Monday, August 19, 2013

Week 10

Hello Fam and everyone else!!!

Once again, so much to say so little time! (: Here it goes!  This weekend has been crazy weather.  It has rained and rained and rained!  Lots of serious flooding so therefore we were stuck in the apartment pretty much all weekend!! The people here are worried if a hurricane does come in this area there will be NO WHERE left for the water to go because we have gotten so much this past month, an unusual amount!!  The rain here is so funny, like I just laugh every time because it is NUTS!!! I don't know if I have ever expressed to you how pretty Lynn Haven really is!  It is like a town you would read about in Nicholas Sparks books!! (so it’s perfect for me!)  It has trees that have grown so big they cover the streets like a tunnel, lily pads everywhere, the bay, and the sunsets! AH, I love how pretty it is!  Riding bikes at sunset is my favorite time because I can just enjoy where I am and what I am doing! 

So we have been working on TALKING WITH EVERYONE!  This week we had a very cool experience!!  We were walking to get the mail in the pouring rain and we saw a lady bringing in her groceries into her apartment.  She had left her trunk open with more bags inside and I felt prompted to wait for her to return and help her.  Out comes her husband.  Long story short, we ended up talking to him under our umbrellas for AN HOUR!! We answered questions, testified, and just talked about what we believe as Latter-day Saints.  He had a really open heart and was very interested!!! I WAS LIKE YESSSS I needed this. He got our number and Book of Mormon and said he obviously needs to talk to his wife to see how she feels about it but either way, we planted a seed and it was great!!!

The Part-Member Family, had to cancel because the wife got the flu! But we are on for this Tuesday and I'm excited! 

The Knutsons (senior couple in charge of apartments) came to ours this past week and it was like CHRISTMAS!!! We got new shower curtains, rugs, cooking utensils, and so much more!  The apartment is so much happier and brighter now, I love it!! 

About one of our other investigators… she is being very suspicious right now with a bunch of lawyer problems and stuff but we did stop by this past week and talked with her for about an hour trying to bring her back to feeling that spirit.  She ended up crying and just hugging us.  It’s really all in her hands at this moment but I’m not giving up on her because I know she is one of those people I am supposed to save!!! Love her love her love her.

This week I finished D&C!! And also "Our Heritage"!  (lots of studying time)  It has been fun to study our Church history and I LOVE learning about it.  It was fun to read stories of LUCY Mack Smith!! (Joseph’s mom)  She was a lady of such great faith and I kept thinking about Shannon’s future Lucy (: I’m starting in the New Testament now which I'm pumped for!!

Shannon, thank you so much for the package and letter! I NEEDED IT!  Also, Mom your package was perfect!!! The peds are exactly what I wanted. The stamps and camera cord will be great, so thank you!!! Some Victoria Secret lip gloss would be nice! It’s not an emergency so just next time you send some stuff!! 

It was hard to miss Serina’s wedding and also I've missed you guys a lot but luckily God works in mysterious ways and on Wednesday night I was asked to teach the Beehives about why I chose to serve a mission and all my reasons for being here and how hard it was to leave but how rewarding it is.  I clearly needed to testify of those things because it boosted me back up!!! I really do love being out here.  A wise friend once told me, "Whenever you are having a bad day, just think one day you will marry someone ridiculously good looking in the temple!" haha!  I often think of that (:

Another quote I came across in my studies was one by Thomas S. Monson.  It said, "A mission is a family affair.  Though the expanse of continents or oceans may separate, hearts are as one."  I truly know that your prayers for me are what keep my spirits lifted and able to do this work.  Although we are not together I feel so close to y’all. It’s hard to describe. My love for you has only grown stronger since we've been separated!!

This weekend we had a member missionary workshop.  It was put on by the elders but we helped.  It was a poor turnout due to the floods but it was still good for the people who did come!!!

The doll room sounds AWESOME mom!!! I can't wait to see it one day! I cannot believe Jenna is still on SYTYCD! Good for her.  I hope she keeps going.  That’s way cool!!!! Also, if you could be on the lookout for a new cute journal! I LOVE MINE!!!! But it will probably not last my entire mission.  In a few months I may need a new one so look for a cute one!!!


This week there has apparently been a "Chocolate Lasagna" craze going around the ward. We were fed it for dessert three times!  We eat so much here; it’s starting to not even be funny!! We had the BEST meal yesterday though since I've been out here!  It tasted like Mom’s cooking!! Every time the Simonds sign up on our calendar I just get so excited because it’s a good home cooked healthy but delicious meal!! 

Funny story MOM, everyone on the High Council yesterday was commenting on how PERFECT my handwriting was haha!!  They were freaking out!  I was like man you need to tell my Mom this because she doesn’t like my handwriting!! (:

In Relief Society they were asking about fun family traditions.  I shared how we go on Sunday walks!  Everyone loved that idea!! I MISS MY FAMILY WALKS :(

So this week one of my friends out here, in the ward, texted us and said, Sister Holmoe can you call me asap?? I call her and she starts crying talking to be about the breakup she is going through and all her boy problems. I FELT SO HONORED she felt comfortable to call and talk to me.  I gave her some pretty good advice and good scriptures too (:  My past boy crazy life is paying off even on my mission!  (:

So both my comps have told me I'm like a work out mania!  I definitely use my 30 min in the morning wisely. Let’s just say that!!

This new transfer is going good!! At times it’s hard and we are really struggling with finding people to teach but I've also grown closer to my Heavenly Father in these harder, longer days.  Your prayers, letters, support and love get me through the hard times when I think I won't last! I LOVE being a missionary I really do.  Often times it feels like just yesterday when I was deciding whether to go or not and here I am!! (: I am so grateful to be out here on this adventure!!! I LOVE YALL SO MUCH!!!! Congrats to all the wedding girls this past week!!!! and S/O to Kaitba just because she’s my home girl and I LOVE AND MISS HER LIKE CRAZY!!! <3/ Sister Holmoe!!!

Waiting for the rain to stop...stranded on our bikes
My sweet tie dye shirt I bought back when I went to the beach
 Supporting Little Marion in FL <3
 My new shower curtain and rug
A typical spider I kill daily!

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