Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 36

Hello Fam!!!

This week has been hectic but AMAZING!! Kelsey got baptized on Saturday evening and what a special night that was!!  The spirit was so strong and she was just as giddy as a school girl.  Her countenance just looked so different!!!  I'm really proud of her; how she’s completely changed her life around decided to follow Christ!  She’s amazing!  There was a great turn out to the baptism.  One of our less actives came and sang "When I Am Baptized" and you could tell how much this girl felt the spirit and was able to reflect upon her baptism not too long ago!  Also, Kelsey’s very less active sister came and got really emotional throughout the entire program!  Kelsey’s already doing missionary work and she doesn't even know it!  All the YSAs and missionaries sang the "EFY Medley" for the closing song (I think I'm going to make that a tradition haha) and Kelsey’s Grandma just BAWLED. Oh it was so sweet!!!  Kelsey’s grandma has tried so hard to be that rock for Kelsey and it was great for her to finally see her enter the waters of baptism and sing with such joy and spirit!  We gave Kelsey a journal with a picture of us in it and notes that we wrote her on the first page!  I think she really liked it! Then the next day, she was confirmed and also her baby boy was blessed.  It was really special! 

Another fun surprise.  I walked into sacrament yesterday only to find MY NAME ON THE PROGRAM haha.  The things they do to the poor missionaries!  It was the first time I've had to give a talk without any notes or anything!  Surprisingly I didn't do too badly! I talked a little on Kelsey’s weekend, hit a lot on member missionary work, and closed it off with the Book of Mormon.  I felt pretty good about it!  For some reason I even got into verses from the Allegory of the Olive Tree.  God was definitely helping me on that one!  After sacrament, a sweet lady in the branch came and told me she hopes that one day her younger daughter can be that type of sweet missionary.  It was the nicest thing ever!

The YSAs are preparing to go on a temple trip in March so we are helping lots of them get ready!  If only I could fit in their suitcases!!  I miss going to the temple but it’s been fun to bear testimony of how sacred and special it is and to see people go and build their own testimony of it is rewarding!!  I was looking at our Family History this week and did y’all know there is a line that goes back all the way to the year 200!?!?!?!  I was like freaking out!!!  I'm related to like tons of Queens and Kings and all this royalty!  WHO KNEW (: 

Yesterday we had dinner over at this investigator’s house and she fed us legit Thai Food!  Who knew I'd like curry!?!  Remember that guy who I told you about last week who randomly felt impressed to walk into the building we were at and for us to teach him? (his fam is from Dothan)  Anyways, turns out HE IS A FAMOUS PASTOR IN DOTHAN! HAHA. So yeah not sure where that's going to go but hey we taught a powerful lesson to a famous pastor (: boom!  We got a new investigator yesterday named Nick.  He said a very beautiful prayer at the end.  He even went and bought an "I Love Jesus" hat after our lesson and we have an appointment with him on Tuesday!  Dad, you would love the street we walk on to get to is packed with Pecan trees!  The nuts fall to the ground and we crack em and eat them!  SO GOOD haha!  Free pecans all day every day!  Guess what?? ONLY ONE PERSON in our entire branch plays the piano so when they are not there we have to use this electric’s the funniest thing! I love it (: 

HUGE SHOUT OUT TO EVERYONE WHO MADE MY BIRTHDAY SO SPECIAL!!!! <3  I'll start out with Mom...holy cow you did it again!!!  I absolutely LOVE all the gifts you got me!!! All the sisters were like, dang your mom knows how to shop for style!  They are the cutest clothes and I love them all!  I also am obsessed with the love you to the moon and back necklace and the other necklace and the earrings!  Seriously you are the bomb! THANK YOU <3  Also, the cards you got me were the cutest! (I didn't get a normal weekly letter yet, sorry if you had any Q's in there I'm not answering).  ANOTHER HUGE SHOUT OUT to Kaitlyn, Karina, Serina, and Holly Orton for ALL sending me birthday packages!! HOLY COW y’all spoiled me to death! I have the best friends in the entire world!!!!  Karina had to pay 40 dollars for her package to get to me!  Kait sent me the cutest sweater and Ser and Holls sent me enough to have the best birthday party ever! Oh I love you guys!!  Also, Shan and Rob’s card was so cute!!!

