Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 42

This week was UNREAL!!  Amazing! The vibe and spirit on campus was great.  The students were so accepting and suddenly so interested in our message!  I'll take that any day!!  We taught so many lessons this week we barely had time to breathe!  We taught 18 total lessons to investigators and 8 to returning members and members! Busy, busy, busy!!  We were also able to get four new investigators who seem solid!  One of them is Krystal, the best Chinese hip hop dancer in Troy!  She is the coolest.  Ever since we met her at the Chinese New Year Fest we've known we've wanted to teach her but we haven't known how to go about it, so this week we invited her to go out to lunch and there straight up asked her if we could teach her about the Restored Gospel.  She was SOOO EXCITED!  She was like, "YES YES teach me everything!  I want to know!"  We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she was so in tune, asking so many questions!  Unfortunately she goes back to China at the end of the semester, which is approaching quickly :(  We have a lot to teach her in a little time so I have no clue where it will all go!  She's legit though and wants me to visit her dance studio in China one day!  Another new investigator is Soumalia from Salt Lake City, INDIA haha!  Who knew there was another SLC!  Anyways he is atheist, well humanistic really, but basically does not believe in God.  Teaching him is interesting but pretty cool!  Another one is John who has always been curious about Mormons.  He said growing up that people would always call him "Mormon" because of his high standards!  He came to church on Sunday and really enjoyed it.  Then there is Ishmael, this sweet 18 year old.  He could be a golden investigator as long as he doesn't let his friends influence him too much on their opinions on Mormons!  Sister Mac and I just love the kid to death!!  There is such a light about him!!  Our other investigators are progressing right along as well! Ram and Nick are still set for April 12th baptism, although Nick still refuses to quit drinking coffee.......ha.  Alishia, the little niece of one of our investigators, loves church!  LyLy (her nickname) is hilarious.  In the middle of the lesson she will randomly say a prayer!  We invited her to the women’s broadcast and she jumped up and was like, "YOU’RE TELLIN ME I HAVE TO GO TO CHURCH SAT NIGHT ANNNND SUNDAY????"  Then pauses......."THIS CHURCH IS AMAZING!" haha she is the bomb!  The rest of her family are a little hard to teach, so we are focusing strictly on her right now. 

We met with Kyle, Nathan, and Rachel this week in response to President Smith's direction!  He told us that we need to ask them to have one more lesson with us and at the end of the lesson ask them to kneel in prayer and specifically ask God if Sister Mac and I are true messengers sent from God.  So we did it and let me tell ya, the SPIRIT WAS SO STRONG!!  I can't even describe it sorry y’all!  But I've never heard a more sincere prayer given by Kyle!  Me, Sister Mac and the member who came with us got up and left them in the room to ponder their feelings.  Unfortunately they let us know that they still think their beliefs are the true beliefs....but we have such a good relationship with all of them now that I will continue to share the gospel with them for the rest of my life!!  ONE DAY I'm telling ya!!  The Lord has a plan for them!

We taught one of our investigators named Clinton the Plan of Salvation.  He really really liked it.  After teaching it he expressed how the things we teach just feel so much more complete then what he’s grown up learning!  If only every investigator could get that insight!!  He is slowly but steadily progressing! 

This week we met a girl on the volleyball team from...ARIZONA!  HA!  There are no western people in Troy so that was a miracle in itself!  It was cool cause we were walking out of a building on campus and Sister Mac was like, that girl needs the gospel!  So we turned around and talked to her and found out all these Mormon friends at BYU she has!  She is really sweet and hopefully somehow we can teach her!  If anything it was a good chance for her to see that Latter-day Saints are everywhere, EVEN IN TROY, AL :)

The General Women’s meeting was AMAZING!! Holy cow, just the tremendous strength in the unity of the women of the church gathering together brought the spirit so strong!  The speakers, music, and videos were all really really good!  Once again they talked a lot about COVENANTS just like last time!  How our life is a pathway marked by sacred covenants.  How we need to keep our eyes locked on the temple!  Although I cannot go to the temple currently I still think about it daily and cannot wait to enter again!  I loved how President Eyring told the sisters in the church how we are truly the favored few daughters in the covenant right now on earth.  How blessed we are!!  I'm so grateful to be God's daughter in His royal army right now.  I don't think anyone in their right minds could have watched that conference and denied this church.  It was so good! 

Last night the YSA had an FHE game night at our Branch President’s house so Sister Mac and I decided to serve them!  While they all played games, we were busy in the kitchen making omelets!  I finally became a good omelet maker!  Y’all would be proud!  It was fun! 

This week we are starting a Gospel Class on Thursday nights.  It is going to be an open discussion structure where we plan a topic to discuss beforehand and then anyone is welcome to study that topic throughout the week and come to the class with questions or comments!  It’s mainly for our YSA who are seeking for more knowledge in the gospel but also for students who have questions and it will be a friendly, open environment!  We are going to test it out and see how it goes!  This week’s topic is the Godhead!  We do have our dance and yoga class tonight!  Unfortunately we just aren't getting the turn out that we want so we will have to reestablish our plans for that!  I don't have pics from the class but I do have a video on my camera of us all doing a dance! 

We had some great food this week! One of the members fed us PAZOOKIES FOR DESSERT!  It felt just like home :)  I miss going to the Chocolate! Is that place still there!?  It better be!!  This famous News Anchor for Troy took us to SISTERS this week!  It was buffet night....SO MUCH FOOD! But so good again!  He told me he'd get me a job in broadcasting here in Alabama if I ever needed it :)

Good news I found out from Lynn Haven was that a returning member we worked with A LOT, has plans to go to the temple again!!! :) yayay! 

In answer to your question, I have used my potato bag every time!  ONE TIME it kind of burned though so there is a big black mark on it! It scared me!!  I remember the story of Aunt Rhonda saying one like lit on fire!!  I always keep an eye on it!!  Speaking of Aunt Rhonda, I'm always praying for Uncle J to find a job.  Hopefully in Utah, because I love living by them! 

Y Awards!!!  Aw I LOVE it!  It sounds like it is going to be really cool this year!  I like how the public can go!!  That's sweet that Mike Davis got a good catch in Spring Practice!  Can't wait to be friends with him after!

Well, I love y’all so much!!! I could honestly type forever to y’all!!!  Thanks for everything! I love hearing from you!!! You have no idea how much I LOVE Mondays!!! :)  Have a wonderful week!!!! <3/ Sister Lauren Holmoe!
 Us with Krystal

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