Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 47

Well first and foremost, happy switch your hair part day! haha Today I made Sister Mac try the hipster middle part and in return she made me try the deep side part! YIKES!  We both came to the conclusion we look better the other way haha!  I have converted a few random people to the mid part though :) What an adventure this week has been..................

It all started Monday night! The night of the tornadoes!  We were awakened both at 1:45 am and 3:30 am with the city alarms and phone alerts telling us to "take shelter now"!  It was such an adventure!! We all had to get in the bath tub and chill there for a while, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! We were like, why couldn't this have happened in the middle of the day...haha!  No missionary likes losing sleep that’s for sure!  It was pretty fun though; not gonna lie!  We were all hyper and having fun!  The lightning was UNREAL.  It was like a strobe light party.  Never seen anything like it!  The wind was pretty bad as well, obviously since we were in tornado warnings. Luckily the worst of it was a few miles away from our apartment so nothing serious happened!  One of our members called us in the middle of the night to assure us that we were going to be okay! It was so nice of them because they knew we would be freaking out!!  The next day we were able to go to district meeting but then because of more severe weather the Opp Sisters (Sister Treiber and Sister Rodriguez) and the Andalusia Elders who are in our district got stuck in Troy!  So the 6 of us sister missionaries had to stay in our apartment for the following 24 hours!  It was a great time. We just talked for hours!  Sister Treiber also gave us all haircuts which was needed!  We ordered pizza that night.  It was kind of fun for a change!  But of course it was nice to get back to normal missionary work the following Wednesday afternoon!  Of course they forgot their phone in our apartment though so Sister Mac and I took a road trip and drove it to them since we had the extra miles for the month!  It’s always fun to do things out of the ordinary!  Overall, glad everyone was safe!!!  We had a conference call with President Smith and all the other missionaries so we knew everyone would be okay!  As fun as it was, I hope no more tornadoes come rushing through any time soon! :/

Well the semester has come to an end here in Troy!  It was a week full of "final lessons" with our many investigators who will be heading home for the summer!  I pray that something we said in our testimonies touched their hearts and that that spirit will remain within them and cause them to act one day!  It was hard saying bye to some of them!  You just grow to love these people more than words can express but I have full faith in the missionaries who will pick them up again one day!  We were able to make phone calls and refer them to other missionaries serving throughout different parts of the south! 

Sister Mac and I went in and met John Hartwell, the AD of Troy!  It was awesome!  It felt like home going into the athletic department!  I miss it all!!!!  But he was a very nice man!  We sat and visited him in his office for a while and before that we were waiting for him (cause we all know how much AD's are on the phone!!) and we got to have a great conversation with his secretary!  The office loved us!  They were so intrigued with who we were!  Both the AD and assistant AD called two of our members and told them they had met Dad and me and what great people we were! Pretty cool huh!?!  Certainly not a coincidence you met him!  He will be at the Fiesta Frolic this week so be on the look out!! 

On Saturday one of the Elder’s investigators got baptized!  It’s always so nice going to a baptism and Sunny and Ram were able to attend!  Ram went up to the glass with the little children so he could get a good view of the actual baptism!  It was sweet for them to see how it’s done and I think it helped them both not be so scared to make the commitment! 

There is a cute couple in our branch who have been trying to have children for 14 YEARS....14 years!!! Anyways, miracle and they finally randomly got pregnant and she just had the baby boy last week!  He is so cute and it’s been awesome to hear their story!  Miracles happen daily!!

Last night for FHE with the YSA we all watched the CES devotional given by Elder Ballard!  It was wayyyy good!  He talked on 3 topics with most emphasis on the first. 1. technology 2. pornography 3. marriage.  It was so powerful yet hilarious!  He was like, the rest of the general authorities and I are not shriveled violets, we know what snap chat is! haha everyone was dying!!  I know for me, I really am going to be better at not being so addicted to my phone when I get back home!  I really am!!! haha!  He ended his talk with stressing the fact that we are at war.  How this war is just continuation of the war we fought in Heaven and the Lord needs modern stripling warriors to join the ranks TODAY, not just sit on the sidelines and watch!  I loved it!  We are at war daily but I'm so grateful to be on the winning team!  Grateful to be one of God’s soldiers right now and for the rest of my life!! 

SOOO I AM SO PUMPED FOR MOTHER’S DAY!!!!! yayayay!!! <3 It will be awesome to see y’all and talk with y’all!!!!! Woot woot!!!  We will get to skype! <3  We will work out times!  Anyways, I am so excited!!! :) :) :)

Welllllll, I love y’all!!!! Great hearing from you!!! Have a wonderful week and TALK TO YOU ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 (I love saying that) :) :)  bye!!!! xoxoxo <3/ Sister LA girl!!

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