Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 66

Hey y’all!! It’s been an amazing week this week!!! God answers prayers that’s for sure!! We had an exchange on Tuesday and that morning as I was praying before my studies I randomly thought of how it had been a while since we'd received a media referral. (a referral from church headquarters where someone requests a BOM/Bible/missionary visit).  These are my FAVORITE to get so I decided I'd pray that morning to receive a media referral and NO JOKE....30 minutes later our phone buzzes with a media referral! I was like "SISTER, we are going on an adventure today!"  So we went to contact the referral ASAP because I figured it was a gift straight from God! This lady named Rosemarie had just barely returned home from SLC! She had an incredible trip and got to attend the Ogden Temple open house.  She grew up in Arkansas and her best friend since the 6th grade just recently joined our church 6 years ago and now lives in Utah.  She has been observant of him for those past 6 years and after this trip finally decided she wants to learn what this church is all about.  We gave her a BOM and after two days she was already in Alma! This lady is the real deal.  She is so intellectual and so cool!  She came to church on Sunday and had a great experience I think!  We actually had 6 investigators at church (Shirley came as well).  It’s funny when lots of our investigators are at church because I get so worried about every little thing.  It seems like the babies cry SO much louder on those days haha!! But we had great meetings and the members were great at welcoming them all in!  We are thrilled to be able to continue teaching Rosemarie! She's also a great reminder of how God listens to every single one of our prayers!

Also on our exchange we were visiting someone in the hospital and along the way met lots of people.  We were invited in one room to say a group prayer with the family.  There were like 20 ladies in this tiny hospital room.  The spirit was incredibly strong as we said a prayer and it made me so grateful for the amazing experiences I've been able to have every day on my mission with COMPLETE STRANGERS!  We may never see that family again but we all shared a moment that will be remembered for a long time. 

So at Walmart we chat with the picture guy every week and he is a less active member from Madison, FL.  Well we've been chatting with him for a good 2 months now and last week he told us that he took his little girl to church on Sunday!! He was so excited to tell us because he knew how happy we would be! And he was right...we were so happy! :)

Huge strides have been made with two of our investigators.  We did find out that one of them smokes though! We never knew! Anyways, we were going to teach her the Word of Wisdom and her apartment never smells like smoke so there really was no way of us knowing but for some reason as soon as we walked into her apartment that day to teach the WOW I knew she smoked.  It was as if the spirit was warning me a head of time before we started the lesson which I was grateful for.  The lesson went great and we were able to give her lots of ideas to help her quit!  She says the BOM has really been her key.  That’s why she reads it so much is because it is helping her not want a cigarette.  I believe in her!!!! She also didn't have a dress and that’s why she hadn't been coming to church, but we changed that quickly, and what do you know....she came! And loved it!! It’s amazing the things that happen as you are able to unravel your investigators concerns.  As for Violet, we have been able to see her quite a few times this week! (We think that is really going to help) Frequency sustains the spirit! We had one lesson with her, went to her son’s football game, and also dropped cookies off Sunday night.  She is praying EVERY day for specific things but isn't getting any clear answers yet.  She was able to express some of her concerns and we had a perfect member with us during that so it went well.  I can honestly say I've never wanted it for anyone SOOOO BADLY!! Of course I give my heart and soul and all ounce of energy to everyone I work with but for some reason I feel like I'm giving EXTRA to Violet.  I just feel so much love for her and have so much hope for her it’s indescribable! Crazy story, she was saying that her two favorite names for girls are Lauren and Julia! (Those are mine and Sister S's names!) What are the odds!?!  It’s a sign I know it haha.

We had a great turn out for the Southern Spread! There was SOOOO much food it was UNREAL! haha!  It was a really good event and for sure brought the ward closer together!  We also had some returning members there as well as investigators!  Speaking of investigators, we've found some more cool new ones! Good news in Tally, the church bought land for a new stake center to be built here! They are working on it and it should be done in about 18 months.  They will be forming a new ward.  That means missionaries need to continue getting to work preparing!

We were able to watch the CES devotional last night and Elder Christofferson spoke.  What a power house! Loved his talk.  Truly all about giving your life to God.  It made me excited for two things.....1. GENERAL CONFERENCE and 2. BYU basketball season because it was in the Marriott Center haha. 

Well it’s Love Bug season again.  They are EVERYWHERE!!! I find them in my purse, shoes, car,’s really kind of gross! Looking forward to another great week though! We have Zone training tomorrow which we'll be teaching at!  Thank you SO MUCH for the beach card!!! I loved it!!! Also I didn't see a copy of the Utah Valley Magazine article! Serina just sent me the picture so if you could send me the article that would be great! Dad, I can't believe you had to say the prayer at that luncheon!!!! Did you have a prayer voice too!?! ;)

I love y’all SO MUCH!!! Miss you tons as usual!!! Have a great week and enjoy every minute!! <3/ Sister Lauren Holmoe!
Sister Mathison, me and Sophia!!!! Sophia is a member in the singles ward, I love her!
15 months for me! :) :)
Violet and her set of 6 year old twins!
 It was SUPER SUPER HOT and I didn't want my part to burn and blister so I had to improvise during the football game :) haha

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