Monday, September 23, 2013

Week 15


As usual, loved your emails!!!!  You have no idea how much they just pump me up!  If it wasn’t for P-day emailing I don’t think the mission would be possible!!  I am a little later today than usual because we had a little birthday party we had to attend this morning!  It was at Chow Time, this Chinese buffet, I've gone there 100 times the past 3 months. But it was still fun!!  Sad to hear about the game!!! :(  I was thinking about the Cougs all day!  At the Saturday evening session of Stake Conference President Smith came up to me and was like, "Hey wanna come over and watch the game after?"  He is such a character!  I seriously love President and Sister Smith SOOOO much!  They remind me so much of you guys, it’s unreal!  As you saw we went out with them yesterday to visit a family and it was awesome! Not many people get to do that so we were pretty lucky (:  They also gave us this mission assignment to contact someone who has been waiting to hear about the church for soooo many years now but she was nervous about what missionaries would teach her.  President Smith thinks that me and Sister Samuelian are the ones.  PRESSURE IS ON.  We are pumped though!!!!  Sister Samuelian is legit!! It’s hard though because I always want to say Samuelson instead of Samuelian!  Definitely will take time!!  She’s from Lone Peak class of 2012! It’s fun because we know like a ton of the same people!!  I think we will have a good 6 weeks!!  Always sad to say bye to companions!  I really did love Sister Wells but at least I got another good one!!! 

Last Monday we did go to the BEACH!!! It was so fun and I took LOTS of pictures!! I'll send some of them!!  It was perfect overcast weather and the clouds were SOOO pretty! Pictures don’t do it justice but it was a blast!!!  It also was super empty and the waves were pretty big!! Just felt good to put my feet in the sand (:

Wednesday was a crazy day! We were up in Chipley from 7 am til 6 and then at 7 we had to teach the youth!! (WITH 0 PREPARATION)!  I really had to take the lead on this one. It was so fun though and it went wayyyy good!! Sister Samuelian did great for just being in Lynn Haven for 30 minutes!! I was like "Welcome to the Mission Field"!!  I have truly worn her out! Man, the past few days have been crazy! But it’s been fun!!  The new Elder is pretty sweet too!! He was quiet in the beginning but today he has just been hilarious and super nice!!! He is an Oakland Raiders fan though!?!?!?!  haha!

Hey ERIK! At transfer spots one of the Elders kept looking at my name tag and then he came up to me and said, did your brother serve in Theodore!?  He knew all about you!!! And we talked about the Phillips and other people and it was so cool!!!  He served in Theodore for like 7 months or so!  Apparently the Spanish missionaries are in Theodore now so who knows if I'll ever get there!! I have told people to find Amanda though and say hi from me (:  Transfer spots were so fun because I saw ONE of my MTC friends! Elder Stokes! He was like my bestie so it was soooo good to see him!!!  GUESS WHAT!? Tomorrow we have a half mission conference!!! All missionaries in the Dothan, Tally, and PC Zones will be in Lynn Haven tomorrow for a conference with Elder Pino!!! It will be so fun to see people like my Springville friend and Elder Murdoch and sister Redd!! Unfortunately a lot of my MTC sisters are on the other half but there are still plenty I'll see!! I’M STOKED!!! <3

Elder Pino is AWESOME! He and his wife DO NOT speak English though so they have translators!! It’s pretty sweet though!  They both had awesome talks, as well as President and Sis Smith!!!  It got me REAL excited for General Conference too!!!  Coming up!

This week we got a BCD with the sweet lady we have been teaching and it was the best lesson EVERRRRR and THEN TWO DAYS LATER.....(48 hours) when we were going for another lesson she was a completely different it was unreal! I've never seen her act this way before.  She was being disrespectful and saying crazy things she’s never said before and it got so out of hand, I had to tell her that we had to leave.  The spirit was just NOT there and I have no clue what will come out of that but it might be time to let her go because it’s just crazy.  I think her Pastor really got to her and put crazy things into her mind.  It’s sketchy and all we can do is pray for her.  It was a crazy lesson though.  You definitely have to be strong to be a missionary down here.  We have gotten soooo much rejection this past week.  Sister Samuelian was kind of freaking out about it but we had a good heart to heart and I told her some good advice! Honestly, I'm so grateful I had two bros who served in hard missions because they prepared me so well!!!  We did talk with lots of people on the streets though and it’s a good thing I'm a football fan cause a lot of the time that is how we get the in!! Some man was wearing a Wisconsin shirt getting his mail and I ride over and start talking to him about how BYU has them in upcoming schedules and we chatted for a while about it.  He knew a lot about the Cougs and said he was hoping they'd beat the Utes that night!  We then bounced into the Book of Mormon.  Gave him one, not sure what will come out of it but planting seeds is just the thing to do here (:

SHANNN!!! CONGRATS!!!! I'm so excited you are having another boy!!!! Which means, another future missionary!!! yay!!!  I felt like I was opening my mission call when I opened your letter!!!  I ALMOST had Sister Morse email you and find out earlier but I patiently waited (: She says congrats though!!!  I’m sure Miles is excited!!!

Mom, you know my scripture marker? Do they sell just refills?? I really only like the pink, yellow, green, orange, and blue ones??? I’m not a fan of like brown or anything so it may be cheaper just to buy refills?  If not, I could use another pen (:  THANKS!! Oh also, have you seen any cute journals lately!? I don’t need one now but I will soon get to where I need one!!  You’re the best!!!

It rained a ton this weekend! We would bike, go to shelter, bike, go to shelter, bike, go to shelter repeat!  Apparently it is going to rain a lot this week too! 

Dad, I can just picture you greeting the women’s volley ball team (: haha so funny! I’m so happy you saw Kirsten!!!!  That pic made my day!!!  Also I about died with Danny saying Si to President Uchtdorf!!!!! Oh Danny....he just freezes under pressure! THAT PICTURE OF YOUR STRAIGHT HAIR HAHAHA WHAT THAT IS AWESOME!!!!  Love it!!! Well kinda gross kinda cool!!! haha!!

Thank you for all the pictures you sent me!!!!! I love looking at them (: Thank you guys so much for going to Jeff’s farewell!! I’m sure it meant soooo much to him that you guys were there!!!  I really appreciate it!!! 

Well spiritual thought for the day...This weekend was the anniversary of Angel Moroni appearing to Joseph Smith in his bedroom to discuss the plates. I just wanted to bear a brief but STRONG testimony that I know the book of Mormon is true.  I know that whoever will read it, ponder in their hearts and pray to know the truth WILL get their answer!  Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God and through him our Church was restored on the earth today! WE ARE SO GRATEFUL to be here at this time where we can receive all the blessings!!! I love this Gospel and I love sharing it! (no matter how many people don’t accept it) 

Thank you for all your love, support, great emails, thoughts, prayers, ETC!  Love you guys to the moon and back!!!  Have an awesome week and let’s hope the Cougs can get back on Friday!!!  Kevin is coming up this weekend because he is going to THE TEMPLE TO DO BAPTISMS!!! We are stoked for him!!! Also Megan will be cooking the delish red beans and rice (my recommendation) for us Thursday night before they head to Orlando!!  Good stuff this week!  Love y’all! 


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