Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 58

Hey family!  Great to hear from you!!! I've been excited for P-day this week cause it has been a crazy tiring week!  But I guess those make for great weeks :)  Every night I lay my head on the pillow I fall asleep instantly haha!  We had Zone-training on Tuesday and it went awesome.  Our Zone is doing a "40 day purification fast" from things that will allow us to have the spirit with us more abundantly as we find and teach.  It’s been great so far.  Our zone is stepping it up!!

We had some great experiences this week!  I'll start with a sweet lady named Shirley.  Sister S and I were knocking on doors and we came across Ms. Shirley.  Shirley has had a lot of history in our church as she used to date a member back in the day.  She LOVES Mormons and was talking about all the Mormon dancers she loves on TV.  I was like, "Hey I know some of them!"  She then let us in cause we were having such a great conversation and after getting to know her a little better, Sister S and I both instantly knew to do the family history approach with her.  She was HOOKED.  We told her about the center in our church and she eagerly set up a time to meet us there.  We were able to help her set up an account and started researching and luckily linked her on a line that had already been DONE.  Someone in her family had already done a lot so she had it traced back pretty far!  TEARS instantly just streamed from her face.  The spirit of Elijah hit her hard!  She’s bringing her sister with her this week to do some more.  We are hoping to be able to transition to teaching her the real purpose behind it all this week and start teaching her soon.  I love this woman!!!

We visited a less active we didn't know this week.  She was very hesitant to let us in, not even sure what made her finally let us in, but she did and we had an interesting conversation.  She clearly explained to us that she is now agnostic. We then just strongly testified of our Heavenly Father and how we feel His love.  I could feel Heavenly Fathers love for her so strongly in that room.  That is one of my favorite parts of being a missionary is being able to feel God’s love for other people.  This lady has distanced herself from God but God hasn't forgotten about her!  There truly is no such thing as an insignificant person in the eyes of God!  I'm really looking forward to going back to her house soon.  She warmed up to us A LOT by the end and I think she'd let us back in :)

I went on an exchange to TCC campus this week!  We walked around all day and contacted students.  It was great!! We met some sweet people and taught the restoration on spot a few times!  TCC is about the same size as Troy.  I took the sister and we went and introduced ourselves to some of TCC's faculty cause I think the sisters need the campus' trust to earn more respect and eventually get more success!  Good things to happen there!

More good news of the week.  Wendy came to church!!! This spunky lady is progressing!!! I was so excited when I saw her walk in late after the passing of the sacrament!  No greater feeling!  Also we had a sweet lesson with Marsha!  She is always surprising us!  This week she came wanting to read the BOM with us so she can understand it more.  We read 3 Nephi 11 and she LOVED it!! We taught Violet this week, who is still amazing as ever.  She actually wants to read the entire BOM before she gets baptized.......which usually I'm against but for some reason I have a lot of patience with Violet!  It feels right! 

Happy Pioneer day to y’all! I read a great address given by President Uchtdorf last week called, "All is Well."  It was interesting as he was describing the great examples of pioneers, I was reading it as if he was describing powerful missionaries.  I gained a lot of insight!!! Compassion, work ethic, optimism, having a purpose, and so much more...what great attributes that we truly all need!  He talked about how it truly was not "all well" with the pioneers but the attitude and faith they had made all the difference!! Such a powerful song.  Such a great legacy we carry on today!  May we all be more compassionate, more diligent, and more optimistic in the tasks that we are asked to perform each day!!! Then we may all make it to our promised land! :)

Well I LOVE Y’ALL!!!!! Miss you so so much!!! Keep being great!! Have a fun trip to Cali Mom and Dad!!!! Take lots of pics!!!! Tell Mickey I say hi!!!
<3/ Sister Holmoe

Me and sis chandler! Don't judge the frizz bomb hair. It was humid day haha!!

Sister S and I and a classic photo bomb by Sister Chandler!

Tally 1 sisters :) love them all soooooooooooooooooo much

TCC campus!

check out who came to tallahassee this week!! AMERICAN IDOL!

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