Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 70

Hey y’all!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip to Orlando!!! It was so fun to talk to the Mills all about it!! I'm secretly glad it was super-hot so you could feel my pain mwa haha!! Looks like Disneyworld was a BLAST and I'm so proud of Mom for holding that alligator!!! I heard the game was super intense!! Hopefully we can get the W this week! I think it’s the last home game before I'll be back!

This week for us was AWESOME!  So many highlights but for sure Lee’s baptism was incredible.  Lee is a bright light to all he meets.  He has one of those celestial spirits that spreads happiness to all.  There was a HUGE turnout for the baptism because of all the members who have connected with him and loved him.  He is always such a happy boy but I've never seen him happier than he was on Saturday!  I don't think he ever stopped smiling!! I love that family and they have come so far!  Even the Wilkerson grandparents who haven't been to church in YEARS came and supported Lee.  His sisters also came and sang a duet which made Lee grin from ear to ear.  The whole YW presidency was there to support the girls even though they weren't getting baptized.  Their time will come but it was great to have them there!  It was a day that no one will forget!!! Especially Lee!!

We were SUPER busy this week teaching lots of people but we also scheduled lots of time to find new investigators.  In our finding efforts we were able to meet a couple from Holland who was traveling around the United States for the first time.  We talked with them for a long time.  They had never heard of our church before.  Though the husband seemed totally against it there was something in the wife that was really intrigued.  You never know one day when the missionaries in Holland might come across them! I also have a goal to write my testimony in a Book of Mormon every week and pass it out to someone who the spirit prompts!  It was amazing because we pass out a lot of BOM's daily but as soon as we saw this one guy I JUST KNEW that this was the one I was to give my special BOM too.  I pray that something in what I wrote will touch him one day! We also started teaching a woman and during the first lesson in her home we looked over and noticed a "Quad" on the table.  We were like "HUH!?" She said it was her fiancé’s and isn't sure how he got it.  He must have some Mormon connection which is exciting!  They seem like an awesome family who has a lot of potential!

On an exchange this week I was in the Tally 3rd ward and it was our goal to ask EVERYONE for referrals!! (It’s the hardest thing to remember for some reason!) Anyways, God totally blessed us because as we asked our dinner appointment if they knew anyone who would benefit from our message, they gave us walking directions to THEE Bobby Bowden’s home! haha we were like..."SCORE!"  So we knocked on his door but unfortunately we could see them in the backyard and they couldn't hear us in the front!  BUMMER!  But still pretty cool to say I've knocked on Bobby Bowden’s door :) hehe!

Yesterday church was amazing.  Walking in the doors of the chapel came less active after less active after less active!! It was a total surprise to us!!!  Some people we've been working with for months now randomly decided to come yesterday and it was AWESOME!!! We couldn't believe our eyes!! I am so grateful to be a part of the rescue and feel the joy when some of the sheep return home. <3

Tomorrow we have Zone Training and we are teaching on the Christ-like attribute of humility.  We have a few good ideas and I'm grateful for the studies I've been able to have on this important characteristic!  I know I could always work on humility!!! WHO COULDN'T? 

SOO grateful to be a missionary.  As the days tick down I continue to become more and more grateful for the past 18 months.  Sometimes in my head I think....."I CANNOT BELIEVE I JUST DID THAT." haha.  I could never have done this without the love of my Heavenly Father, the support of my Savior, the companionship of the Holy Ghost, and the constant encouragement from my family and friends. Thank you for everything!!!

May miracles continue to happen and blessings continue to pour out upon each and every one of you!!!! As well as the people of the FTM!!!! I LOVE Y’ALL SOOO MUCH!!!!! Have a wonderful week!!! <3/ Sister Holmoe

Zaxby's shakes! Nothin' better!
Cierra and I! She was baptized at the beginning of the year.  Love her!!
Sister Bevan and I doing some service :)
This is Bobby Bowden's house!
The adventure to offer Coach Bowden Celestial Glory!!! haha!
Tally 3 sisters
LEE! :)
The whole Wilkerson clan!
Selfie with Lee!
 Melissa and Kk.
 This is Rosemarie!!!! I took a picture with her so y'all would know what she looks like before she gets baptized :) SHE'S AMAZING!!!!!!
16 month pic!!!
This is a future Taylor Woodward! We often have cheer convos together. She's great!!!
You best believe this girl is a future sister missionary!!!!
2 out of the 4 of the Violets kids :) They are like little siblings to me.

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