My birthday was way fun!!  We went to lunch at Moe’s with some of the YSAs and one of our investigators!  I LOVE MOES!  The fact that there is one on campus is a tender mercy!!  Then that night our branch mission leader had us over to celebrate!  (and the fact we go over every Friday night for Correlation) haha but he was so nice!  He bought this great cake for me and got us all flowers for Valentines!  We had a fun little party! Then that night my awesome masseuse of a companion gave me a great back massage!!  I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M 20!! That just sounds SO OLD. It was an overall good day though!!

We also had exchanges this week!  It was fun to get to know Sister Devries!  She’s really nice and it was a blast to have Sister Redd over for a few days!! Nothings greater than being around your MTC friends!  That's why it’s so fun to have Elder Stokes as my DL! 

We have two investigators who committed to read and pray about the BOM EVERY DAY!!!!  They said they are going to do this for 10 days, come to church this upcoming Sunday, and if they feel it’s true, THEY ARE BOTH IN.  Ohhhh how we have to have so much faith in Moroni’s promise!!!  PRAY FOR THEM!!  Every time I commit someone to pray about the BOM I do as well, so this week I've been praying every day to know if the BOM is true, and indeed I can say IT IS.  But I'm going to keep praying for them!  I have a recording on my camera of them promising, it’s hilarious! They are future general authorities!!  WATCH OUT!

Also, one of our YSA is going to try to stop drinking coffee which means I made a deal with her that I would only eat one treat a day!!  So that's the deal! haha!  We'll see how that goes (:

I'm also so pumped PROVO BEAT TIMPVIEW!!!!!!  I think it was because it was on my birthday!!!  Oh how I miss cheering at those games!!! 

I just found out Ashley, from Lynn Haven, went to the Orlando temple this week and did baptisms for the dead! She had the best experience EVER!!!!

Dad, a member gave us Korean Pears this week!  They tasted similar to Japanese Pears they were just 10 times bigger!! It reminded me of home!!  I heard BYU football is playing in Central Florida this upcoming season!  You'll be close to me again!  A few of the members here are already planning trips for the game!  I'm glad y’all liked my interview haha!  President Salmon is our branch President and he is the Facilities Manager here at Troy. I’m glad you found the Troy vs GT game on TV!  Everyone was going crazy because ESPN was here!!!  SO pumped they won!!!  Apparently we are allowed to go to bball games if someone who we are working with invites us! haha COME ON PEOPLE, the season is winding down!!!  I'm so glad BYU beat St. Marys and I'm excited to hear about Gonzaga this week!!! I'll have to ask President at Zone Conference the next day! 

I will definitely send a letter for the youth’s mutual theme!  I like the thought of a video footage better would probably just be easier to write something!  I'll send it this week!!  Any help I can be to the youth back home would make me so happy!! 

I'm so grateful for what an awesome week it has been!!  Kelsey’s baptism was so special, I'll never forget it!  My only birthday on the mish was a success!!!! (However, I'm glad I'll be home next year for a good home cooked meal)!! I love you all so much and am grateful for EVERYONE who wished me a happy birthday via email, mail, prayers, etc!  THANK YOU!!!!!! Have a wonderful week! MISS AND LOVE YOU SO MUCH! <3/ Sister Lauren Holmoe!

I love the heart sweater!!

Cleaning the FONT!! It was gross......not too many baptisms happen here in Troy haha....killin' spiders for days!!
Kelsey's Baptism
Birthday Party!
 We have the funniest elders in the FTM! I love them!!

 8 Months


 Birthday Eve...that microwave cake thing was delish mom!

 Me and Lenoky!! She is one of our Chinese investigators! 

 Sister Trainer Leaders

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