Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 59

Good morning y’all!! It was so fun to hear about and see all the California pictures!! Sounds like you guys had such a fun time!!! I love Disneyland :) :) and the beach looked so pretty! I can't believe you basically saw OBAMA! ha! Man, so much to comment on! Overall glad you had a fun time!!! No place like southern cali that’s for sure! :)

This week was an awesome week! We taught A TON of lessons!  If you remember last week, I told you about a woman named Shirley who we were doing family history with. Well this week we really wanted to start teaching her the doctrine behind it! I'm not going to lie it was the most awkward transition from family history to the temple/other gospel principles BUT it didn't matter because the spirit TOTALLY made up for it!  It honestly wouldn't have mattered what we said because the spirit was so strong and was truly teaching her.  She started crying again but you can tell she’s holding back still.  She has some walls up.  Honestly I think she knows this church is true but she's really scared!  However she has agreed to let us teach her the lessons!! woot woot! And we'll continue to help her with her family history. 

On Saturday night one of my favorite members in the ward Kathy Lynn took us out to dinner and as we were walking out she ran into an old friend.  Kathy Lynn left the church in her early years and wasn't living a very good lifestyle during that time so she knew this woman from those years.  Well Kathy Lynn as of about a year ago is the most active, righteous, obedient, Christlike woman I know.  Anyways, this woman started basically making fun of Kathy Lynn for being a member of our church and was like verbally putting her down!  It was SO SAD.  As missionaries we get that all the time and I'm used to it, but I haven't seen someone be that mean to one of our members!!! Kathy Lynn was a little discouraged afterwards and it reminded me of the talk, "The Cost and Blessings of Discipleship" by Elder Holland! We never know when we are going to have to stand firm in our faith!  We read the talk with her the next day and I think it helped lift her spirits!! It’s not always easy being a true disciple of Christ, BUT it’s worth it every time!  He's truly standing with us!!

HUGE MILESTONE...we taught Violet AND her 4 kids yesterday for the first time!! We taught them a simple lesson on the Holy Ghost and it went really well! I love all the kids so much and can just picture them all in the temple one day!  I picture little Noah, the 6 year old girl, as a future sister missionary!! There is so much hope for this family I just know it.  President said we could bring Violet and her kids to the mission home for a family night one night! How awesome will that be!?!? 

So a little refresher on Wendy!  I met her on an exchange "OYMing" on FSU with Sister Bebee.  She is an older woman, 50 or so, so she became our investigator and we started teaching her each week.  We again had a powerful lesson this week and she wants to be baptized!!!! BUT...bad news...we found out she lives .2 miles out of our ward boundaries....yes that is .2 miles :( boooo. so sad. ha.  We are going to have to give her to the 1st ward sisters to start teaching!  They are great though so I'm not worried but I sure will miss teaching Ms. Wendy!!! She was really special to me!!!

On Friday I got to go on an exchange with Sister Alcaraz!  Sister Alcaraz was actually the sister that came and did exchanges with us in Lynn Haven MY FIRST TRANSFER!!! I have looked up to her a lot my entire mission and it was pretty cool to be able to go on what was her LAST exchange!  She goes home in August!  We are really good friends so we had a good time reflecting on how much we've grown this past year from the time we first went on an exchange! Love her!

Well those are the main highlights of this week! Looking forward to another great one!! In answer to some of your questions… The next Zone Conference is September 2nd!  I'm pretty sure we teach at those as well! I'm so pumped you were checking out what’s new in fashion for me :) That style sounds really cute!!! You mentioned how I'll love taking New Testament but I think you meant D&C cause that’s the one that was on the list! I already took New Testament! Oh I forgot to mention! I got the Balboa Island postcard!!!! Good ole Balboa Island :) Love that place!!! Question, my back has kind of been hurting recently when I sit for longer periods of time!  It’s feeling a lot better now than it did earlier in the week. Any suggestions though for when it gets bad again?

Well I LOVE Y’ALL!!! :) It’s getting pretty HUMID here!!  Pretty sure my hair is permanently frizzy now haha! Gotta love the south!! Have a great week!!!! <3/ Sister LA GIRL!!

Best p-day ever :) haha
 More sad news....CORA MOVED :( :( She is now living in Macon, GA! It was a sad sad goodbye but I love her so much and we'll definitely keep in touch! She is coming back to visit in September!  She is living with her daughter in Macon.  But we already had our bishop call her new bishop and they are going to take good care of her and get her to the Atlanta temple as soon as possible!!! :) I know this woman was meant to be in my life though.  She is amazing and I'm so grateful for the chance I had to teach her!!!
Pioneer day in Florida :)
I inherited these cute rain boots from Sister Bertoldo when she left!  They came in handy on this rainy day!!
Sister Alcaraz and I at Newks! Great sister, great exchange, great dinner...doesn't get better than that!!

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