Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 68

Hello Family!! It has been yet another incredible week in Tallahassee, Florida.  This morning we toured around the State Capitol building and got to spend some time on the very top floor overlooking all of Tallahassee.  I am so grateful to be here in this city right now and BEYOND EXCITED I get to finish my mission here, right in the heart of the FTM! 

Yesterday we had the Primary Program and it was awesome.  Both the Wilkerson boys were in it and their mom got off work to come and watch.  She hasn't been to church for YEARS!!! It was incredible to see her there.  She was smiling from ear to ear the entire program watching her two boys!  The theme of the program was "Families Can Be Together Forever" which was absolutely perfect.  Satan tried to throw a curve ball at them this week as Lee (the 9 yr old) had to get his cast put back on his leg.  He has cerebral palsy.  The cast can't go in the water and so they are worried about the baptism on Oct 11th but a member was able to quickly order some vacuum bag that will hopefully work to cover it!  His two sisters are still anxious and ready as well :) The family is just dynamite right now! Anyways the boys and also Kalia "did a super job" in the Program!

Throughout my mission I have been so grateful to be a part of the Ward Councils in the 3 wards/branches I've served in.  I have learned a lot from the amazing leadership and am so grateful how much they have involved the missionaries.  Yesterday was an incredible meeting.  We are really focusing on the Rescue right now and had the chance to kneel down all together and pray for specific families in our ward.  The spirit was so strong.  There is nothing better than seeing the work of salvation in ACTION!

On Saturday I had the chance to speak at a baptism for a cute 8 year old in our ward.  I spoke on the Holy Ghost!  It was a beautiful baptism! 

MLC was AWESOME this week!!!! I certainly received a lot of revelation.  We also had to organize a lot because our mission is doing a new transfer system starting this week so we had to figure all that out!  It has been a crazy few days and will be a crazy week but I love it! :) In the beginning of MLC we talked a lot about WHY we are on missions and truly it all comes down to the fact that we are on our missions because of Him. (Him being Christ). And because of Him we need to give it our all.  It’s my goal to give every last ounce of energy I have for Him!

Other good news....Rosemarie has agreed to baptism on either Oct 25th or Nov 1st! We are still working through logistics!

I finished "Jesus the Christ"!!!!  WHOOO!  That book just completely blew my mind.  I learned SO much from studying it alongside the New Testament. 

Did y’all get the chance to watch the General Women's Meeting!?  It was AWESOME! They talked a ton about the temple and I kind of want to go do a Saturday morning session the Saturday I get home! ha! Also, who is ready for SUPERBOWL SUNDAY THIS WEEK!? (missionary style) I AMMMM :)

Got my flu shot this week! CHECK! I also met Angelique's sister's mother-in-law.  She was such a sweet lady!

Well I love y’all so much and hope everyone has a great week!!!! <3/ Sister Holmoe

 Looking out over Tally

 The Old House of Representatives
On the 22nd floor! Top of Tally!!
 Florida flowers

The new capitol (in the back)
 The old capitol
Y'all! this will definitely be a stop we attend!!! BEST DONUTS EVER! And the man who owns it gave them to us for free!!
Flu Shots <<<<
Last exchange of the transfer with my Hawaiian sister!
 The four of us!
 Baptism for Vanessa!
Two of my favorite sisters at MLC! Sister Dyches and Sister Nelson (who is a t-bird grad).
We asked this lady to take a pic of us just so we could start casual convo with her :) Sneaky tactics of sister missionaries!
 Asha and me
Us teaching Asha on her porch! Beautiful Florida evening!
Some of the STL's rockin our new "North Side Strong" FTM shirts!
 Always good to see Sister Sam!
Check this out! A different church used the Preach My Gospel cover for their advertisement!!
 I love Sister Smith!

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