Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 60

Greetings y’all!! Just like to give a shout out to Kirsten Hansen! She got engaged on Saturday to her boyfriend Joe!! yay!! She is getting married October 11th!  So happy for her!!! I also got your Disneyland postcard and it made my day :) It’s now hanging on my picture wall!  I loved the wedding pictures of the Dredges!  The Gilbert temple is so beautiful! And also I loved the pic of the boys at their golf tourney!  Miss them all! This week has been great for us! It flew by!  We had two awesome exchanges.  On Tuesday I went and spent the day on FSU with Sister Miller.  Sister Miller has been out for 3 weeks but is stellar!! She is from Lubbock, TX! I thought of Ali!  Sister Miller was just recently baptized in 2013!  She has such a cool conversion story and a killer testimony! I love her!  We had a miracle exchange day and found them some awesome people to teach, one who basically is begging to get baptized already! The other exchange I went on was with Sister Anderson.  She is awesome as well; we have such great sisters!! Sister Anderson and I went to "The CrepeVine" for dinner and the workers loved the fact that we were serving missions so they gave us a free dessert crepe! haha! Free crepes obviously made it a wonderful week!

We were able to teach Shirley the first discussion this week!  We had a member come with us and it went awesome. Shirley cried when she read Moroni 10! She is so prepared!!! Also, as we were doing her family history we found out that some of her ancestors temple work has been done.  It was completed in the Manti temple in 1914! Isn't that amazing?? All of these wonderful things came from us knocking on her door!  God is good!

We had a Daniel and the Lion’s Den experience this week haha!! We were trying to contact a part member family in our ward who no one knew about.  We get to their house and it’s like surrounded by a big fence with "BEWARE OF DOGS" signs.  Y’all know how much I hate big dogs haha.  Anyways we traveled so far to get to the house and weren't about to just turn away and not go in!! So we said a prayer that we would be safe from the dogs and went in with faith!! I wasn't even nervous after that honestly.  Turns out no one was home......haha BUT we were protected from the dogs :)

One morning we didn't have any set appointments so we went tracting and "oyming" in some neighborhood for like 2 hours and got NOTHING.  BUT, as we were driving away about to go eat lunch we passed a guy watering his lawn.  About 40 yards later I knew it was one of those things where if we didn't pull over and go talk to him, I probably would have regretted it SO we did! We walked over to him and long story short, he is a new investigator and we have an appointment with his wife and daughter tonight as well! I've noticed on my mission the miracles usually come when you’re about to go in, or about to die of heat stroke, or about to give up. It’s all about endurance! 

We have some sweet member missionaries in our ward.  My favorite being, Ms. Kathy Lynn of course.  She goes to Publix every week and has been fellowshipping one of the cashiers. This week she called us up and said, "Sisters, I'm ready to take you to Publix with me to give this lady a BOM." YES MAM :)  We went and it was a great experience!!! SO grateful for member missionaries, they make all the difference!!

Another highlight was my interview with President Smith!! I always leave feeling so uplifted and motivated! I am so grateful to be serving with him and Sister Smith. They are amazing and I have learned so much from them.  Another highlight was when Sister S and I traveled to Woodville this week.   It’s a small town outside of Tallahassee.  It reminded me a lot of Southport in Panama City.  We taught a homeless guy and then he started reciting poetry to us. It was interesting! We picked figs off a huge fig tree this week! First time for everything right?? I didn't even know figs were real.  Haha. They weren't too bad! Wendy is praying about being baptized on Aug 30th :)

OH another shout out to Lexi Hansen!!!! Lexi was my dance teacher from Jive and during the concert this year she had all the girls write me notes!!! She then sent me the package this week filled with little notes :) It was totally unexpected and so nice!!! Aw I miss my Jive girls!!! It made my week for sure!!

Well that’s it for this week y’all! :) We have MLC in Crestview on Wednesday so I'm stoked! August is going to be great!! Thanks for your prayers and support!! Miss and love y’all SOOOOOOOO much!!! Have a great week!!! Church is true, book is blue! <3/ Sister Lauren Holmoe :)

 Me and Sister Miller

This is Wendy :) She is now being taught by the other sisters!
Free dessert crepes for missionaries??? Tender mercies haha!
The Crepe Vine....Provo needs one of these!!
Sister Anderson!

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