Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 55

Good morning everyone!!  It's been a wonderful week in good ole Tallahassee, Florida!  Lots of highlights so I'll just DIVE right in! :)

We had a sweet lesson with our investigator named Marsha yesterday!  Marsha has been pretty skeptical throughout our meetings and hasn't really been progressing BUT yesterday was a HUGE turning point!  First off, she starts off by saying how she was reading in the Bible the story of Moses parting the Red Sea and thought that in itself is a pretty bold claim and story. She then went on to say how she wants to have a more open heart about Joseph Smith actually seeing Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  We were like WOAH. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT WE WANTED TO HEAR! We watched the full length restoration movie with her and she said the hairs on her arm were standing.  It was so cool for her to be able to recognize that as the spirit testifying of truth.  I know I felt it!  I love in the end of the movie when it says, "Shall we not go on in such a great cause!?"  YES WE SHALL!  What a legacy the early saints left and that we continue to build upon each and every day as we defend the truth and stand for righteousness!  Marsha committed to kneel and pray to know if this is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!  Keep her in your prayers!

We got a media referral this week of a sweet lady!  She works at the Tally airport and has always wanted to know more about the missionaries she sees traveling so she went online and ordered a Book of Mormon  We went to deliver it and ended up teaching her a lot.  She could have some great potential!  Really spunky lady! 

We had some exchanges this week and I was able to spend the day on FSU campus with Sister Bebee!  I was praying it wouldn't rain cause I knew we'd be contacting all day and in return God gave us the HOTTEST SUNNIEST DAY haha! It was a scorcher!  Their teaching pool is basically non existent right now so we spent all day "OYMing" on campus and trying to find people to teach!  Brought me back to the good ole days at Troy :)  Miracles happened though!! We were able to get several return appointments which they haven't gotten for a while!  It was a cool exchange because I can relate to the struggles the campus sisters face cause I've served on one!  You face a LOT of rejection on a campus and get your testimony stomped on and the sisters have been getting pretty discouraged BUT we need to just use those moments to strengthen our own foundation!  I was reading in John 15 and there are some great verses on rejection; how people don't reject US, they are rejecting the Savior!  We are representing Him each and every day! What an honor.  Sister Bebee is great!  She is a visa waiter, going to Brazil, so I got to help her in language study :) It was fun! 

Last night the Tallahassee Stake put on a BEAUTIFUL musical presentation called, "The Lamb of God".  It is Rob Gardner's music and it was amazing.  It was all representing the last days of Christ's life on earth.  All the seats were filled in the chapel and gym!  Lots of nonmembers there as well.  The spirit was very strong! 

We taught our 15 year old named Asha this week :)  Teaching her just makes me want to be a Young Women leader one day!! I just love uplifting girls that age and teaching them about their divine nature and individual worth!! So much fun!  It was cool cause there were painters in their home and after our lesson one of the guys was like, "I think y'all need to teach this message to my daughter!" 

As you can tell we had some awesome spiritual moments but we also had some AMAZING FOOD! haha. Our new motto is not "Go big or go home" but rather,  "Go home big!!" ;) haha.  The members are straight up SPOILING us!  I'm hoping its just cause Sister B is leaving soon cause its outta control!! One lady took us to one of the newest nicest restaurants in town called "Nefetari's!"  It was like Egyptian/Indian food. We certainly had a "royal experience"!  Then another lady took us to this place called "The Avenue".  WOAH.  That place was like super super fancy.  They get shipments STRAIGHT FROM ITALY!!! She ordered like 6 main dishes for us to all share and 2 desserts.  Then another girl took us to this authentic Vietnamese place and we had "Fu" or "Phu" something like that haha! I've tried some WILD foods this week but they were all really good!!

One night we went with one of our members to a new park in Tally called "Cascade Park"!  It's SOOO pretty!! I love it!  We walked around and passed out pass along cards and "OYMed".  It was good for the member to see how easy and natural missionary work can be!  There was a water fountain show (not quite Belagio haha) and a beautiful sunset. It was a perfect summer night!  We met some great people too! 

Thank you so much for the package!!!! Aw it was just what I needed!!!! How do you always know!?! haha!! It was fun all the surprises! I LOVE the shirts and earrings and quotes and body wash! And that book was THE BEST!! It was perfect for our mother daughter relationship! I really really appreciate it!  It was a little taste of home! :) Thank you! Since when did Wesley Bosco grow so old!?! I was blown away haha! Good luck to him and Jace and all other missionaries leaving the field!! So exciting! :)  We have MLC this week in Crestview, FL! It will be fun!  I've never been that far west in the mission! 

Well I love y'all so much!!!!! Mom, I'm SOOO unbelievably proud of you for finishing the Book of Mormon.  I was tearing up reading your email about your experience.  I hope everyone else in the family is trying it as well!!! :) BLESSINGS AWAITING! Church is true!!!  Have an awesome week!!! <3/ Sister Holmoe!!!

ps the Martins (the family who Erik knows) are feeding us on the 4th! woot woot!  HAVE A GREAT 4th of JULY!!!

A member of our ward and I!  She made me stand on my tip toes so she wouldn't seem like a giant haha! Love this woman!
 FSU!! Beautiful campus!
Kathy Lynn and I outside of Nefetaris! our own little "bean museum" haha :)
 The 3 amigos!
 Pointing to where we were "born" in the mission! LOVE MY BAY COUNTY!

 The fountain show!
 This is Marsha! Sweet woman!

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