Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 51

HELLO FAMILY!  I made it safely to Tallahassee!!  Aw man I LOVE LOVE LOVE it here!!!  I would not mind finishing the rest of my mission here that is for sure!!  The second I got here I just knew this city was for me!  I love the area of Tallahassee we are in!  It is SO diverse so each day we are in a completely different part of town!  We have all the campuses in our area and the state capitol building and really cute neighborhoods and really ghetto areas! So it’s a huge mix up!  Makes for fun variety :)  It’s total city though so we never will bike or walk.  We drive every day which means I'm going to gain a lot of weight.  GREAAAT.  Oh well, it’s worth it cause this area rocks!  There is every restaurant known to man!!! It’s fun being by the mission home and seeing a bunch of missionaries on the regular! Aw also they have tons of Spanish moss trees that make for the prettiest canopy roads!!! Y’all know those are my favorite!!  I love Sister Bertoldo!!  It is going to be such a fun transfer!  We know like all the same people from BYU and she is such a good missionary!  I'll learn a lot from her before she heads home!

Miracles have already happened like CRAZY since being here! You'll never believe the first one! So first night in Tally we were doing nightly planning and she was telling me about the appointments we had for the next day and one of them was with a less active named Taylor.  All the sudden the light bulb turned on and I remembered a friend of mine from high school had a sister who lived here in Tallahassee!!! Anyways she has a baby girl who she wants to grow up in the church so she wants the sisters to teach her about the gospel again so she can teach her girl!  She is getting married in November to a nonmember named Mark who hopefully we can teach!  They were leaving to Utah for the rest of the summer so they'll be in Provo till August-ish but it comforted her A TON to know that I would most likely be the sister here when she gets back to teach her family!!! WHAT ARE THE ODDS!?!?!  Ah I'm so excited about it!!

We are teaching some other really cool people as well.  We are helping an excommunicated member come back who wants to be baptized again as soon as possible.  She is the kindest lady who writes children’s books!  She gave me one and signed it :)  I love her already.  We also are teaching some more investigators and less actives who I love already!  It is soooo nice being in a ward again!  The Tally 4th ward is where it’s at....SO missionary minded!!  The best part was, in Ward Council I was introducing myself and when I said Sister Holmoe most everyone in the room was like, "WAIT A SEC, are you related to ERIK/ELDER HOLMOE"!  They all remembered him and were so happy to see me!  Some of the names I remember are the Martins (who love Erik!), the Bishops, and a man named Brother Watson.  Brother Watson is like a die hard BYU fan and apparently goes to some meeting every year in September and talks to Dad!  He cried when he saw me haha and then pulled out a BYU fight song card and gave it to me!  Cutest old man!  There is also a young couple who are good friends with Emmy Jensen and Jeff Gagon.  I love connections!  The ward is pretty big so it will take some time to remember everyone’s names but it will be fun!  I'm excited to work with the members to hasten the work here cause there is A LOT to be done!!

Leaving Troy was sad of course but tons of great things happened right before I left!  We had lots of "final lessons" before I left and Sunny was expressing how grateful he was that we were able to teach him who is Heavenly Father was.  Ah the spirit was so strong.  In that moment I had this confirmation that if I went on my ENTIRE mission just for Sunny Gandhi to learn who his Father in Heaven was, it was worth it.  The love in the room was just so evident!

Kyle and Rachel took us out to Ruby Tuesdays for lunch the day before I left and expressed their appreciation as well.  They will be in Mobile in May of 2015 so I told them we'd go out to eat with them when our family is there!  They got so excited!  I wrote my testimonies for them and hope they keep it forever!

Sounds like y’all got spiritually fed at Stake Conference! Sounds like they had great meetings!! Good to hear!! I cannot believe that many missionaries from our stake are out!  I got your package mom! (no letter though, not sure if you sent one?)! Thank you!! I LOVE the shirts, in fact am wearing one right now :) and the lotions and stuff are great! Love you!

This Tuesday to Wednesday we have an overnight MLC at the mission home!  It is going to be a blast!  Lots of things to look forward to!  Will update you more on the adventures of Tallahassee next week! Stay tuned :)

Have a wonderful week!!! MISS Y’ALL AND LOVE Y’ALL!!! <3/ Sister Holmoe

Memorial day bbq at the Flynn's house!  Classic home in Troy!

 Saying farewell to Nick!
 Last pic with my girl Kelsey:( :( :( miss her! and grandma leverett!
District Pic! love these people
We played tennis for our district activity!  
My forearm was sore for days.............who knew tennis was so hard haha!
Comp unity! MISS THIS GIRL!!!
 This is Ryan, coolest recent convert in Troy!  Great guy!!
Mark my words, Katie will be baptized one day!!  What a great day that will be <3 love this girl like a sister and always will.
 referrals :)
 our last and final cinnamon rolls morning :( 
 The last supper with Kyle and Rachel! They are getting married Jan 3rd and want me to come so bad!
 This is Mickey!  She just put her mission papers in :)  
ps Julie Green the YSA from Lynn Haven is on a mission and LOVING it! we email every week :)
 TROYYY, go Trojans!!

 So grateful to have served on this campus!  I'll be going on splits to FSU a lot now which will be fun!
 The 4 of us went to Chick Fil A right before I headed to the transfer spot! it was fun :)
 Sad to part :(

 This is my friend's sister Taylor :)
 HOW PRETTY IS THIS!? Talllllyyyyyyyyy

 Florida girl for sure!
 Sis Bertoldo :)

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