Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 38

Hello Fam!  Well the transfer sheet came today and looks like I'll be staying in Troy another 6 weeks! (:  There wasn't a bone in my body that thought otherwise! It was the first transfer I wasn't freaking out about!!  Sister Mac and I are still together but Sister Campbell got transferred to FSU campus and Sister Satterthwaite is getting a new companion named Sister Ford!  We got a new DL who I know from my last zone which will be fun but I'll miss having Elder Stokes here!!! He’s my bestie! Sister Sam is staying in Lynn Haven another 6 weeks with her comp!  Same ZL's and a slight change to our Sister Trainer Leaders.  We'll see how that goes!!  I'm ready for another 6 weeks in Troy though!!!  Woot woot!! We got a text last night that woke me up so I got up to make sure it wasn’t anything important and Nick (one of our investigators)  texted us and said, "I’m ready to follow my Savior and be baptized by full immersion"!  What a grand text to interrupt my sleep! (: haha!  We still have lots to teach him but at least he has the desire now!!!  Good things to come!!

So sad news of the week.  Elder Ballard limited the distance of travel allowed to come hear him speak so only the Tallahassee Zone and the Panama City Zone and one area in our Zone will be able to drive and hear him speak.  Everyone’s really sad about it :(  BUT, that's the order from the apostle so it’s obviously something we need to follow!!  It’s not like I've been counting down the days, reading every one of his old talks, memorizing "our search for happiness" or anything....................................haha (: 

Kelsey and some more of our YSA were able to go to the temple on Saturday and do baptisms!  They all had a wonderful experience!!  There is a fascinating statistic that says 85 percent or so recent converts who attend the temple within one year of their baptism remain active in the church!  I know it’s because of how sacred the temple is and the spirit they feel there!!  One of my all-time favorite YSA, has a SERIOUS fear of water so she was freaking out but she went and although she was only able to do 1 because of her anxiety, she DID ONE (: (:  So happy for her!! 

We found two new investigators from India this week named Sunny and Ram.  Sunny is the great great grandson of THEE Gandhi!  They are hilarious!  They came to church and LOVED IT.  Everyone welcomed them with open arms so we'll see where that goes!! 

We had some more sweet family history experiences this week!  I'm getting pretty good at finding people’s ancestors!  But this one girl who just has a SWEET sweet spirit about her mentioned to us that the only Mormon in her entire family was her aunt who just passed away 3 months ago!  Not a coincidence that now she’s suddenly interested in family history and suddenly meeting with the missionaries!  Her heart still needs some softening to be able to listen and accept the message but there is something special about her!! 

One day this week it was a complete DEAD day! NO ONE was wanting to listen and everyone was studying for tests!  It was to the point of insane laughter from me and Sister Mac!!  We were dying!  That's why I love Sister Mac though because both of us just always make things fun and happy!  Anyways on our way back to our apartment we were like, let’s try ONE MORE PERSON.  Well that one person wanted absolutely nothing to do with us and thought we were the weirdest girls ever haha.  BUT THEN.....2 DAYS LATER......we saw that same guy again and he waved us down and acted like we were his besties!  He suddenly wanted to know all about the Mormon Church History and all sorts of things so he asked to set up an appointment!  Just shows you never know what seeds you plant will begin to sprout! (: 

On Saturday, campus is usually dead, so we went on a 90 mile adventure trying to find lost less active members from our roster who live far away!  It was SO FUN!  I felt like I was in the total SOUTH again!  What you really think of when you think of Alabama!  Funny story, we were driving down the highway and there was this car of college students who kept looking at us so I was like, "y’all, let’s give them a book of Mormon."  So we slowed down right next to them, opened our window, and reached it over to them! IT WAS AWESOME haha!!  #seedplanted.  Another funny thing... we went to an ice cream place which I'll tell you about later in the email and they had a chalk board that you could doodle on so we wrote a cute little quote and put our number on it and 30 min later a woman called us who has been wanting more faith!!  It’s all about spreading the word creatively you see what I'm saying!? :)

We had some great food this week!  I drove us down to Dothan on Friday for the other sisters’ interviews!  I didn't get one since I just had one in Panama City in January so I chauffeured them and then on our way home we stopped and ate at this way good Mexican Restaurant! Mmm so good!  Dothan has so many good places to eat so we get so excited when we are down there during lunch time!  Yesterday we had THEE BEST FISH AND SHRIMP TACOS EVER!!  Dad, you would have been in 7th heaven!!  Wow, those were amazing!  Then one night we went to the cutest little ice cream place in all of Alabama!  It’s called "Milky Moos".  Their ice cream and brownies and fudge are all homemade and it was the best thing ever!!  When the fam comes to Troy one day we will definitely stop at Milky Moos!! 

We got to watch the CES fireside last night!  Sister Burton the General RS President spoke and it was awesome.  She spoke all on learning the language of the spirit and how we can more easily recognize the promptings.  It was the EXACT MESSAGE one of our YSA less actives needed to hear and she was there to hear it!!!  This less active YSA is definitely of my fold.  Yes that's some phrase I've learned to say all the time on my mission when I LOVE someone or they are like me! Anyways, she is the coolest girl and I LOVE the lessons we have with her!  She came to church yesterday for the first time in like 4 months! 

We had a great District Meeting on Tuesday.  The spirit was way strong.  Anytime you can gather with a group of missionaries it’s always really great!  I love the missionaries of the FTM so much!! 

Dad, I was reading the email you sent last week and laughing so hard about the game of "rummy" where Mom got robbed!!! classic! and then about the burning of the rice haha!  Oh the good times (:  I miss y’all!!  And mom, I got your package! THANK YOU!  The TP was not silly, it was a great surprise!!!  That is so awesome to hear about all the mission calls!!  Tell Grayson congrats!!  And keep me posted with Wesley and Megan Ventura!  I'm crossing my fingers for the good old FTM!!!! <3  This seriously is the best mission in the world! 

SO grateful to be here! SO pumped for another 6 weeks in TROYYYY.  Trojans for life!!!  Here goes to another week of teaching and testifying! I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!!

GOOD LUCK TO THE COUGS IN VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YAYAY!!  Let’s WIN this tourney!!!  Happy birthday DAD!!!! I love you so so so so so so much and hope you enjoy your weekend in my favorite city!!!! 


 Troy sweats for life (:
 This place was SIMILAR to Mi Ranchitos..........but truly no competition haha.
 I love these sisters!! <3  A member dropped Frostys off for all of us after Sports night!  So nice!
Me and Cheyenne
 Me and Jazz
Milky Moos

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