Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 69

Hey Fam! 

So good to hear from y’all!!! This week and especially the weekend were AMAZING!! Oh how I love conference. :)  My heart goes out to Taysom though.  That is really hard.  I've been praying for him and the rest of the cougs ever since I found out! So I could write for hours about my thoughts on conference.  My heart was touched and my faith was strengthened just as the Prophet was hoping.  Dad, not sure if you got the postcard I sent you last week to your office but on the card I said, "I'll think of you when the MOTAB sings "High on the Mountain Top" and then what was the first song they sung??....“HIGH ON THE MOUNTAIN TOP!"  God is good :) I also loved the closing prayer from one of the sessions when the man prayed for the missionaries, their parents, and their grandparents.  Made me feel really good!  Watching conference in general was great.  We watched at the church by the mission home and the Smiths fed us in between sessions.  It was great being around them, the Mills, and the Bells all weekend :) I loved all the talks but especially Neil L. Anderson's!  Especially after serving a mission I agree with him that every person needs a spiritual confirmation of the prophet Joseph Smith.  After 18 months of hearing people bash "John" Smith it was really awesome to hear such a powerful testimony of the prophet of the restoration, JOSEPH Smith :)  Then when the MOTAB sang "Praise to the Man" it was just all confirmed.  I know God chose Joseph Smith and that the Priesthood is restored! I also loved President Monson's talk when he was talking about walking the path that Christ walked and of course Elder Bednar’s talk :)  We had several investigators that were seeking truth this weekend and looking for answers to their questions.  I pray that they were able to receive the personal revelation they sought after!  The entire conference I was watching with all of our investigators and less actives in mind!  This will be the last conference I watch like that!  It hit me pretty hard how much I'm going to miss serving so closely with the people in the FTM. 

A few changes this transfer!  We are now the STL's over the Crawfordville, Madison, Perry, and Tally 3 sisters rather than the campus sisters.  It will be a fun change and I'm excited to help those sisters and areas as much as I can!  Crawfordville, Perry, and Madison are all very small branches with not a lot of work happening right now so it will be great to go in there and hopefully spark miracles! All the sisters in those areas are AMAZING and I am beyond grateful to get to know them this transfer and serve them in any way I can!

Quick update on our investigators.  Shirley, Rosemarie, and Violet were all able to watch conference!! Shirley and Rosemarie are getting baptized on the same day, Oct 25th :)  Violet was looking for her answer in conference about baptism and she hasn't let us know yet but she is doing very well right now :)  Oh how I love her! Lee is still getting baptized on Saturday!  Unfortunately the girls backed out for various reasons.  We were able to address some of their concerns and had an awesome lesson with them but they still have their agency.  They will be singing at Lee's baptism though to still support him.  Other than that we are still finding and teaching as much as we can! :) God is blessing us every day!!!

For the past few weeks I've spent a little bit of time in my lunch hour writing this little poem about my mission :) haha It’s pretty cheesy but hopefully it brings a smile to someone’s face! :) 

The year of 2012 was a year I'll never forget,
The announcement that changed my life,
one that led me to serious fret.
All sisters 19 and older were invited to join the ranks,
to serve the God Almighty, and fill their spiritual tanks.
My heart immediately knew, but my mind sat on the fence.
It wasn't until much prayer that everything made sense.
The spirit bore witness to me that a mission was part of my plan,
It was then up to me to say, "Yes I can."
Without looking back the papers were sent,
Never had I felt so much excitement.
Still remember that day, so impossible to describe,
even holding the white envelope I felt a great vibe.
Then tears filled my eyes as I read Florida Tallahassee Mission,
how did Heavenly Father know, it’s exactly what I'd been wishin’!
There were people waiting just for me
and I couldn't wait to find out and see.
But first, packing, shopping, and saying goodbye
boy was it hard I'm not going to lie!
With faith in every step I then boarded that plane
I was now representing much more than only my name.
Though a thousand miles from home
I never did feel alone.
Angels on my left and angels on my right,
now it was time to serve with all my might.
I never thought it was possible to love an area so much,
Lynn Haven was pure evidence, of the Master's touch.
Bays, bayou's, and canopy roads,
frogs, lizards, and tiny toads.
The summer storms rolled through each day,
drenched on bikes, what more can I say?
The people here stole my heart,
I never thought I'd have to part.
Christmas was the greatest season,
Good food, good folk, and the real reason.
Reflecting on the Savior’s birth meant so much more this year,
The spirit felt and testimonies shared I'll always hold so dear.
Then change made its way
and I served in Alabama through May.
Though still southern it had a unique feel,
college town mixed with China...this was the real deal!
Teaching students my own age
was a whole new stage.
Certainly there was more bashin,
but it was then when I found my passion.
My testimony grew more sure than ever,
just in time before President pulled the lever.
Off to Tallahassee I went
to finish with complete fulfillment.
6 months strong I served in the heart of the mission,
an area and ward with so much vision.
With power and authority sent from above,
we went all about spreading God's love.
The spirit of Elijah was real here it seemed,
all who learned of family history immediately gleamed.
From my mission I grew more than poetry could express,
looking back to day 1, I was such a mess!
Through faith in my Savior I changed a little each day,
It’s because of Him, I'm who I am today.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is restored on the earth,
and is available to all through spiritual rebirth.
He's gathering His flocks and has asked us to assist,
It’s time to rescue those lost in the dark mist.
So although the 18 months is at end,
there are still hearts needed to be mend.
Our Father in Heaven needs us more than ever,
and that's why truly, I'll be a missionary FOREVER! <3

Well I love y’all so much!!!! HAVE SO MUCH FUN IN ORLANDO!!! Welcome to FLORIDA :) I will give the Mills the Vera Bradley bag filled with things!! That is so nice of them! I told them to give you a big hug!!! Thanks for the little package this week! Everything was perfect!! Love y’all so much!! <3/ Sister Holmoe!

Had to take a picture at our stop in the cute town of Bristol!
District pic!
District activity! 5 base baseball in the gym.
Comps for life!
Two districts combined
Taking Sister Bebee to her last meal in the US! She chose BJ's :) Thanks President Smith hehe ;)
 I sure will miss this girl! But she'll be amazing in Brazil!!! We talked about Lynn Haven people all day! :) I miss them all so much!
 Classic farewell airport picture!
 On Wednesday we got to go to Crestview for the transfer day! Got to reunite with old friends :) Sister Ford is now an STL with Sister Sam!

Ladies night out :) A few ladies in our ward took us out to eat during Priesthood. They are too sweet!
 This is our dear friend Pat.
Meet Janiya :) Most mature 12 year old EVA!

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