Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 45

Good morning y’all!!!  It’s been a great week here in Troy, AL!!  Easter yesterday was a blast!!! I loved seeing the pics y’all sent me! We had a great Easter Program in church yesterday.  Our BIG primary of 5 kids got up and sang :)  They were so cute!  Have y’all seen the new video the church put out called #BecauseofHim??  GO WATCH IT!  Life changer!!  We've been showing it to everyone this past week.  Strengthened my testimony of Christ for sure!!  After church we had an amazing dinner at the Whiting’s!!  Honey baked Ham and potato casserole and jello and veggies and rolls and like ten desserts!  It tasted just like HOME :)  After dinner we played this little game called the "name game"!  It is definitely a game our family would enjoy playing!  The Whiting’s got a new puppy and he is the cutest thing ever!  Also yesterday, we were walking to campus and all the sudden a car drives by and yells, "Taylor Swift!!"  I look and it is two YSAs from Panama City!! They were actually in the PCB and Callaway ward so I did not know them very well but I had met them a few times! They used to call me Taylor Swift because they think I look like her ha! Anyways, it was the bomb!!!! It felt like seeing long lost friends!!!  We took pics that they can take back and show everyone!  They were up here visiting friends!  We also saw an armadillo this week! ha!  Oh also this morning I got to call Sister Sam in Lynn Haven because we got a referral for them!  It was great :)  Love my baby girl!!!

Our interview with thee Mike Amos went AWESOME!!  It was an HOUR LONG!! We got to talk a lot more about gospel related things this time.  I'm going to mail home a copy this week but unfortunately the first 20 min of the interview the camera wasn’t working, only the voices!  So you can listen to the first 20 min and watch the last 40!  There are some funny parts!!!  It was great though and literally like 15 people later that week said they saw us on TV! They took us out to breakfast after and said anytime we come back to this place that we can charge it on his account! So pro!  They love us!! They also are obsessed with BYU and want a BYU bobble head on their desk for the shows haha.

For Dance and Yoga class last week I changed it up a little and taught them a hip hop dance!  It was fun!  We had our district activity at the one and only Milky Moos and all got shakes!  That was a blast too.

Once again we taught lots and lots of lessons!  I LOVE being on a campus for that reason but the hard part about being on a campus is PEER INFLUENCE. We've seen it strong this week!  We teach lessons where the spirit is present and touches the heart of these people and bears witness of the truth but then they go back to their dorms or class and are too easily swayed by what others think or say!  It’s really a bummer!  We are trying to get them to hold onto that spirit by getting them in the scriptures daily but it’s been a struggle!!  Too many investigators have dropped us because of what their friends have told them about our church! The wicked take the truth to be hard!!  Other than that, we've seen many miracles <3  We have been teaching this one kid named Jack whose Dad is an active member of the church but Jack always went with his Mom’s Baptist side.  Anyways he hasn’t talked to his Dad for a few years but after the third lesson with us he texted his dad a picture of a Book of Mormon and said he had met with us.  His Dad responded the sweetest message and was like, "Proud of you son.  Listen to their message.  Something with so much opposition must be worth taking a look at."  That text really touched Jack's heart.  He’s one who is being pulled by his friends but we'll keep praying for him!!

We taught Krystal more this week! Cute Krystal wants to be baptized so bad but she can’t come to church because she feels obligated to finish the semester going with her friend to the Korean Church!  So unfortunately she will not be able to but we are going to teach and testify and give her opportunities for her to feel the Holy Spirit before she leaves back to China!!  There is a sweet website for the Chinese members of the church and we linked her to that so she can know where churches are when she gets back!

Soumalyia basically totally believes in a God now!!!! AMAZING!! His faith is growing stronger and stronger each day and his prayers are the best.  I wish y’all could hear them!!  I'm so grateful to have been able to help him learn who is Father in Heaven is!!

We gave Clinton a church tour this week!  He made it in the building!!  That is a miracle in itself!  Unfortunately he is like a world traveler and is never here on the weekends to come to our services but we'll see!! It was nice giving a church tour!  It’s been a while!  The spirit is always so strong during them.

One of our YSAs who we are very close with has decided to get her Patriarchal Blessing!  Ah, I'm so happy for her.  We had a sweet lesson on Patriarchal Blessings and then she’s been praying about it and is going to get hers at the end of the semester!  She is on such a spiritual high right now!!! Love her to death!

We participated in an Easter Egg Hunt on campus in the Barnes and Noble!  It was a super rainy day so there were only like 6 people who came but there was a 50 dollar gift card in one of the eggs!!! It was way fun but unfortunately we didn't win :(  I got like 20 eggs and they were only candy filled ones!  ha!  Sister Mac won a Trojan doll!

It’s been fun being here during Easter because many of the international students didn’t even know what Easter was!  It’s been such a blessing to testify of the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ and His glorious Resurrection!!! Kelsey gave her first talk in sacrament yesterday on this very topic and she did great :)

BOM update...I'm on Moroni chapter 7 so this week I will finish it :) So stoked! I am so proud of y’all for reading and keeping me posted with where you are at! Makes me so happy!! Good luck with your talks on Sunday mom and dad! You guys picked good ones!!!  You'll do great!!

I LOVE Y’ALL SO MUCH!!! Have a wonderful week!!!! <3/ Sister Lauren Holmoe!!!

Hard Boiled Eggs Sister Missionary Style :)

 Cute Puppy!!
 Harley and Megan, the two YSAs from Panama City!
 District Pic!

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