Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 13

WHAT AWESOME EMAILS I GOT FROM Y’ALL TODAY!!! I was smiling from ear to ear at every line!!!  Yay for the Cougs!!!!  It was awesome because 3 people from my ward texted me the half time score! They were so excited to tell me the news, they couldn't wait till church! I love my ward members!!  Then in the morning when I found out I was STOKED!  What a good Home Opener!!!!  The Walk you were describing Dad sounds SICK!!  That is such a good idea, and I always loved when fireworks went off! Sounds like Lavell Edwards Stadium was HOPPIN!! I got a good laugh when you thought I might want to sit in the student section when I get back........good one dad!! ;) I’m trying to convince the Morse’s to make a trip to Utah and come to a football game with us!  How fun would that be!?  They are turning into BYU fans I know it!! They are huge Gator fans and were so mad when they lost to Miami on Saturday but then they cheered for the Cougs!  I’m not only converting people to the church, but converting people to become BYU fans (: mwa ha ha!!  Awesome to hear that Taysom and J-Swag daddy had great games!!  Now the anxious wait for the 21st!!! Unfortunately that date is after transfers and I have a STRONG feeling I'm being transferred so I won't have anyone to tell me about the game!!!  Since transfers are the 18th, there won’t be a Sunday in between to find the BYU fans! I'll have to wait till your emails!  That is, if I get transferred!  I just feel like I am!  Which is somewhat sad because I love the people here!! 

Dad, the Abe Lincoln post card was CLASSIC!  I was like, "He would!”  Loved it!  On Monday night we made bracelets with Sister Mccan (a Returning Member).  It was so fun and I'll send pictures of her and the bracelet!  So cute!  Oh I'm glad you got the pictures from Sister Morse! I just let her have fun with it! Mom you can choose what picture to use for the Christmas card, I’m not too worried about which one! 

We taught our little 8 year old again!  The kids’ names are Hannah, Hasteen, and Heidi!  Every time we come over they run outside and give us the biggest hugs!  I love them dearly and hopefully Hannah will get baptized soon after we finish the lessons!  Love her (: 

Our part member family cancelled AGAIN!  The wife sounded really sick when she told us so I think it was sincere but this Tuesday will be the DEAL OR NO DEAL type action! 

We taught a Puerto Rican returning member this week and I was dying of laughter because I felt like I was talking to Karina.  All Puerto Ricans must be similar!  Classic!! 

ZONE CONFERENCE WAS AWESOME!!!!! Loved every second of it!!  President and Sister Smith are just the greatest!  They really motivated us and gave us great new insight and AMAZING things are happening for our mission!!  We are really going to emphasize FAMILY HISTORY (Dad, you'd be so pumped)!  Everyone we talk to, we are going to start by bringing up Family History and it will be great.  They are going to have this huge booth set up outside of the FSU football games with all the Tally missionaries wearing FSU and the opposing team’s shirts.  They'll have ipads and laptops with a bunch of good things planned to grasp the attention!  Also there are some companionships who already have Facebook Pages; those working on Campus and such!  Sweet things are happening!  In Lynn Haven we are working with Gulf Coast College on setting up a booth once a week in the Courtyard area and I'm excited about that!  Zone Conference in general was just amazing.  At the end all the missionaries who will be leaving before the next transfer bore their testimonies and it was such a cool experience!  I was like awww that will be me one day!!  One of the office elders, Elder Jolley, is really good friends with Tyson Wilding!  He was pumped to meet me because he said Tyson had emailed him telling him to look for me!  I LOVE making connections back to home! (: 

We are also working with members trying to get them to the temple!! Sooooo many of the members of our ward have never been through the temple, so we are working with them to get them temple ready!  Cool story.  The very first person I met on my mission (who I've seen CRAZY changes in) went to Orlando last week to be endowed and sealed by proxy to her deceased husband!  I was so happy for her!!!  We went and visited her last night and she was just glowing with how awesome her experience was! 

The 72 hour kit is perfect!!! Thank you so much Mom for getting that together!!!  Hopefully I won’t have to use it!! Sounds like you guys might need it right now more than me!!!  That’s crazy the storms you guys got!  It’s been sunny here; in fact this has been the hottest month in my opinion!!  I got so lucky to have a rainy July and August because it cooled the temperatures down a little!! 

Of course I had great food this week including fried shrimp, cheese grits, better tasting hushpuppies (although still not a big fan), fried okra, and WESTERN FOOD!!!!  Families actually fed us potatoes and meat.  I was starting to think potatoes didn’t exist in this part of the world but THEY DO!  My comp and I were so happy to get some western dishes (:  Have you guys heard of Blue Bell Ice Cream!?  Amazing stuff I'm telling ya!! 

Sad story, we were talking to President on the phone about an idea we wanted to implement in our area and in the middle of the conversation he found out about a death in the family of one of the missionaries.  Can I just say that is like my biggest fear being out here!!!! WAHHH:( It scares me so bad!  I couldn't even imagine.

I did get a cold this week but Sister Morse (bless her soul) took us to get cold medicine and airborne at Wal-Mart!  I've been loading up and am feeling a LOT better today!! 

Sister Slocum (a returning member) is SO CUTE!  She bought me an air freshener to put in my room because I am always raving about how good her house smells!  We went to visit her this week and she had it all wrapped for me!  I was so happy and now our apartment smells amazing!!

We ate at Julie’s house on Saturday!  She is the black girl in some of my pictures who is planning on serving a mission!  Her mom NEVER comes to church but SHE CAME ON SUNDAY!!!! It was soooooo sweet.  Julie was just beaming with her mom there!  I think our lesson on Saturday night really motivated her!  Julie was a flag twirler in high school so she brought the flags out and we played with them outside! I will email the pictures.  CARLEE, you know how we always make fun of the flag twirlers......... turns out it is actually HARD!!!  I was struggling big time!! 

Mom, if you could send me thank you notes that would be AWESOME!!! Great thinking! There are soooo many people to thank!! 

We had a birthday party for Kevin yesterday!  It was super fun! 

Oh another cool story.  We met with a family who has a daughter who never comes to church anymore. She is the one who says ratchet. Anyway, turns out that we are the first missionaries she actually likes!!! Her 17 year old brother came up to us at church almost crying saying how ever since we came she has been joining in family prayers!  We are going to dinner with them all on Saturday night and she is coming!!! It’s awesome!! 

As you can see, good things are happening!! Our investigator pool is VERY LOW and our finding is struggling....but our success in the other areas is amazing!! I love it!! Thanks for the great emails!  Hope you enjoyed being all together for a few weeks!!! I loved the family walk picture!! <3  I love y’all so so much!!  Thanks for all the updates and the love!  Have a great week!!  Love, SIS LOLO!!

ps Can I just say, on Saturdays every single house we go into has a football game on!  It’s great/bad/awesome/tempting/funny!  Love me some southern football (:

At Zone Conference

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