Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 72

It was truly an incredible week y’all. INCREDIBLE! Filled with the moments in life that matter most. <3 I'll start with the baptism on Saturday.  Who would have thought that the night we knocked on Shirley’s door or the day we got that HQ referral text about Rosemarie that only a few months later these two daughters of God would enter the waters of baptism and join the fold! I feel soooooo grateful to Heavenly Father for Him trusting Sister Satterthwaite and I to teach these two precious daughters of His.  Some of my most sacred moments of my mission were with these two ladies as we witnessed them strengthen their faith, truly repent, and follow their Savior.  And the wonderful thing about it is both Rosemarie and Shirley have their eyes locked on the temple! The program went great, much less stressful than previous baptisms! Rosemarie was BEAMING with happiness the whole time and Shirley was BAWLING with tears of gratitude.  Both felt the spirit so strong, just showed it in different ways <3 Their confirmations the next day were awesome as well. It will be hard leaving these new recent converts but no doubt the 4th ward will take great care of them! Both their new home and visiting teachers were able to be at the baptism to introduce themselves and callings are already on the way for both of them. :)

MLC on Tuesday and Wednesday was A BLAST!!!! Tuesday we had a wonderful homemade dinner, made by Sister Smith, and then had a campfire.  Around the campfire we sang songs and all the departing missionaries bore their testimony.  Yep, that’s me.  It was just the perfect night.  Great weather, great people, great spirit.  One of the best nights on my mission that I'll cherish forever!! The next day we had our meetings and oh how motivational and inspiring they were.  Wonderful things for the future of the FTM! I also had my final interview with President that day which, really really great. I am so grateful for President and Sister Smith.  I know they are called of God to be here in the FTM!

At the end of district meetings on Tuesday we always gather as a district and kneel together for the closing prayer.  Each companionship gives the name of someone they are working with who may be struggling.  It is always a spiritual experience to pray for them all by name together but this week’s just felt extra special.  I think every companionship had someone who they REALLY were seeking Heaven's help for.  We all had the faith that those prayers would be answered. From talking to other companionships near the end of the week those pleadings were HEARD AND ANSWERED!! One of the people who the elders had been working with in the 1st ward had been waiting for a letter from the first presidency giving permission for him to be baptized.  He had been patiently waiting for 6 months and was starting to give up hope.  We prayed either the letter would come soon or he would receive the strength and patience to wait a little longer and THAT DAY IT CAME IN THE MAIL!!! He will be baptized next week!  Another girl we prayed for in Crawfordville was able to overcome her concern and pick a date for baptism!!! Shirley hadn't been smoking but she still was having a hard time resisting so we prayed that the urge would leave and that day she told us how the desire to even pick up a cigarette completely DEPARTED.  I know God was listening to that prayer that day in district meeting.  No doubt about it!!!

Another cool story. As missionaries we talk to a lot of people throughout the day.  Including every single cashier we meet at Walmart :) They are the easiest targets because they can't really go anywhere haha.  Well we exchanged info with this one cashier named Latoya.  She was an FSU student so we gave her info over to some campus sisters a while ago.  To be honest, I totally forgot about her just because we give referrals out like that all the time.  TURNS OUT, we saw Latoya at the baptism with the campus sisters and SHE HERSELF is getting baptized in 3 weeks!!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!?!  By small and simple things are great things brought to pass!!! All we did was give her our card and ask for her number to invite her to activities and now....3 months later, she is joining the church!

Guess what else? "Meet the Mormons" came to TALLAHASSEE!!!! whoooo! It’s here people! EVERYONE GO SEE IT!!! I've heard it’s amazing! Even if ONE nonmember in Tally goes to see it and is touched it will be WORTH IT! So glad it’s here :)

This week our Zone is doing a "Family History Focus Week" where all our finding approaches are going to be family history.  Bring on the spirit of Elijah!! We are "competing" with the other Tally Zone to see who gets the most return appointments and such.  Not sure I like the idea of a competition haha but hopefully it will motivate us all to use family history more in our finding.  Hey, look at Shirley! :) Next P-day there will be a huge dodge ball tournament with both zones and prizes given out for such.  It should be fun! Not sure when I'll have time to pack though yikes!! Also Mom, I'm so impressed with you getting into family history! Atta way!! Pretty soon it will be you attached to that computer doing it rather than Dad!

The members here are so great.  Let’s just say, we have lunch AND dinner appointments EVERY SINGLE DAY until I get on that plane! I mean that is even MORE THAN LYNN HAVEN!! haha!!

Dad, I met very briefly an Elder and Sister Rhoades yesterday in our church building.  They were driving back to Provo, just finished their mission in Jacksonville, FL.  They said they work at BYU and knew you! They were so sweet!

Well, I LOVE Y’ALL!!!!! T-12 days to invite as many people as I can to come unto Christ!!!! LET’S DO IT!!! Have a wonderful week!!!! <3/ SISTER HOLMOE

Some Troy sisters reuniting :)
Love my Dothan sisters!!
Comp loving at the campfire!
Sister Sam, Sister Ford, and I!
Last time I'll see my baby until we reunite post mission!!! :( :(
Happy Birthday Sister Ford!!
Sister Dyches <3
ALL the previous TROY missionaries!!!
Comp besties <3
Some of my previous companions!! Loved being with all of them for the day! Just a few missing!
I think I ate everything under the sea........Never consumed so much raw food in my life!
I love this lady!!!
Shirley <3
Brother Douglas (our amazing ward mission leader) baptized Rosemarie!
Selfie with Shirley! What an incredible woman!
Brother Fernandez (one of our ward missionaries) baptized Shirley
Feng Cai took us out to Chinese Saturday night! It was awesome!
Look how cute Kalia is!?! I want her dress in my size haha!


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  2. Hi my name is Ryanne Saunders I opened my call last night to the Florida Tallahassee mission and I am so so excited. I am also one hundred percent inexperienced and in need of as much advice as you are willing to give. ANY help at all will be greatly appreciated :) <3 P.S. You are absolutely adorable and I love your blog.