Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 29

December 30, 2013 (last time I'll ever type 2013!) ah!

What a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas I had!! Of course the ultimate present was SKYPING!! Seriously that was one of the funnest things I've ever done!  I love my family! (:  If only I got to Skype Kait, Ka, and Ser too! At first I thought it would be hard to Skype but boy was I wrong, it was simply the greatest thing!!! Y’all looked SO good!!  #familiesareforever (:

Not too much to say since we talked a lot on Wednesday but we did have some cool experiences since then!  Of course we had some awesome lessons with Ashley.  She is still progressing and getting more and more excited for the 11th!  She tried on the dress she’s going to wear in the font and it’s really really pretty!!  CAN’T WAIT!  At one of our lessons Brianna, the less active friend, PRAYED OUTLOUD.  Everyone about cried.  Such a cool moment.  We actually shared the story of the prodigal son, so it’s funny you brought that up in your email Dad!! Daddy daughter telepathy right there!!

I think I jinxed myself on Skype when I said we haven't come across TOO many bible bashers because the very next day, BAM...the bible bashers were out to get us!  But like I said, I rather enjoy those conversations!  We did meet some cool new people that day as well.  For example, a member was going teaching with us and we passed a boiled peanuts stand and I told her that my brother told me I had to try boiled peanuts from a stand one day and she was like, "WHAT? You never have???"  She immediately pulled over and long story short, the guy working there, Devante, is super interested.  We gave him a Book of Mormon and when we drove past again like 20 min later we saw him reading it!! Looks like I'll be eating some more boiled peanuts over the next few weeks, which by the way....ARE GROSS hahaha!  The texture is just ratchet!  ;)

We also have a sweet neighbor named Pat, an older catholic lady.  We have always felt like we've wanted to teach her so the other day when we brought her over some goodies, we introduced the BOM and she said she would be open to learning what we believe and invited us over on Tuesday.  We are STOKED to at least get in her apartment and start teaching her a little! She is the best!!

Speaking of apartment complexes, funny story!  On Friday night, there was a HUGE concert/party behind our apartments and I'm talking WILD!  It was so loud and all the popular songs were playing haha.  Let’s just say, "Flo-rida" and Ludacris were singing us to sleep ha.  Sister Sam and I were dying of laughter!!

We also ran into a former investigator of mine and Sister Stanfields named Kimberly.  She looked so different, I hardly recognized her but it was awesome to talk with her and remind her of us and the spirit we carry.  We had a long discussion.  She’s still not ready at this time in her life, but it was still great to talk with her!! Crazy how we randomly ran into her as well! 

Update on Carolyne.  She still wants to be baptized on Saturday and she went 3 days without smoking, but broke it yesterday.  She doesn't think she'll be able to quit by Saturday so it will probably be pushed back again.  Stinking smoking haha!! A miracle will have to happen for her to quit, so it’s a good thing that MIRACLES HAPPEN! 

Grandma Johnnie sent me the nicest note and check!  I'll be mailing that home today along with Papa’s.  I've always loved that woman! 

Thank you again for all my Christmas presents! I LOVE MY CLOTHES haha!!  All of them! Even the Express blouse ;)  The head massager has definitely come in great use during nightly planning! The pillow mist is amazing!  Excited to use my new calendars! 

As 2013 wraps up I am just so grateful for what an amazing year it has been!  From winter semester at BYU, to all the fun trips after, and then the first 6 months of my’s been a year to remember!!! I'm so excited for 2014, to continue pressing forward in the work leaving with no regrets and then beginning the transition back to education!  So many things to look forward to and so many surprises awaiting me!  BRING IT ON BABY!!  Have a wonderful New Years Eve y’all!! LOVE EVERYONE! <3/ Sister LA girl!!

free subway breakfast on Christmas Eve with Sis Greninger!

 Acting out the nativity with the Vinings!  Cute family!
 Sheena took us to the walking part in downtown PC! It's a pretty park right by the bay!

 Lights on Christmas Eve

 Bishop's daughters at a Christmas Eve Campfire

 Christmas Eve PJs

 Christmas Morning
 Love the pillow!
Aunt Rhonda's wayyy cute outfit!!
 me and Sophie :)
 backing out with these sweet light saver things a member gave us!!

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