blouse, it is in the orange flowered blouse from Mikarose.  I haven't gotten anyone to fix it yet but hopefully this week! JILL RUSSONs invitation was soooooo pretty!!! I didn't even recognize her! Ah I loved everything about it!!! Tell her congrats! Also, PLEASE GIVE SERINA A HUGE HUG FOR ME THIS WEEK!!!!!!!! I can't believe one of my sisters is getting married <3 Thank you for getting her that huge gift, it means a lot to me! I'm so sad I can't be there but I wrote her a very long note that she will open the morning of her wedding from me.  My heart will be there that’s for sure!  I'm also so happy for Ashlee Whitaker and Rachel Smith!! That's great!!! Sounds like your St. George trip was a blast!!!! Dad, that’s awesome about the temple work in the St. George temple!  Way way sweet. I would love to go to that temple someday.  Thank you for praying for me in there because I think they truly helped this week as the first few bumpy days turned around!!

On Saturday we went to The Morse’s baby boy’s 1st birthday party!! It reminded me just of Miles! It was batman themed and so cute and fun!!

Funny fact, I drink the milk from my cereal now! I don’t know why but I love it. Probably because it’s filled with sugar from my cereal and I've just never tried it before.  The special gifts missionaries get I’m telling ya! I had some soup last night filled with peas and beans and I liked it a lot!?! Like what, I hate peas?  Papa would be so proud!!

This week I got the opportunity to teach a deaf woman.  She is a returning member so we just shared a thought but she read my lips the entire time.  Let’s just say, I couldn't talk my normal speed ;) It was a pretty cool experience though!

Challenge of the week.  Read one of President Uchdorf’s talks "The Hope of Gods Light" or  "Your Wonderful Journey Home"! Both are just great and I highly recommend them! 

Thank you all for the love and support! There is no way possible I could be out here without the love from my family and friends.  It raises my energy level by like 100!!! So thank you!!! I’m grateful for each of you and hope y’all have a great week!!! I'm happy and each day of being a missionary truly does get greater! It’s an adventure with a million different emotion swings but it’s great at the same time (: Please give Serina a big hug for me. LOVE YALL!!! <3/ Sister Holmoe!!



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