Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 32

WELL, THE BIG NEWS IS....I am getting transferred to TROY UNIVERSITY!!!! I am going to be a campus sister with a sister named sister McFarland. Not sure who she is but I'm the senior companion so she must have come out after me!  There are two sets of sisters up in Troy so we are Campus Sisters B!  I am SOOOOO BEYOND EXCITED for this new change and this new adventure on my mission!! Troy is one of the most northern parts of our mission in the Dothan Zone.  I am pumped!!! I know it may be a hard transition at first but I'm anxious for new work and what lies ahead!!!

I am so so so grateful for the past 7 months I've had in Lynn Haven and Panama City.  Words cannot even begin to describe the love I have for this place, the people, the memories, EVERYTHING.  It will always be my second home because of the person I have become while serving here!  I'll never forget it! 

This past week has been amazing!  We were able to teach some of our neighbors who we've wanted to teach FOREVER!  We were able to give them a church tour and the spirit was so strong.  We also were able to set up lessons with Ashley's Mom, confirm Stella’s BCD, get some new investigators and much much more.  I can now leave Lynn Haven knowing I endured to the end and left with a bang! (: 

The members spoiled us so much this week, as always, when the last week of the transfers arrive!  We were able to go to all our favorite food places and some good new ones too! There is a local donut shop in downtown PC called "Dan-D-Donuts" that has been around FOREVER.  Dad, you would LOVVVVE it!!!  We'll definitely have to go one day!  Ms. Shirley also made her famous chicken n dumplins!!  I probably gained like 5 pounds this week alone so it’s a good thing I'm going to a campus for the next 6 weeks haha (: 

We went to a family history class at the local library.  Sister McCann taught and we got some great referrals from it!  Also the other day when we were out tracting we left some family history cards on the doors of people who weren't home.  One night a man called us and expressed how he’s been wanting to learn more about family history!!!! (no one ever calls us from a card) So this week we have an appointment with our FH consultant and him to do some work!!! woot woot!!

We had an interesting experience out visiting some less actives in Southport! This man was VERY ANTI and against the Mormons now but he WOULD NOT deny the Book of Mormon.  That just reminds me of the talk by Elder Holland where he says that people who leave the church have to crawl over under or around the BOM to leave it.  So true.  This man’s heart was so hard about the things he once cherished but nothing in him could deny the power of the Book of Mormon! SO GOOD.

Another cool moment was last night we were out making visits with Sis Mercier and we bumped into an investigator sitting outside on her porch smoking.  We talked with her, shared a message and then all sang "I Believe In Christ."  The spirit was so strong and I know it touched her heart. <3 Simple moments like that I will treasure forever! 

Yesterday at church, knowing it could be my last time around those people, was amazing.  Everyone was there and I was able to just observe all the people I've been able to work with for the past 7 months. LOVE EM LIKE FAMILY!!

Well, I have a lot to do today and better get going but know I LOVE Y’ALL SO MUCH!!! Thanks for all the pics, emails, letters, and prayers!  They mean so much!! I'll let you know next week all about TROY!!! <3/ Sister Holmoe

 Me and Ms Shirley
Visiting Sis Evans in the hospital.  I'm going to miss this lady a lot!!! She's like a grandma to me!
 Our barbeque we had at Stella's house
  Gonna miss this lady!!!
 This is Kora (Beth's step mom)! Such a sweet lady!!
 Me and GABE!! going to miss this youngin' a lot!!!
Sweet Frogs frozen yogurt!

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