Monday, June 17, 2013

Week 1

HIIIIII!!!! I’M ALIVE (: The MTC is such a wild experience hahah! I go through like 1000 different emotions a day but overall it is great!! SO GUESS WHAT? We leave for the airport AT 3:30 AM NEXT WEEK!!!! that even real time?  haha and also we have to wake up at 5:30 here every day so technically once I get to the field it will be like sleeping in big time! I never thought I would say 6:30 was sleeping in ha! Bro Gustafson was in my temple session this morning! I love seeing people I know! It’s funny because everyone is like.....Sister Holmoe, you are ridiculous you know EVERYONE!!! It is so exciting...I could list like 100 people but I won't bore you!! Shout out to Sister Zoe Hart for bringing me a cake bite on my first night!! Hey mom, can you send more cheap earplugs? There is a really annoying noise and I just sleep perfect if I can block it out! haha!  The days here are sooooo busy like it’s unreal! Which is good because I don't have time to think about anything else except what I'm doing and learning!  I LOVVVVVE the teachers here. They are so rad and so spiritual and so nice. Dad, Hannah Robison on the BYU Volleyball team.....her older Bro is kind of one of my teachers....he is my favorite!  He is so good and talked to me one day and was like Sister Holmoe, I know you made the right decision coming here even though it’s hard leaving everything! I mean it was a longer convo but he is just great and it’s nice to have people like that here!  My District is hilarious. The elders.....oh boy Dad you were right......young rugrats is what they are! hahah but they also have a spiritual side so it is fun!! I'll feel like I've known the sisters in my district for my whole life. They are AWESOME! My companion is Sister Morgan! We are like complete opposites hahahah but I'm learning a lot.  S/O to DAD....HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!!! Yesterday we watched this video of missionaries saying what they loved about their dad and everyone was like tearing up and I was just like.......I miss my dad :( YOU'RE GREAT!!! My favorite part so far of the MTC is when all the missionaries sing together especially like....Armies of Helaman! IT’S AMAZING! Next week look for me on TV at the World Wide Broadcast! I'll be there potentially singing in the choir.....not sure if there are any more seats left, probs not but still so cool we get to go!! All the general authorities are coming this week to the MTC so we are not allowed in our normal buildings, it’s all different!!  I LOVE teaching people....that’s also my fav part. Thank you for all the packages!!!!!!!!!!! THEY MAKE MY DAYYYY!!!!!!!! Mom, you are seriously the best mom. All the elders are like hey do you think your mom could send me a package! haha so funny. LOVE YOU!  Sorry this is such a random email and all over the place but we only have like 40 min so I am hustlinggggg.....My sister training leader is Sister Morrison! SHE IS MY BIG SISTER out here! I love that girl and can’t wait to watch her cheer for BYU when I get back!! We are buds! She is going to Seattle so I told her to look out for Elder JONBA FLAKE!  I'm the senior companion! Not that it’s a big responsibility in the MTC but thought I'd let you know ha! The spirit here is so real. Every hour there is something that is just awesome and it’s pretty sweet. We’re teaching two investigators right now....well they are fake....but its good practice and I love it haha. They seem so real sometimes I’m like are you sure............haha. My branch presidency is great! The counselors love dad!! One of them worked for BYU I think....or volunteered.....can't remember his name but they all live in AF and they say our mission president and wife are SO GREAT! I’m pumped to meet them!! I love this James E Faust quote, "The Lord can do remarkable miracles with a person of ordinary ability who is humble, faithful, and diligent in serving the Lord and who seeks to improve himself." So that’s what I'm doing! I seriously am learning soooo much and my patience is being tested SO MUCH haha. No longer can I be so independent and hard to teach......:/ The MTC is great when you have a positive attitude and not great when you don't.  In the devotional last night the man said....."Don't focus on who you aren't, focus on who you are." ADVICE FOR FUTURE MISSIONARIES: (aka karina, pete, whoever reads this) DON'T COMPARE YOURSELF to other missionaries..that is like the worst thing you can do. I loved in Erik’s letter he wrote to me when it said don't lose who you are because you were called to a specific place because of WHO YOU ARE! I keep that running through my head a lot.  All the speakers here are amazing.  The days here seem like FOREVER but when I think....its Monday...I'm like HOLY COW ITS MONDAY! I leave a week from TOMORROW! Which is great because I think that is the perfect amount of time to be at the MTC. Those poor Russian souls who are here for ages haha. I have met so many peeps at the cafeteria! An elder FROM Tallahassee who was the only member in his family baptized gave me all his family’s information and his email and told me to email him in every area I go hah! He was in the Tallahassee 2nd ward E! Also a girl from France always comes up and talks to me but she doesn't really know English yet so I'm just like hiiiiiiiii and give her a hug (: haha! I just love all the people here!  I could go on forever about everything that is happening but that would take toooooo long! haha! Just know that I am loving it, although it is VERY HARD and VERY TIRING the good moments outweigh the bad.  It gets me so excited for this to be real life in Florida and not fake people! My testimony has already grown and know I love you all!!!! In D&C section 100 verse one it says, "Your families are well; they are in mine hands...." Anyways it was revelation given to Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon when they were away from their families for a few days.  I read it when I'm missing you all :( which I do! I love you all!!! Once again sorry this email is so sporadic and crazy and I probably forgot to say a bunch of stuff but know I am doing good!!!! Thank you to everyone who has sent me letters, packages, and love <3 I love you all!!! Preach My Gospel is my life saver, the BOM is starting to become my BFF and life’s good (: I hope you all have a great week!!!! I may send pics in another email if I can figure it out!!! love, Sister Holmoe!!!!

This whole emailing thing is making my day (: haha! I got on and had like 19 emails....I have such good support and it means so much!!! THANK YOU!! <3


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