Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 2

This weekend was seriously so legit! I loved it all! I feel like the MTC is a spiritual Hogwarts haha like I'm so honored to be here.  First off, we got to meet our future mission presidents!! THEY ARE AWESOME!!!! I love them. They are so nice, funny, and happy but yet so powerful, strict, and such good leaders! I think it will be the perfect combination!!  We were all so pumped to meet them!! THE DEVOTIONALS HERE ARE SOOO GOOD. Like every missionary says that, but now I can testify. Mom, we did get to do laundry today so everything’s clean and ready to go!! OKAY OKAY....THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME GAIN LIKE 100 pounds here at the MTC! hahaha the packages you all sent me were soooo amazing that I like went to bed stuffed every night! Thank you so much to everyone who sent one! I really love the lotions mom! Erik, funny story, the Elders in my District LOVE my pen. hahaha they play with the spring all the time. The things that entertain missionaries I swear....haha. AUNT RHONDA! thank you for the cookies!!!!! SO GOOD. I sent you a should get it soon! So many thank you’s but special shout out to the packards, danny and carlee, KARINA, and the rest of the holmoe clan for all the love out here with the packages! So on Thursday we had in-field training at the chapel across from the stadium. LONGEST DAY OF MY LIFE...but it got me excited to get out to the field, which by the way IS ONLY A FEW HOURS A WAY!! (considering we have to wake up 2 AM) Only bummer is the flu is traveling around the MTC like wildfire!!! IT’S SCARY considering a girl in my ROOM got it!!!! Please pray that I don't get it.....By the, did you get my postmart letter?? I also sent a package home today! and maybe someone will send another tomorrow if they have time with like my towel! but if not, no big deal! I’m not sure when I will call....could be anywhere from like 5:45-7ish or maybe even in the afternoon when I get to Atlanta! IT WAS SOOOOOOO GREAT to see you mom and dad last night!! I loved waving!!! and accidently bumping into you...there was just too much to say that I was speechless! (: But it felt good to be so close and what an awesome broadcast! Those videos were so amazing. I just got chills in every song and I loved knowing that my parents were in the same room! That was such a cool experience to be a part of; seeing 11 apostles during the MTC!! So random, shocking news.....The guy from Maid in Manhattan is the same guy as Voldemort in Harry Potter......When the sisters told me that I couldn't stop laughing for like an hour haha. We have the best chats at night! We also like to change the lyrics of Beyoncé songs to sister missionary appropriate and then jam to them haha. These girls are seriously my sisters! <3 saying bye to them will be SO HARD but at least we get the plane!! Im soooo anxious to see my first area and companion.  I’m praying I have a good one. The girl who waved to you is like my BFF here! She is a mix of kait, ka and serina so it’s perfect! Also, sister bennion was the tall one! love her too and can’t wait to be friends at BYU when we both get back!! Cool STORY...I was having a hard day with my comp but I asked one of the elders to give me a blessing and seriously it made SUCH A DIFFERENCE!!! I have been able to work better with her and just love her and I'm grateful for the priesthood in my life and that awesome experience I was able to have. Testimony builder for sure.  ALSO, my branch president sent me an email saying how my email was one of the best emails he has ever read from a missionary in the MTC! It meant a lot to just know I'm on the right track progressing into the missionary I hope to become! Another cool experience was we have been talking a lot about the special gift of discernment that all missionaries hope to have. And in my Patriarchal blessing it talks about that, which was just awesome to know that Heavenly Father has already given me this gift and as long as I am obedient I will be able to use it each day in the mission! OH MOM! Sister Smith is doing a blog for our mission and it!  She should be putting up pictures from when we got too meet them! Notice the handwriting on the whiteboard is mine (: hehe! OH also the milk never made me sick like people warned so luckily I could have cereal every day! Why didn't Mick Hill come talk to me dad!?! I never saw him! Just so you guys get a feeling of the morning we had cereal with only the cookies and cream creamery milk to pour in it.......Matt Taylor is probably jealous but it was straight up disgusting haha! For gym we have played volleyball, bball, soccer, running, and four square! It’s fun to just goof around with our district (elders included) Everyone just has fun! BUT CARLEE....seriously I need soccer lessons when I get home...STRAIGHT UP EMBARASSING!!!! All my soccer friends back at home would be so dissapointed haha! I hate soccer. The MTC is strange clearly! BUT I'VE LOVED IT! Wednesday was so fun because all the new missionaries came in and we just got to welcome new people and I saw more friends and it was just so fun cause the new people think you are just like a pro! ha! Also it was so fun to see Bro Tueller and talk to him! Watching him in the choir was hilarious. He is just the happiest guy!!! Once again, sorry about this random email haha! Last night we had a little testimony with our District because some left this morning and it was SO SAD but SO GOOD!!! These people are like my second family here. The temple this morning was amazing. In the celestial room I just had this strong strong feeling that my grandparents and other angels were in the room with me and it felt so comforting. I hope you all know that I love you all so much. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you all. The mission is hard work and it’s only going to get 10 times harder but I am learning and growing each day and overall just love it.  This coming up week is kind of nerve racking but I know that everything will happen for a reason and I just have to put my trust in our Heavenly Father with where I serve and whom with! Kaitba if you are reading this, funny story, a girl in our EFY group is in my district! love her to death and she somewhat remembers us so that’s cool! Debbie Dyches is her name! I hope you all love the pictures I sent!! I have more but I was running out of time in the facilities so that’s all I could send but those are the good ones!!! I'll mail home CD's and stuff once I get to the field! WHICH IS TOMORROW!!!! YAYAYYY!! WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE!!!! I love you all! <3/ Sister LA GIRL, LIL GIRL, LO, HOLMOE! whichever you call me!!!


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