Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 27

Hey Y’all!!

Words cannot even begin to describe the happiness that this week has brought!!  I always thought Christmas away from home would be one of the harder times but I must admit this is the best time on my mission thus far!!!! Each and every day this week brought more and more happiness.  It’s really just unreal!  Hard to describe in an email!

I'll start off with our investigator Ashley.  This girl is one of those Golden Investigators that every missionary dreams of having.  She is the 18 year old girl who is friends with members of our ward.  Anyways we had two of the most amazing lessons with her this week, probably two of my favorite of my entire mission.  Even thinking back to them makes me get emotional because they were such spiritual moments!!!  This girl is AMAZING.  She is so easy to teach because she soaks it all in, asks awesome questions, has goals, keeps her commitments, and loves learning.  We have the lessons at the Copeland’s and hearing them testify in places is just cool!!  Heavenly Father has been preparing this girl her entire life for her to find the church.  She has a strong testimony that everything happens for a reason and it’s so cool.  She came to our RS night on Thursday, the ward Christmas party on Saturday, church on Sunday (and choir practice after) and the YSA fireside on Sunday night.  She also cancelled our lesson for tomorrow night so she could go to FHE with the other YSAs???? I MEAN COULD IT BE ANY BETTER??  Sister Sam and I are nervous that something bad is going to happen because we are not used to investigators acting like this! It’s pretty cool because for the past year she has been following this blog of a Mormon family.  She didn’t know they were Mormon originally.  Anyways she reads the blog daily because she loves how happy they after the two lessons we had with her she told us how she typed an email of how much their blog has changed her life and given her a direction.  She doesn’t even have their email but she just felt the need to type it.  Ashley’s prayers are DYNAMITE.  She was SO nervous at first, but she did it and WOW....coolest moment!  It’s also SOOO good for these lessons to be given in the Copeland home! We are hoping to get a BCD (baptismal commitment date) this week....DUN DUN DUN..........pray pray pray for us.

On Saturday was our ward Christmas Party!   It was so much fun.  Sister Sam and I basically planned the entire thing but it turned out great!! I love this ward.  Like 5 people have given me and Sister Sam wrapped presents for each of us!  Last night this lady gave us presents and we couldn't wait till Christmas so we opened them....THE NICEST GIFTS EVER!  She got Sister Sam these big stud earrings because that’s what Sister Sam just LOVES and then she bought me a fabric headband because I always wear those!! This lady has never even talked to us about earrings or headbands but just from observing what we wear she bought them for us! I mean, how blessed are we to be in such a great area for Christmas??  We also went Christmas Caroling with the Simonds yesterday!  Felt like home!!!  We sang all the songs we sing as we went to neighbors, ward members and a nursing home near St. Andrews.  It was so much fun.  Then we had the YSA fireside we had been planning last night and it was a huge success. Good turnout, great speaker, and just overall awesome night! 

Some more cool stories are....we were working with these less actives who wanted to learn more about family history.  We set up an appointment with the FH consultants and them and they were getting teary eyed as they found some of their ancestors! We started teaching Michael and Kelly again, who want to be baptized the DAY after they get married. We are going to start teaching some of Beth’s family members next week! We made some huge improvements with other people as well. Carolyne didn't come to church so her BCD has to be moved!  But this week we were really focusing on her smoking so we made signs and put them alllllll over her house and printed out pictures of the temple and stuff !  She’s cut down to about 2-3 a day...which is good! She LOVES the BYU shirt!!! I wish you could have seen her face!!! I just gave it to her on Saturday so haven’t seen it on her yet but she absolutely LOVED IT! I told her it might be too big and she was like....Sista Holmoe, if you knew me well, you would know that I LOVE my t's big! haha! She was just dying! I'll get a pic one of these days with her in it!

Another good thing that happened this week was.....WE GOT OUR OWN CAR!!!!!!!!!! It’s amazing!!!!! However, we just found out yesterday that we only have like 100 more miles the rest of the month so therefore we will be biking a lot. We might beg to get a few more cause that’s just ridiculous! But it is super super super nice!  Merry Christmas to us!!  Remember how I used to not drive on the freeway?? How weird was I!?  I'm a pro now fyi ;)

We went to RED ROBIN for our District Activity on Tuesday!!!! Can you say DAY MAKER!?!??  I was dying!!!!!

Remember those teenage boys we wanted to teach but their parents were less active?? Those parents are killin us man!  So hard to teach those boys when the parents aren’t all for it!

So I got your packages this week and opened the big one! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!! <3 The cocoa roasted almonds....(: (: (: delish!!! the decor, nativities, water bottle, stocking, I love it all!!!! I am anxious to open everything!  You have no idea how tempting that opened stocking is to peek inside!!  Also the reindeer poo (or Christmas mix (:) hahah!  I gave one to the Morses who LOVE it!  Going to give another one away and keep the other for myself (:  Y’all are probably so glad I'm not there to eat all the pretzels and chex pieces!  Especially Erik! He used to get so mad! haha!! The socks are darling, the cake bites are delish and the Christmas letter sounded great! I liked how Dad highlighted the "many" dolls of Moms! Also I got your Jubilee stuff Dad! Thanks! Good to keep my info straight!

So I think time zone wise we are only two hours behind Cali time...I'm in central time zone...our mission has two different time zones! Thanks for the info on that!  I will keep you posted but it will be sometime during that time frame!! Can’t believe Utah guy won Survivor!  I laughed out loud when you said you skipped when the 3 finalist walked around the torches! You know that’s my favorite part!!!! Carlee, that squash soup looked DYNAMITE! So jealous!

Well, better go email some more peeps! I love y'all so much!!! ENJOY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! <3 Know I love y’all and miss y’all so much!!! Thanks for everything!! Who’s going to be Santa this year!?! I'm not there to pass out the presents to everyone’s spots ha!  E...looks like you’re on it! BYE!!! Merry Christmas! Love you!! <3/ Sister LA GIRL!



 Ward Party

 6 months

 Last District Meeting and District Activity
 Red Robin
 Sister Slocum always gives us things to make our apartment smell good!

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