Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The FINAL email!

Well, it has been the CRAZIEST past few days of my entire life!!! The last week in the mission was bittersweet.  Saying goodbye is never easy but knowing I would see my family so soon made it bearable!! I returned home with 26 other FTM missionaries so you can imagine what an exciting time it was for all of us! I'll never forget the strong spirit that was felt at the final devotional the night before we all went home.  It was incredible and President and Sister Smith bore powerful testimonies to us.  I am so grateful for them and know they will be in my life forever!! Not sure if any of us really slept that night but then morning came and it was time. Flying from Atlanta to LA to SLC with layovers in between felt like the LONGEST day of my entire life!! When we finally started descending into the Salt Lake Valley all of us missionaries were just FREAKING OUT!! We walked so fast through the airport and then were welcomed by tons of families cheering us on! I sprinted down the stairs because of all the excitement and running into my family’s arms was one of the greatest moments of my entire life! I will never forget it!!! The rest is all truly a blur haha!! Getting released was bittersweet; I never thought the name tag would have to come off :( But since then I've been able to reunite with loved ones, give my homecoming talk, and attend my Provo temple! <3  Provo is so beautiful and the cool weather makes me so happy!! Home sweet home never felt so sweet but my mission will FOREVER hold a HUGE place in my heart!  There isn't a minute that goes by without me thinking about it! It has been so great to reconnect with people from all my areas.  And now it’s time to face the future and begin NEW ADVENTURES!!!! The Lord’s work will continue on!! I'm just simply transferred to Provo for a time now :)  THANK Y’ALL SO MUCH for being faithful blog readers!!! I truly could feel your thoughts and prayers!!! I LOVE Y’ALL SO MUCH!!! God speed!!!! <3/ Lauren....aka...the former SISTER HOLMOE.

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