Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 30

Hello Family!!  Happy New Year!! I think this was the first New Year’s Eve I didn't stay up till midnight :(  But it’s okay because since I've been a missionary early to bed has never been a problem for me!  I don’t think I'll be able to live the college lifestyle again haha!  This week has been great!! I'll start off the email with some weekly funnies to change it up a bit (:

We knocked on a door and this man opened it half way and he was like, "Oh hey sisters, I just got out of the shower to answer the door, thought you were someone else." HAHA. Needless to say a naked man answered the door!  You NEVER know who is going to be behind the door you knock on that’s for sure!! I've definitely learned to EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!! The other morning we woke up and there was a huge cockroach in the apartment!  I didn’t even flinch.  I just got the shoe and killed it just like that!  I've definitely changed over the past few months in the killing bugs department!  Everyone would be so proud!! (:

We had an awesome lesson with a less active family this week.  During our spiritual message the mother was crying and getting really emotional and then expressed to us how badly she wants to return to the fold.  I LOVE working with less active members who desire to return!  Helping them along their journey back is one of my favorite parts of being a missionary!!  I have seen that a lot with the Copeland’s daughter, Ashley’s friend.  It’s been amazing to see her little by little feel the spirit again.  She still has a ways to go but like for example, yesterday we were talking about patriarchal blessings and she got hers out and read it to herself and I saw her getting emotional.  It’s been real!!!!  Ashley’s whole story has been amazing! I'm so grateful to be a part of it!  She is all set for this Saturday, 5pm!! The program is coming together nicely and we are hoping to get a very big crowd!!  It will be a moment never to forget!! <3

Carolyne took a lot of steps back this week.  Everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong! :(  Trials are just coming from all directions and she says that smoking is the only way to cope with them.  We try to explain to her that it is Satan trying to prevent her from doing something amazing with her life but she just hasn’t gotten that quite yet!  We'll have to be prayerful about how to best continue working with her! We did have some great lessons with her though.  Funny story.  One of her prayers she said was like this, "Please bless Sista Holmoe and Sister Samuelian.........Lauren and Nicole......Father forgive me for I know I am not to use their first names.....even though they drive me crazy sometimes, I really do love them." HAHA!  We were trying so hard not to laugh our heads off!! I really wish y’all could be a fly on the wall during some lessons!!! CLASSIC moments I love so dearly! (:  Keep praying for Ms Carolyne for one day she will defeat the enemy!!!!

We were finally able to teach Cora, who is Beth’s step mom!  It went pretty well!  She is very devout catholic so it was interesting.  Every time I talk to people of other faiths it just confirms my testimony of the restored gospel!!! Everyone else is so lost and so confused but our doctrine is pure and simple!  She wants to be sealed to her husband because she said in the Catholic weddings they say, "til death do you part" but yet she struggles with accepting other things!  Forever Families is definitely the key to this family!! And many many more families! It’s the greatest gift!!

We also got to teach Stella this week!!! We had our lesson at the Stewart’s house up in Southport.  Y’all need to try her carrot cake one day, IT IS AMAZING!!!!! Anyways, Stella wants to learn and be baptized asap but she has to finalize her divorce first which could take up to a year........!  She’s awesome though. Hilarious too!

Today and tomorrow are supposed to be SO COLD!!!! The schools have even offered to excuse the students if it is too cold to wait for the’s only like 35 degrees people.  ONLY IN FLORIDA!! They say there is even a chance for SNOW tomorrow if enough precipitation is in the air! HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE!?!  It hasn’t snowed in like 20 years!

Early last week my mailbox was FILLED with so many wonderful Christmas cards from people!!!! Thank you especially to the Rich Family, Uncle Doug and Aunt Ginny, The Van Buren fam, and the Grandview 6th ward!!!! The package they sent with all the notes the ward members wrote was the best thing ever!!! I loved loved loved it! They also sent pictures of all the ward missionaries out right now! Except they had my dates wrong.....but that’s okay! There were also two sisters I had no clue who they were!?  But it was so fun to receive!!!  All the primary kids drew pictures and it just made my day!!  So thank you!!! Also Bishop Salmon put a wonderful note inside as well!!! 

I loved the cute card from Balboa!! And I would LOVE to get the family Christmas cards on the fridge!!  That would be great!!!

This week we are really going to work on FINDING.  Our teaching pool has dwindled a lot lately and we need some new investigators!!! Bring on the patience, prayers, and positivity!!  <3

I LOVE Y’ALL SO MUCH! Thanks for everything! Spiritual message of the day......I was reading "Claim the Blessings of Your Covenants" by Linda S. Reeves and she told the story of the Provo Tabernacle burning down and how people asked, "why would God let that happen?" I think lots of people ask that question about their personal trials, "why would God let that happen to me??"" But I LOVE how Sister Reeves explained how God saw the tabernacle as a beautiful temple.  He sees us as eternal beings and he must build us up to get there!  He will NEVER just leave us in the ashes.  The best Mormon message EVER in my eyes is "Mountains to Climb".  It talks about having the faith to get through trials...EVERYONE WATCH IT! (:  So good!!!  It’s hard to teach so many people who are struggling but because of the Atonement and Gods infinite love MIRACLES HAPPEN and we have eternity awaiting us!!! 

Have a wonderful week!!!! I'll send lots of pictures from Ashley’s baptism next week!! YAYA! (: Grateful to be a missionary in 2014!!  Love you!!!! <3/ Sister LA GIRL!


Me and Sister Crandall! Love this girl! <3

 Me on New Year's Eve!  Happy 2014!!

Having a fiesta at "Peppers," the only good Mexican restaurant in Panama City!!

I approve of this local sandwich shop!  

"Thomas" Love you Dad!!!

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