Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 14


WELL....the big news is.....I am staying in Lynn Haven and TRAINING!!! Woot woot!! I am so beyond excited to get a brand new fresh out of the MTC Sister!!!!  Not sure how I feel about staying in Lynn Haven, just because I was CONVINCED I was leaving (as was everyone else) but OBVIOUSLY I am staying for a purpose and I can't wait to find out why!!!!  It will be awesome to meet my new comp on Wednesday and I can’t wait to train!!!  Never thought I'd train this early but President thinks I can do it, so HERE I GO (:

This week was actually a GREAT WEEK!  One day I felt like I was in South America because we had 2 member present lessons haha. Yes, the people in South America would probably laugh because they have like 10 or more a day but 2 in this area is A MIRACLE!! We taught the sweet black lady and brought Kevin with us.  Kevin was a Baptist before he was baptized as is this lady so they were able to talk about a bunch of stuff and it was SUCH a great lesson.  I could talk about this lesson for an hour because it was so great but I don’t have time for that!!  She committed to coming to church (which she NEVER has before) EVERRRR.  It was AWESOME. I cried.  We stopped by later in the week and she had her outfit picked out and everything!! Unfortunately, crazy crazy business happened and she could not come BUT, we were able to bring people to give her a Priesthood Blessing (WHICH SHE HAS NEVER ACCEPTED IN TWO YEARS OF BEING TAUGHT BY THE MISSIONARIES).  That moment during the blessing was priceless and I'll never forget it. 

Then we taught a NEW family ((: ((:  It was a husband, wife, 22 year old son) and they have a returning member living in their house!  A member of our ward referred us to them and we will begin teaching them which will be AWESOME!! They fed us Gumbo when we went over and it was so good (:

We stopped by our other family we’ve been trying to teach because they cancelled on Tuesday, and we were able to have a short spiritual message with them and reschedule for this Friday!  It was good to just get into their home again!! 

We had SOOOO much food this week it was unreal.  We went OUT 7 TIMES....haha.  Everyone wanted to take us out to all these places and it was very filling.  One day, we went out to breakfast, dinner, and to dessert.  It was nuts!!! The breakfast place was SOOO good.  It was a little southern diner and I took a pic in front of it to remember!  We also went to Outback with that family I told you about and it was delish as usual!  We of course all got our own appetizers, main course, and dessert.  The waitress was like, "Wow I've never seen a table order so many "Thunder Down Unders" (the dessert picture I'll email) ONLY IN THE SOUTH. 

A compliment I got this week was hilarious.  I told this man I was from Utah and he was like...."No way could you be from Utah, you don't sound like a Utah girl".  I told him I was originally from Cali and he was like "now that’s more like it!"  SO SEE...I’m not such a Utah girl after all (:

Thank you SOOO much for the BYU shirt!! I LOVE it and am going to wear it to the beach today when we go!!  I was actually going to give it away to Kevin but I forgot to bring it to church and now Kevin is gone :( He moved back to Pensacola until he leaves for Marine Boot Camp.  It was pretty hard saying bye to him because he is like a brother to me!  He wrote me the NICEST note I've ever gotten though and I'll treasure it forever!! 

This weekend is Stake Conference and the General Authority, Elder Pino, is coming to OUR stake for it!!  It will be AWESOME!! 

On Saturday we went to a baptism for the Panama City Beach ward and it was sooooooo good.  The people were so friendly and it made me want to open up the PCB ward to sisters.  They don’t have sisters there yet and they realllllly want them!  They also are like big time BYU fans and lots of families so I was like AWWW send me there!!!!  Maybe one day!  The baptism was awesome though.  It was a mother and her 17 year old daughter.  The mother’s boyfriend is actually being taught by our elders right now!  Exciting!  The Zone leaders baptized each one.  I LOVVVVVE our Zone leaders (who actually just got split up) One of our old Zone leaders just became the NEW AP!!! woot woot.  He will be awesome and I'm glad I'm good friends with one of the AP's now!! 

So this week I became brilliant when I hooked my backpack on my handlebars and now I never have to wear my backpack and get all sweaty!!!  It was the best idea I've ever had and it’s pretty great!! 

AUNT RHONDA, thank you soooo much for your letter!!! It was so fun getting a surprise letter (: Also, Dad I lovvvved that diagram you gave me!  I will definitely use that for sure!!  I always look forward to getting letters from your work office cause I know it is something good (:

HAHA also this week, someone told me, "You are awesome because you are not a robot missionary, you are an alien missionary."  I'm like......haha THANKS!  It is a compliment I'm guessing!

Last night we had dinner at the Cornelius Ranch.  They have over 30 horses and baby horses and we got to feed them and pet them!  I hate farms but it will still fun! 

On our way back to our apartment last night we stopped and talked with a lady for like an hour.  She’s obsessed with the Mormon religion but in a bizarre way. Luckily we were able to teach her TRUE doctrine.  It was an interesting conversation that’s for sure!!  I love convos like that though, where they just drill you with questions (:

DAD, GULF COAST!?!? I’M THERE RIGHT NOW!! It’s where we email every Monday!!!  I can't believe they were in the sweet 16!!  So rad!!!!  Man all y’alls emails today were so great I wish I could respond to everything you said!!  I'm glad you saw some of my friends! Thanks for all the bulldog pics!! MADE MY DAY!! The stadium looks waayyy nice!!!  Hey dad, a member from my ward gave me the article of you from education week in the church news!  It was fun to read about what you talked about! 

GOOD LUCK COUGS THIS WEEK!!!!! THE BIG GAME!!!!  So stoked and I'm so excited about my shirt (: (: 

Also, SHANNON!!! You find out this week!!!! You can now write me a letter and tell me the big news since I'm staying (:

Elder Hadden is going to be a Zone Leader in Mobile!  They actually divided the Mobile Zone into TWO now!  I'm so jealous I want to go there!!  So now I am the last one standing in Lynn Haven from our "Fearsome Foursome!"  A lot of responsibility just landed in my lap let’s just say that!! It will be awesome though and I hope I can be the best trainer I can be!!! 

Scripture of the day...Romans 8:28 "And we know that all things work together for good to them that Love God."

Oh and Mom, HAVE FUN ON YOUR LADIES TRIP!! Don't worry about emailing me back or anything!  Totally understand!! That sounds so fun!!!

Thanks for all the love and support and I'll keep you guys updated with everything!!  Your emails were awesome today!!!!  LOVE Y’ALL!!!!  Love, Sister Holmoe!!

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