Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Week 11

I LOVE GETTING YOUR EMAILS!! Thank you so much!!! I find myself literally laughing out loud in the middle of the library!! I have the best support system around!!!  Warning, this email could be a random one!  A lot happened but they are all such random events so here it goes (:

First off, we taught the part member family the first discussion! When they said they had read 3rd Nephi as a family the night before I could not stop smiling!!! PROGRESSING INVESTIGATORS! <3 This family is solid!!  They really enjoyed our lesson and the wife said if she continued to learn more and find it to be true she would be baptized and their son said it sounds good to him!  My favorite part about teaching them is how the father literally repeats every word we say as it starts coming back into his memory from when he learned it! It is so funny because he is so into it and it’s so cute!! I love teaching families! We have another appointment with them on Tuesday night!

An experience this week made me so grateful to be a part of this awesome work!  A Returning Member told us, while visiting with her that in the same WEEK missionaries had visited her, her daughter in Pennsylvania and her son in Maryland! All in the same week!  She was like “hmm obviously the missionaries are being sent to my family for a reason!!”  It’s just cool to remember that 65,000 other missionaries are doing the same thing I am doing and we are all in it together!! I love it!

We had Zone-Training this week which the zone leaders instruct! I usually hate them because it is all role plays and I hate role plays but this one was actually pretty fun!!  My zone this transfer is much cooler than last transfer!!  One of the elders was in love with Carlee Payne Holmoe and freaked out when he found out I was her sister in law!  We learned more about talking to EVERYONE!  We've really implemented it this week and have had some great conversations!!  I love talking to strangers haha!! 

Funny story, we were visiting a lady who happens to live right next to a cemetery.  Well, it was pretty stormy and the electricity went out when we were at her house.  She then went on for 2 HOURS...yes, 2 HOURS about real ghosts!  She thinks ghosts live in her house and she told us the craziest stories I'VE EVER HEARD! I was trying soooo hard not to laugh! It was hilarious!! Apparently a lot of people in the South believe in ghosts and evil spirits and it’s pretty crazy if you ask me!!

We had some good food this week! Sister Curtis, a lady from Sweden, made us SWEDISH PANCAKES, which taste EXACTLY like Moms crepes!!! I WAS IN 7th HEAVEN!!!!  Then the next night the Geroux family fed us buttermilk pancakes with BUTTERMILK syrup which tasted EXACTLY like Magelbys syrup!!  I was like, it’s just like home! yippee!!  We also went to a great pizza place for lunch with Ben Melander.  He told us his converstion story and it’s the cutest thing ever! I can’t remember if I've told you it or not but one day when I have more time I will!  He’s awesome!  I've made some great friends out here that I know I will be friends with forever!!!  I love how my last name is Holmoe because they can find me on Facebook so easily!! I will have so many friend requests when I get home!

Next Monday Sis Morse is going to take us to a park and take pictures of us that she will email to you! Hope it’s not too late of a date but it should be fine! Also Sep 5th is Zone Conference and Sister Smith texted me and said she has the package from my family that she will bring! I’m assuming it’s the 72 hour kit!! 

So one family this week had the UGLIEST ANIMAL I have ever seen in my life!  It is called like a sphinx cat and it looks basically like Dobby from Harry Potter!  Weirdest creature known to man!!

This week we have been visiting a member who is in the Health Center.  Anyways, her "roommate" is now our new investigator! I'm pumped about it! She says she is so excited to come to our church when she gets out!  The elders gave her a blessing one day and she loved it! Nice lady!

MY NEW CAMERA IS PERFECT! It is so high tech!  Everyone is like DANG, Sister Holmoe has a nice camera! So thank you!  At first I didn't realize I didn't have a chip inside so I have some pictures on the camera’s small memory.  But then I put my old memory chip into this camera and it worked perfect! I don't need to buy a new one; I can just use my old camera’s memory chip! 

CONGRATS TO BEN PATCH FOR GETTING HIS MISSION CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah words cannot describe how happy I am for him!!!! He will be AMAZING in Ohio! Love that kid with all my heart!!

HUGE SHOUT OUT TO KAITLYN JILL CHAMBERLAIN!!!  She sent me the greatest mail!!  She mailed me tons of pictures from Ecuador and told me ALL about her trip!  I LOVED hearing about it! She also sent me Victoria Secret Lip Gloss and a hand print from one of the orphans whose birthday was on mine!  She also made ME CRY!!!! She made a sign at Serina’s Wedding that said "We Love You Lauren!" She had everyone hold it and sent me all the pictures! I felt the love so much.  Sheesh, I have the greatest best friend ever!  So with the combinations of the pictures Mom sent me and Kaitlyn sent me I was in 7th heaven looking at all of them! (:  It was so nice seeing my friends and family!  I love getting pictures clearly!

Another s/o to Elisa Dominguez for tweeting about me even though I'm not there!! LOVE YOU GIRL! <3 made my day!!  Keep me on the social media scene ;)

Speaking of pictures, Erik, your haircut is so nice!!!! STRAIGHT UP STUD!! Danny, your pony was looking ever fresh as well in the grad pictures!!!! Can't wait for the dreads soon!!

It was rainy this weekend again but not too bad so we got out more than last weekend! I actually enjoy riding in the rain as long as it is not a down pour! It’s quite enjoyable!!  Oh, I tried on my jeans Mom and they do still fit, luckily!! The thigh area is definitely fitted which they never used to be!  SO YOU CAN SAY BYE TO MY JEGGINGS CAREER!! :(  :(  haha!! It’s just so hard because I was way more active pre-mission life than I am now so that’s where it’s killing me!!  I eat just about the same! I am on a grilled Swiss cheese sandwich craze though! They are so good ha!

You know what I realized.  Missionary work is like visiting teaching all the time!  I am definitely going to be a good visiting teacher when I get back!!

Spiritual thought of the day: 1st Peter 2:9 "But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a PECULIAR people, that ye should show forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light."  I LOVE this scripture because we, as latter-day saints, are PECULIAR, but it is not a bad thing, in fact it is a GREAT thing!  I've noticed this even more so on my mission that people notice us because of our peculiarity.  We have a light that shines for all to see and everyone on this earth is part of the CHOSEN generation!  Especially as missionaries people look at us like we are CRAZY people as we back each other out and pray in restaurants but we are standing out and sharing the gospel as we do.  It’s a good thing that people notice us because that’s what we want!  Anyways, that’s my thought for the week!!

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, "RISE AND SHOUT THE COUGARS ARE OUT!!!!!" I AM SOOOO BEYOND EXCITED FOR SATURDAY!!! (even though I won’t be watching)  Kevin Joiner will text me the final score on Saturday!  I'm stoked to hear about it!!  Hopefully Taysom will stay strong and healthy and fight hard with the rest of the cougs!!!  Bronco and the rest of the BYU family will be in my prayers!!!  Love my team!!!  GO COUGS!!!!!

AGAIN, thank you for the LOVE, the support, the uplifting words of encouragement!!  I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!  I love this gospel! I love being a missionary! And....I love football season!! GO COUGS! <3 Sister Holmoe!

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