Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 18

In Dad’s last email he told me to make this the best week on my mission so far and GUESS WHAT??  It was definitely up there!!!! SUCH a great week!!!  First off, GO COUGS!  Only two more wins till Christmas in SF!! woot woot!!  So happy to hear they played good and it sounds like the box was a party!! I loved all the pictures y’all sent me this week!  Kait looked like a straight up BABE at the wedding! I loved Kali’s dress!!! Can’t believe how old Lauren Kent is!!!  I miss Alesha and her family!!!
There were two major highlights this week! One of them was the dinner we had with Beth’s family!! What a great night!!!  It’s nights like those where you leave saying to yourself...."this is what missionary work is all about"!  At the dinner were Beth’s two twin sisters, step-mom, and less active daughter.  That is one of the coolest families I have ever met!!  They are sooooo so so nice and fun!  They asked so many questions which were PERFECT for me!! Some included....would you ever date a non-member, what do you do when a loved one strays away, and basically WHY are you on a mission??  The spirit was so strong as we talked about these things and especially why we are on missions.  It all just went perfect!  They thought Mormon missionaries were weird and ugly haha but they said as soon as they saw our cute shoes their whole impression changed!!  They are all very devout Catholics but we planted HUGE seeds!!  We got an email from one of the twins today and she expressed how grateful she was for that night, the spirit she felt, and the happiness she has felt since!  You never know what could happen with them?!  We have all their contact information and the step mom already signed up to feed us for Thanksgiving dinner!!  Don't know what’s in store for their future with the Gospel but good things are happening!

The next highlight would be PANAMA CITY FRIDAY FEST!!! I took lots of pictures; don’t worry!!!  It was a blast!!! There were 8 of us missionaries who set up a Family History Booth at the Downtown Panama City FRIDAY FEST!  It was one of the most fun nights since I've been out!  Sister Sam and I dressed up in matching outfits with all the Halloween décor mom sent us!!  It was a great marketing technique ;) Everyone loved our headband things and would come ask us which booth we bought them at, and then we'd give them Family History info instead (:  We passed out hundreds of pass along cards and got our name out there!  We DEFINITELY stood out in a crowd!! Lots of drunk people but lots of great people as well! LOVE MY PANAMA CITY!  It was also a miracle because as we were walking around we saw TONS of returning members we have NEVER been able to meet with! It was like miracle after miracle after miracle!  It was good to talk with them in normal everyday life and it was crazy how everyone we've wanted to meet with WAS THERE!  We were there from 5-10:30 (special permission)!  There was tons of great food but one truck in particular was a "Gourmet Grilled Cheese"...BEST THING EVER!  That truck needs to go do business on BYU campus!  It would be a hit!  The grilled cheese I got was all sorts of cheeses, with macaroni cheese, barbeque sauce, and bacon! SO SO good! The booth was fun and a unique way to chat with people, so I'd definitely do it again!!

WE SAW A FOX this week!!! It was right across from our apartment complex in all these trees!  A FOX....................crazy huh!?! 

Hey I was reading the October Ensign the article "Making Time for the Temple" and I read about Matt and Stacie Dalebout and then I noticed that Dave Packard from Arizona wrote the article!!!  Tell him it was a good one and now I feel somewhat cool for knowing a writer in the Ensign!

We met a man on the street this week and he was like, "Oh Yeah, I know who the Mormons are; I found and read the Book of Mormon one night in the Marriott Hotel."  Holla for the Marriott and their BOM's!!

On Saturday, a lady named Sister Palmer took us out to a Mexican Restaurant for lunch and then down by the bay!  She's lived here for 73 years so she knows all the best places.  Everyone knows her too! People do not leave Panama City area, I'm telling ya!  She showed us her high school and everything! 

Dad, loved the ads from the airplane magazines! FLORIDA REPRESENT!

Mom, I ran over the squirrel in the CAR not on my bike haha!  That would have been bad!!

Fun memory I was thinking of the other day...Mom, do you remember making that VINE for me in FAO Schwarz??  I was just thinking about it and NO other mom would have done that for their daughter haha.  I truly do have the best mom and that was the funnest thing!! 

For my 4 month birthday we celebrated at O'Charleys!!! It was free pie with any entree so we celebrated and ate away haha!  DELICIOUS restaurant and great chocolate pie! Can't believe 4 months have already passed by!!

We are trying really really hard to get new investigators and we have a lot of potentials now!!!  Hopefully this week we will be able to teach them and get things rolling!!  Thank you for everyone’s prayers in my behalf for my mission work!!  I really can feel the difference!!!!

I'm grateful for my strong mind!  I always thought it was a negative attribute of mine because I can psych myself into fainting and such haha but here on the mission it is a BLESSING!  I do not get discouraged and I think it is something I'll be helping my comps with all throughout my mish!! I know I already have and I'm so grateful!

I was so happy to hear that Mom and Dad are praying for missionary opportunities!! Keep praying for those!!!! EVERYONE! Have a great week and know I love you all!!!! <3, Sister LA GIRL!

 This picture is for dad...I thought you would like this unusual plant :)

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