Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 64

Y'all...this week was INCREDIBLE!!! By far one of my favorite weeks on my entire mission!!! Of course the highlight was having Elder and Sister Zwick with us all week.  WOW ARE THEY INCREDIBLE!!!  I think it would take me the full two hours to share all that I learned from them.  Even more so than learning from their instruction was all that I learned by their example.  They are truly dedicated servants of the Lord who have consecrated their lives to this work.  It was amazing to feel of their spirit and hear their witness of our Savior Jesus Christ.  That is one thing I especially admire about Elder Zwick.  He was a powerful teacher but he ALWAYS brought it back to our Savior and testified of Him.  I certainly know my own testimony of Jesus Christ was strengthened.  What a Christlike man who just CHERISHES his wife! I'm so grateful for all the things they taught our mission.  MLC was....unreal.  I was just soaking everything in like a SPONGE! I think I took like 10 pages of notes! But what was really special was when he talked to us for a period of time and asked us not to take notes on these particular things.  Some of the things he shared were truly incredible.  It also allowed me to receive some personal revelation for myself.  Then half mission conference was awesome!! The FTM is extremely motivated right now and I know there are miracles in store for this part of the world! Elder Zwick did remember meeting Danny in Switzerland :) Now that they are gone, I miss them!!! Good thing we still have the SMITH's here who are the greatest people in the world! They just celebrated their anniversary on Saturday :) They were getting pretty emotional talking about each other and it was soooo cute!

As for the work this week, it was BOOMING!!! Kalia was baptized and confirmed this weekend and what a special privilege it was to be a part of those ordinances. It was amazing to see her family (some less active, some active, some nonmembers) come together and support her.  She was beaming with happiness all weekend long!! I think my favorite part was that her 12 year old brother Jalil was crying the whole time (happy tears clearly).  He was so overcome with the spirit because of how much he loves his little sister.  They are going to have to be each other’s rocks growing up so it’s great to see they already have such a strong connection.  It made me grateful for my two older BRO's and how I know they'd always be there for me whenever I needed them.  Kalia is now the newest member of the TALLY 4th ward! :)

BUT...not for long because we have 5 other BCD's right now! Can you believe it!?!  Phil is still on board for the 27th and Shirley is ready now too!!! Shirley said she received her answer and desires to join Christ's true church.  I'm so so so happy she received her answer and I know it is because of the experiences she’s been having in the BOM! She's already in mid Alma!! I had a cool personal moment during her closing prayer.  She was thanking Heavenly Father for these two sisters who helped "lift her out of the pit she was in" and I instantly started smiling during the prayer because every morning I get on my knees and pray that I can help lift some of God's children "out of the pit."  It was truly an answer to my prayer.
The Wilkerson children have agreed to be baptized October 11th! They came to church yesterday and had a great time.  We also met a new little girl who is 12 named Janiya.  She is the most mature little girl I've ever met in my life! Boy does she have a special spirit.  She was given a BOM in Atlanta when she was living there for the summer and she was then referred to us when she moved back to Tally.  She expressed to us how she believes it is true and wants to learn and truly know if it is.  Her mom dropped her off for church and she came in all on her own and WOW, she's just awesome! I'm looking forward to teaching her the Plan of Salvation tonight :) We also had this lady named Peggy call us at 8 last night and asked us to come teach her and her family (who we've been trying to teach for a while).  It was a blessing our previous appointment had cancelled so we were available! We taught the Restoration and got 3 new investigators out of it all, so it was incredible! Peggy was taught by Sister Medlyn originally and just loves her.

In 5th Sunday yesterday for combined RS/Priesthood our ward mission leader presented our new ward mission plan that we've created.  What an awesome meeting! I know that the new plan is inspired.  Brother Douglas is such a great ward mission leader.  He asked me to bear my testimony at the end and it was a neat experience for me.  I love member missionary work and have such a strong testimony of it.  The 4th ward is excited to do their part!!!

Can't close out without a funny moment of the week right!? haha so on Wednesday we were running on the side walk and I totally tripped over my own foot and did a slip and slide nose dive on the side walk!!! It was BRUTAL! I don't know how I didn't break a bone!! I just came out with bruises, scrapes, and blood :) haha.  Still recovering but I'm just glad it wasn't more serious!!!!

Thank you SOOOO much for the package!!! It must have been in the hot sun because all the cake pops melted together to make one large "cake ball"! It actually is AMAZING haha!!! Y’all should try forming one one day ha!  7th heaven :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the rings!!! So cute. I also love the ABC's of missionary work and the President Hinckley quote! Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to that package :) Nothing like getting things from home!!
Well sorry I wrote like a novel today but it was just such a great week!!! I WAS SOOOO happy to hear BYU won!!!! WOOT WOOT!!! Atta boys!!!! Get the Long Horns this week! I'll be cheering on the NOLES!!!!! :)

Love y’all and have a great week!!! Praying for each one of you daily!! <3/ Sister Holmoe

This was our interview day :)
Love these FSU campus sisters!
My mama and I reuniting!!! She chopped her hair! You can't tell by the pic but its really really cute!!
Sister Redd and I! So fun seeing old friends!
I'm clearly being blinded by the sun but I wanted to keep this pic to remember Sister Cox.  She's the cutest!
Me and Treibs :) Gotta love her :) We'll be friends at BYU fo show!!!
Sister Ford :)
All the missionaries who have served in the TROY district!! (Troy, Andalusia, Opp)
Sister Brigham! Always great to reunite!

Kalia's special day! 
Her Uncle from GA came down to baptize her! This is Steven Jones' brother!
Her Grandma Sister Ripley! This woman is AMAZING! She helped teach all the discussions with us :)
Kalia's brother Jalil and her mother Desyree!
Baptism selfie :)
 My girl!!!

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